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JAMSpace at MAGFest 6 (Organizational Thread)


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Ok, whether or not I bring my electric guitar gear depends on how I end up getting there; if I go to the NYC Meetup and FAGfest and then go from there straight to MAGfest, I probably won't be able to bring anything. If I skip the NYC Meetup and FAGfest, I'll bring every ounce of guitar gear I own.

Dude... I completely forgot to take FAGFest into consideration for my travel plans...

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  • 1 month later...

Holy shit it's almost magfest time.

By the way, I will definitely be bringing all my gear, electric stuff included. Here's the full list:

-Acoustic guitar (Carvin C350)

-Irish Whistle (Humphrey Journeyman high D)

-Irish low whistle (Burke Composite low D)

-Electric guitar (Carvin Bolt)

-Amp (Kendrick 2210 combo)

-Fuzz pedal (seymore duncan Tweak Fuzz)

-Tubescreamer (modded TS9)

-Wah (Rebick guitars Josh-oo-wah)

-Power supply for pedals

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while taucer's big black whistle is impressive, i still favor his small one. i think it's more easily handled and and has much better play. it can get up higher, too. this i know from personal experience.

...there's no way this post might be misinterpreted in any form or fashion, is there? nahhhhhh....


oh, and yeah, i'll probably bring my rusty trusty acoustic guitar. anyone bringing a good keyboard? vinnie? any MO8's making an apperance per chance? hmmmm??? :D

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news update: pixie is dumping andy the little white one for larry the big black sexiness.

i love how not only was i the first view of that movie, but how tauce basically gives his flute a blowjob.

i'm bringing:

sax (selmer series three super balanced action alto saxophone, should i bring the soprano? depends on if it fits in my bag, i'll have other mouthpieces for other saxes as well)

melodica (hohner soprano melodica)

whistle (feadog high d)

recorder? (pos from dime store)

me w/ voice (pos from jesus)

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Since I don't know what page my post is on, I figured I'd update with the final list of what I'm bringing.

Since I'm not sure whether or not there'll be a place to plug in at (and if there is, please, let me know via PM), I'm going to default to my acoustic, however, if I find out otherwise, I'll bring my electric guitar and my amplifier.

So here's the list of what I'm really bringing:

acoustic guitar (if there's a place to plug in, my electric instead)

electric guitar and amp (but only if there's a place to plug in)

six-hole ocarina

"C" tin whistle

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Huh nice. I hadn't checked this thread in ages and it was bumped yesterday, perfect timing.

Quick reminder: website with most current equipment list:


Also updates on the concerts (anyone can play at them): jamspace vgmusic concert is on Sat from 3-5PM, chiptunes concert is Fri from 1-2PM. Would love to hear you guys there, just come find me if you want to play at either one.

Electric drumkit is a definite, in addition acoustic drums are a 50% ish chance if the people who say they might bring them do so.

In addition, I'll be bringing down my stage light gear - 12 par 38 cans and associated DMX gear.

I just want to post this more explicitly because there was confusion before: Any equipment you bring must be signed in at the door with your badge # and ID. You can take it out anytime you like, you'll just need to sign it out with your bade # and ID again. If you want to leave equipment there, myself, Drew, others, and some security will be keeping a hawkeye on everything in the room, but we/magfest can't be responsible for your stuff when you're not there. If in doubt, just keep an eye on your stuff, or only lend it to those you trust.

1.5 weeks YEA. Magfest is going to rule.

Also, I vote negatory on any of the aforementioned hot whistle action.

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I'm still on the fence about going, but I'd definitely like to. I have to buy books and classes start the day right after the convention, and that's pretty much the only thing giving me pause at the moment.

If I come, my clarinet will come with me. I have a tenor sax but I don't want to be seen in public with it. I also have a pretty decent low bass voice for someone who is only 19 and not Russian, so I could fill out the bottom of a quartet or what-have-you if someone is needed.

Man, I really want to go after typing this post. I'm going to try to make it happen.

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Hey guys, sorry I'm so late to this thread (I perked up when I heard "big black sexiness" mentioned)

I'll be bringing my flute (concert fl in C), and my laptop with an ext. interface, and a dynamic mic (not terrible but not great). The interface is a UA-4fx, so it's got guitar, MIDI, and powered-mic inputs, as well as tons of onboard effects (chorus, drive, delay, pitchshift, reverb, etc.). Unfortunately I wouldn't really want either the lappy/interface or the flute being used when I'm not around, though.

Not quite sure why anyone would wanna use my flute anyways {insert american pie joke here}

Actually I did kinda have this one idea on #ocr for us to also do some unplugged stuff, separate from jamspace... maybe at a hotel room or afterhours or something. Just sort of for the folks who play instruments that aren't amped or superloud, and wanna jam acoustic without having to blast over tons of background. I'm thinking wind instruments, hand drums, acoustic guitars, etc. Anyone with idears can post here, catch us on #ocr, PM, whatever...

Just a thought. ;)

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