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It's not too early to discuss HALLOWEEN, is it?


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It had to happen sometime. Alright, summer's dead and Halloween is less than a month away. Time to get started. I figured this thread would be good for costume advice, and if you're scaring the shit out of trick or treaters or/and trick or treating yourself. Please share your ideas and stuff. Sorry to sound like Martha Stewart, but Halloween is the coolest f**kin' time ever.

So, I'm having my 6th big Halloween party, and I need a costume. I want to go as Toad. It's pretty damn simple, but any advice with making a hat? I'd like to make my girlfriend Toadette too, so we at least need help with hats. Any recommendations?

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If you're willing to be creative, to make Toad's mushroom cap-hat try getting some old umbrella no one would miss, open it up and hack-saw through the base short enough to make a sizable mushroom cap. From there using some fishing wire and some small coat hanger wire and have it hang from the umbrella points so it adds depth to the mushroom cap.

you can exchange the fishing wire with coat hanger wire if you prefer.

From there cover it with a cloth of your choice with patterns you desire and voila, a mushroom cap. :)!!

I forgot to mention that you MUST ADD A BASE just so you don't end up impaling your head with the pointed end of the umbrella piece :lol:


You can do all that or get some one else to do it... or get an oversized, widen turban...

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The guy from Weezer

The Half Life dude

Harry Potter (although I would say that was a bad idea)

John Lennon

A scientist (pick one, there are like a million)

Elvis Costello (see 'the guy from Weezer')

Clark Kent

A bat (with glasses lol)

I bet there are a lot more.


YOU COULD BE AN EMO KID. Just wear black and get some emo frames. Put gel in the hair, some white make-up. You could get a shirt that says "I hate myself" or something like that.

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Halloween always has and will be my favourite holiday. This year, I'm pulling 4 costumes for the day of and the parties after the fact:

Master and Crazy Hand [black clothes, white gloves, and I'm going to make a Final Destination out of cardboard or something to hang from my chest]

Boo! [Paper plates with faces for the win]

Shoop Da Whoop [Actually going to make a black hood with the face, and charge my laser all over the place]

Bowser [Humanish, since I'm too broke to build a suit]

It's going to keep me entertained.

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^ I don't know. I've seen 20+ year olds do it, but I quit when I was fifteen - Some of the people looked at me like I was crazy when I rang their doorbell.

So I started making scary houses of my own. We hooked up a P.A. system through the house (which we screamed through. We had a big hallway that went from the front door to the back. Out by the front door, we had a rather obese friend of mine dress like a mexican "sancho" man dancing with a strobe light. Little kids ran in, as the two guys at the end of the hallway, sitting on a couch, passing out candy (one dressed like a demonic farmer and another ad dead guy). That's when we would rush out of the doors yelling really loud.

We had the PA playing scary music all through the house, as well as mics from screaming and making scary sounds. We had about 15 jackolanterns (all carved by yours truly) scattered around and in the house. All of the walls were covered with black trash bags. We had all kinds of lights, moving props, smoke machine, couldrons, chains - the fucking works.

Some of the kids got really scared and literally pissed their pants - When the kids dropped their candy in fear, we had to tone it down. Yet most of the kids laughed and had a good time.

I spend around $100 to $200 dollars each Halloween. I love Halloween dammit.

This year, my party is at a cabin near my friend's 'secret' club. I have to dig out those decorations. Moar.

When I was about 6 or 7, I went on a hayride with my church (picture a tall trailer hitched to a big truck, filled with hay). A guy on a horse dressed as Jason chased after us (after 20 kids or so), with his glow-in-the-dark Jason mask and fake machete. Kids were pissing themselves and hiding behind bales of hay. I thought it was scary, but retained my urine.

When it stopped, we went into this scary house (super deep in the woods), and there were witches and all that shit, then this big dark room where people were getting caught and thrown out of the back. Aw man, Halloween is the best. Lunch break over, back to work.

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I'm planning on going as a black mage.I've always wanted to cause Vivi is like one of my favorite video game characters. I have the face, yellow eyes, and yellow hat covered. I only lack a blue robe but it should not be too hard to find.

A friend of mine did that perfectly. He even had a mask with large white dots for eyes, a pointy straw hat, the robe. It was really cool. Most of the idiots at that party were like "And what are you supposed to be."

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