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    • I remixes that sound like live performances! And one of my favorite games to boot! Kudo's to both collaborators on bringing together this toe tappin jam. <3
    • This post is kind of rambling and disorganized, please bear with me! .-.  I'm still pretty new to OCRemix, far from being a professional, and make music in my spare time, but I've spent thousands of hours using Logic. Don't underestimate what you can do with Logic Pro X's built-in plugins; they are extremely powerful. Sure, some of the presets might sound pretty synthetic and cheesy at first, but that's where clever manipulation of MIDI parameters and EQing come in. You can get some pretty great results using the expression and modulation parameters alone for some of the built in orchestral samples, particularly the strings and woodwinds. As far as synth sounds, Logic Pro X ships with a pretty massive library:  The Alchemy plugin, which they added only a few updates ago, will have a preset for pretty much every electronic genre you could name, and then some -- it's now my most-used plugin. It is extremely versatile and is actually one of the big selling points for Logic Pro X now. Sculpture is an extremely flexible and awesome synth modeler that can produce a wide range of sounds as well. EXS24 ships with some quality samples and can import soundfonts; you just need to drop the .sf2 file into the proper directory. The ES1 bass synth and ES2 oscillator synths are also very powerful. Ultrabeat is pretty fantastic and pretty easy to use. For orchestra, there's always the basic stuff in Squidfont; it's not the most authentic on its own, but works fairly well layered with other sounds. French horn is legendarily difficult to capture using samples; to get an even reasonable sound I had to layer the Squidfont legato French horn with a Garritan horn choir and a synth! Saxophone is also extremely difficult to realistically set up, if not more so than French horn. There used to be a Ben Boldt library with some okay orchestra samples in it as well but I can't seem to find a download that is working at the moment... EQing is something you can develop a sense for; Logic's built in channel EQ is also very simple to use. You can get pretty good through experimentation but it's best to know what frequencies to boost and reduce as well; a chart like this one is a good starting point. Single out a regular snare drum on a track sometime, and turn on the analyzer; boost somewhere in the 180-220hz range and the 4500hz area and see how much of a difference it makes.   Also, while I don't really recommend using Apple Loops in a real project, sometimes they're handy for inspiration. They make good placeholders in some projects until you're ready to replace them with something you made yourself. Same for the Drummer tracks. As far as external plugins, the posts above mine cover a pretty good range and the majority of them I already have sitting around on my hard drive. The top three third-party instrument plugins I personally use are the Garritan Personal Orchestra, MusicLab RealGuitar, and Image-Line's Drumaxx, but none of these are free and they also require some effort to get sounding great. Anyway, I liked your Sonic 2 mix above a lot. Your composition skills are definitely there.
    • Ooo, I do love me some Legend of Mana - had to give this a listen. I really like this. The different parts of the track tell different stories to me; I like the structure and dynamic quality of each section. Big fan of the textures I hear throughout the piece too, really adds flavour to the overall feel of this. The only issue I have is that I'm not a fan of the bass synth in the intro and outro; too much 'buzz' for the somewhat atmospheric texture in that part for me. It certainly doesn't impact my enjoyment of this, however! This is great, thanks for posting!
    • If you are trying to encourage discussion on this, keep in mind that SF2 was halfway through localization before the project was canned. A lot of these are not errors, just placeholder names during translation. --- Taitania is likely the Japanese phonetic pronunciation of 'Titania.' (Ta-i-ta-ni-a) Fortune - well, I don't know what happened here. Probably a typo. Andorf - this is actually Andross' name in the Japanese version of SF. Coneria - also likely Japanese phonetic. (Ko-ne-ri-a)
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