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    • I am going to agree with apzx. The track is really top heavy. Maybe it's just me but I am having a hard time picking out what is supposed to be the melody in this track. I like the energy as it's calming but yet still driving at the same time (even though this track is the bane of my Mario kart existence). Good work so far though!
    • There was someone in one of my classes who was a complete nerd (obviously accepted). But he came into class one day with poke ball headphones (which he said were a bit small). And then he pulled out some pokemon sun and moon Z crystal or whatever bracelet thing. And he was like, "Yeah and it cuts off the circulation." I do not think he realized that when he bought that stuff from Toys R Us, most 19 year olds don't buy that kind of stuff. Because they're made for kids. And he's 19. Shopping in Toys R Us. But he came into class acting like he was all rad because bought this stuff. :/   That's what this situation reminded me of anyways. Kinda sad to see.
    • I want your guitar solo on my album! Simple as that.   Before I even consider this, does your album sound like crap? Nope. Here's a sample:  That's a the very rough approximation of the sound this album will have.   How do I get my guitar solo on your album? You can reply here or PM me and I'll PM you my email address. Then I'll send you an audio file for you to play your solo over. You record it and send me a WAV file of your solo.   What kind of album is this? It's Viking Death Metal. All songs' lyrics are based on scenes from the game Valkyrie Profile, and all songs music are inspired by music in other JRPGs. There are even "direct references" to those inspirations that big RPG music fans will be able to hear.   Do I have to be amazingly good at guitar? No, but you have to be able to compose a sweet-ass melody. I want drama, so if you can pull off drama without speed, that's fine. If I think your solo is not what I'm looking for will tell you (in the nicest way possible) so I can't guarantee anyone's participation.   What do I get out of it? Although this is for a commercial album, this is not a paying gig because of how small a job it is. A single guitar solo is not a big time investment at all. You DO however get the experience, a free digital copy of the album, and the right to gloat to anyone and everyone that you are on a metal album.
    • In all seriousness: I do honestly think that this person has mental health issues; likely OCD or some sort of anti-social problem, which I'd advise seeking professional help for if you are not currently doing so and are reading this. Creating multiple accounts, outright cyberstalking people (harassment) for months, and only willing to stop if you get what you want from them, which in this case is an extremely arbitrary, insignificant thing — is not normal or acceptable behavior.
    • Psyche!  Changed my mind, after a few listens and a slight tweak.  I'll be participating now.'s exhausting being so mercurial.  And the POWER of ADHD!!!
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