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    • SOMETHINGS TO NOTE - It cuts off like that for looping purposes.  -All of these instruments are VST's from impactsoundworks. Things I'm looking for - Balance of over all instruments - Does it match its setting (a power plant). - Can it loop properly and seamlessly. - Most importantly is it good to listen to over and over again   This is my second favorite track so far I've composed and I think I'm starting to get the hang of balancing. So for the setting or level for this song is a power plant. An area where it has vibrant colors and a mechanical feel to it. So what I've done to mimic this is adding a slight melody under the main using a square wave. I've also gave the lead guitar a more clean sound this time.   Feedback on this is appreciated and I'll reply to any questions.
    • Late to the party, but I've only really noticed stuttering over Bluetooth with PC speakers if the speakers get too far away from the master device. If said device is your PC under the desk and the speakers are on said desk, then you should be fine as long as your desk isn't made of lead   On a side note, Brad should I worry about power usage if I want to add additional items to my PC (e.g. swap or add GPU, a third storage drive, etc)? The computer you built for me is a MSI Gaming 5 (i7 processor w/Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO), GeForce GT 730, ASUS optical drive, WD 2TB HDD, Samsung EVO 250gb SSD powered by a CX600. I'm woefully unaware of how much energy this setup is using and what the general rule of thumb is for computer power units. :-/
    • I have to say that this track is - HANDS - DOWN - THE - BEST - Mega Man remix to date.  I will strongly petition for DJ Pretzel to do more Mega Man remixes.     BRAVO!!   ~Zevin Zevin's facebook 
    • Oh man!!!!!  You should do Erana's Garden!!!!! (IV)  In my biased opinion.  I listened to it a bunch in my teens and wrote it down as letter names of notes so I could practice/play it on the piano for a while (sadly can't do it anymore haha, would need to spend some time on it again)  but yeah, that one is quite beautiful.
      I thought there was a MIDI of just it, floating around Quest Studios (er Midi Music Adventures) website, but at least here would be the .ogg if you didn't get the bandcamp version that Aubrey Hodges posted above. And likewise for Erana's Pool (Pool of Peace - III) they have the individual .ogg over at Midi Music Adventures too... Sorry if this was totally not helpful or anything but I got so excited haha ^_^; EDIT: Whoops I was so excited I didn't link Erana's Peace which of course.. now THAT one I still CAN play on the piano haha... so peaceful... how appropriate...
    • Well this is funny, I'm a regular at OCR but I'm only just finding this post... and interestingly enough, I have an obligation to deliver a Quest for Glory remix or two due to the "commission a remix" pledge level I offered during my Kickstarter campaign that also happened around this time last year. I have some choices of tracks to arrange, including: Erana's Peace (QFG1) Erana's Pool (QFG3) Erana's Garden (QFG4) @aubreyhodges, if you're reading this, is there a chance I could get MIDIs for just those tracks? That would save me some time trying to decipher these fairly long originals, heh. Shoot them over to if that's a possibility, and before long there will be even more American homages under my belt. (The Kickstarter was for my recent album release "American Pixels" in which American composers were honored by way of remix; more info here: In turn, the commission requests were all for tracks also developed by American composers, such as yourself.)
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