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Antigravity remix contest! *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*


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Hey everyone - since I released my third album Antigravity earlier this year, I've gotten a bunch of requests from people asking if they can remix some of the tracks. So, here we are. :) I've compiled remix packs for two of the songs, "Mindbender" and "Warhead", and you can download 'em for free here (plus the original songs):





Even outside of the actual contest, you're free to create AND distribute your remixes, provided;

1) There's no commercial interest - eg. you can't sell them. If you want to do this, contact me privately.

2) You credit me as the original artist. Most remixes have a naming scheme like this: "Original Artist - Song (remixer name/remix)", eg. Fear Factory - Cyberdyne (Junkie XL Remix), or The Crystal Method - Name of the Game (Hybrid's LA Blackout Remix).

If you'd like to enter the contest, simply email me (admin at zirconstudios dot com) a link to your finished remix. You can do it in whatever style you want, and you can use as little or as much of the original audio files as you want, provided the end result is still recognizably "Mindbender" or "Warhead" in some fashion.

On February 1, 2008 I'll pick the best of the bunch to be featured on my next album, and the winning producer(s) will of course get a cut of the sales as well. If there are too many entries, or I simply can't decide, I'll open up the voting to the public.

Post questions, comments, feedback here... and happy remixing! ;)

NOTE: You can enter more than one remix!



11/23 - Urs of u-he software fame has graciously offered up a copy of my favorite synth, Zebra 2, as a prize in this contest as well. I'll also be throwing in all of my custom presets including my two current commercial banks (128+ sounds.) Considering it's my weapon of choice, it seemed only appropriate. Please give a big thanks to Urs for his generous donation!

11/25 - Thanks to IK Multimedia and eSoundz, I have another excellent prize to offer: the T-Racks mastering suite! T-Racks is my mastering software of choice; I've used it on virtually every remix and original track I've ever made since 2005 and it's just awesome. It consists of four low-CPU, analog modeled plugs - a compressor, limiter, EQ, and channel strip with all of those. This software is produced by IK Multimedia, one of the top VI developers in the biz, and distributed by eSoundz, a big audioware retailer which has a massive selection and fantastic deals for loyal customers.

ALSO included are 50 free loops produced by Sonic Reality, another company I love. I used R.A.W. material all over Antigravity, including on Mindbender. :)

Even if you don't win, definitely hit up both IK and eSoundz next time you're looking to make a purchase, you're pretty much guaranteed to find some awesome, innovative gear at sick prices.


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