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  1. Too many projects in general

    One thing I've noticed to trick myself into being productive in audio things is not to sit down with a block of schedule or even mindset of doing audio work, I've found that even just opening FL Studio and a project file, any project file, and I'll start working and fixing it up compulsively. Like, barely even thinking about it, I'll just naturally start gravitating over and fix stuff that sounds off. The downside to this is that it's obviously a huge distraction if I'm supposed to be doing work for something or someone else, but for getting work done whether I feel like it or not, I can't believe how effective it is.
  2. Too many projects in general

    Not quite true. If you've ever tried going back later to a track you did finish and "remaster" it or try to and more stuff to it only to figure it wasn't worth the effort and didn't improve the song, you find out you did have it finished all along.
  3. Too many projects in general

    It's a common progression for creative people, even experienced ones. You can read up on a what a lot of other people have done to break through the point of losing excitement to do a track and actually do the work of finishing it, but I think in general what you really need to be told is just to FINISH YOUR DAMN TRACKS. No tricks, no shortcuts, just sit down and get ready to go through the bog of working on it regardless if you feel interested or excited by it or not. I say there's not much good a lot of more specific advice can do for you because it's all as unique a process to you as your music style is. You won't know what the best way for you to get "motivation" to get through it until you do it. And do it again. And again. And again. To be serious about doing an art means to employ a dedication to its discipline - in other words, get ready to sacrifice lots of time that won't be fun. Everyone here that ever got successful at music had to go through the same ritual and just accept it as part of what we do. I get the feeling what you're running into is just losing that OMG THIS IS AWESOME feeling we all get when starting something and getting the idea this could really be something and then just quitting it when that "high" runs out. Without experience in getting through the other end of it and going through the meticulous stages of making sure every single little fucking thing in it is perfect, you won't get through that barrier. The encouragement part is, once you start getting experience in doing it, it can really build up quick. In fact, I personally make it a point in the soundtracks and albums and stuff I do now is to start a bunch at a time, work on them until I feel like I've got them at a good place, and then go back and do the "finishing" part for all of them in a "stage". I don't get obsessed with making sure I focus and start and finish one track at a time anymore because I've personally found that I work better in "batch bursts", what I call them. I'll get a bunch of tracks up to "nearly finished" stages, then one day I'll just burst right through and do the finishing stages for all of them in a single day because where my mind and energy at is "finish the job". No more "come up with something that could be something" or "ok, start getting some next parts going for this shit", it's "ok, the composition and arrangement is done, now to finish them off". So, in actuality, you accidentally painted yourself into a good corner where now you can work on building a shitload of "finishing" experience. Start with one track, take as much time to make it perfect as you need, finish it and release it. Then do the same for another. Then the same for another. Then do 3 with a made up weekly schedule for each. Release. Then another 3. Release. And so on. I tell you straight, few things in the world are as satisfying as finishing a song after you went through the not-fun part of doing it. It's like a non-gross orgasm that lasts all day. Then you realize you're quickly getting better and faster at doing it because the satisfaction of finishing a song is also a major EXP. POINTS burst. It really feels like you level up the first time you get an Ocremix posted, then your first whole album finished, then your first album published by a small label and so on. And those experience points don't go away as quickly as some other achievements. So there's your motivation - sit your ass back in that chair and get to work and you'll get day-long orgasms you don't necessarily have to wipe off, and then find out you secretly jumped from Level 1 to Level 8 in just a few days and secretly picked up some "abilities" along the way, like being able to hear missing notes, missing instruments, wrong instruments and whole wrong sections just by listening to your own WIP a few times. You'll be surprised how accurate I am here.
  4. FFXII PC: Original OST or Reorchestrated?

    I didn't join Ocremix 13 years ago or something to get an earful of your furry fetish, AngelCity. >:S On-topic, yeah, I'm finding some tracks on here haven't quite held up to the title of REmaster. Such is to be expected from such a huge and complicated soundtrack, but it's still true all the same.
  5. I want to build you a computer

    That's good information even if I'm not sure I'd need it now - the knowledge that Windows 7 isn't supported on newer processors in particular was worth asking about to know just by itself. I would just like to know I can still run my outdated version of Fl Studio 11 on Windows 10 as I've granted by whatever powers this universe some surprise activities in that field and won't have time to get acquainted with all the new things the modern versions change around. I would say I'm semi-serious because, really, it could be any moment for any reason my desktop explodes and I get shrapnel embedded in my skull like Big Boss. In an 11-month period alone my wife and I barely escaped a historic wildfire in the mountains, near business collapse from said fire, 4 trees falling down on our property (one of which was 80 feet tall), the water main down the street from us blowing up twice in 3 weeks, losing my Grandma and our only car with 72 hours of each other on Thanksgiving, two miscarriages, my mom having a freak accident that completely shattered her elbow... the list just goes on. Yet while physical security is at an astonishing low, financial security in recent times has surprisingly picked up and I might be able to afford more than $700-$800. It's again more projection, promises and chin music from me, but hopefully you might understand my unique position and need to be prepared all the same. If such a disaster happens, I'm in a much better position to give my business to you again than I was beforehand.
  6. I want to build you a computer

    Ok, serious post now. I'm still not in any real market for a new computer yet, but as I'm still in an era where sheer, unmitigated disaster surrounds me every moment of every day and I really have to plan that something completely out of left field will come in and take out my desktop (which is still my most important computer), I'm paranoid enough now to need a backup idea going on and I promised my next computer would be a Brad Burr computer. My desktop needs will need to keep me going on music production (FL Studio 11, Kontakt, Omnisphere, Zebra 2, EWQLSO and such equivalent VSTs), office work, and audio hardware recording, but I'll also be moving into somewhat more professional photo and video editing and, if possible, mid-level gaming. Such parameters I'm interested in are the following: * Pretty damn nice new modern processor. What're these Ryzens the kids have all been about lately. New tech processors that are the next stage up from the processors of the last 5 years. * Better graphics card than what integrated graphics and most casual computers have. I don't need the creme da le creme of graphics cards, but I do need something that is a few rungs up as editing video has produced problems lately with my integrated graphics cards and I want to be able to edit and work with higher quality camera stuff. * Mid-level computer gaming. I'm not a computer gamer and I don't need to be running the ultimate gaming machine and whatever all the newest, biggest games are, but it would be nice if I could be able to have STEAM finally and run JRPGs like the Hyperdimension games and other stuff from Stuff that's come out in the last 8 years or so that my consumer level graphics cards and stuff could not run. * Windows 7. I have an official copy of it, myself. * Better audio card for recording from the older Roland romplers. I still have a want to fill the niche for making Roland Sound Canvas songs, songs from my XV5050 and maybe any other from that era that comes along. This would be a focus on clear audio recording quality as opposed to having lots of connections and inputs and stuff as I still only just have a small corner of a room to record with, not even close to a home studio. Again not looking for creme da le creme, but something a few rungs up for a serious hobbyist. Maybe "prosumer" is the level I'm looking at? Something that might allow me to record from the S/PDIF on my XV5050 would be nice as well, if possible. * USB.3.0 plugins and all that modern shit. I think from my luddite-level ignorance, those are the things I am looking for. What sort of prospects do I look for there?
  7. FFXII PC: Original OST or Reorchestrated?

    It gets BETTER? I always thought Final Fantasy XII had the orchestral peak of music for the series, but to think it can be improved upon so much more seems unfathomable. Listening to some Youtube examples now. 480p seems overblowing it. Maybe I should wait to listen to it on a proper CD if an affordable one becomes available.
  8. OverClocked ReTreat

    If you're terrible at organizing things, why are you doing it in the first place? Get-togethers like this are challenging even for very good organizers.
  9. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Rozovian. Sent you an email on Gmail. Respond back when you get a moment. Thank you.
  10. Latest Music Video

    In trying to sound the least condescending that I can here - if you're going to use Ocremix as your own free advertising space to get support (presumably without giving likes, shares, money back to others), please use the right board for that: It only takes a few minutes to read which board is appropriate for which content. Choosing the wrong board gives the impression that you're so pre-occupied with yourself that you won't even bother to look to see if you're doing it right, which for a fairly tight-knit community like this one, is a pretty bad impression to make on someone who likely won't contribute anything else to the community.
  11. I made some game soundfonts

    Zippyshare is fine, just hit the big orange download button on the right, across from the Requested File information, and you're good to go.
  12. I know pronouncements for album releases here aren't as hot as they used to be, but I submit this work for your consideration and enjoyment anyway: I finally got to do a commissioned work for a visual novel and I contributed 12 tracks to the third game in a visual novel series called Without Within by InvertMouse Games. Not only is this my highest quality release to date, but it's also one of my most consistent and less electronic than before. I had to use more loop and phrase libraries to make that work since everything was still done in the computer and I can't play guitar, but the quality of the output speaks for itself. It fulfills my 15-year goal/dream to make music that puts my Chrono Cross inspiration full to the front AND I finally got to actually perform (with a piano) on a commercial music release instead of just sequence it (and it's not even any of the tracks that has a piano on it!) I don't get to sell this soundtrack as part of my contract deal with the commissioner, but for anyone who is interested in it, I'll post up a link here when that becomes available. Until then, please enjoy this work. I really got to break a lot of new ground here and I hope you're as pleased with it as I am! Composition, arrangement, mixing and further production: Meteo Xavier Mastering: Brandon Strader Album Artwork: Meteo Xavier using public domain images. Game available through InvertMouse Games.
  13. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Yep, and I'm fightin' fer time to keep working on the stuff needed on the backend of things. We've absolutely not been able to move an inch without some sort of mountainous obstacle in the way and I've had unquestionably the worst Thanksgiving of my life last month, but every day the fallout of those things clear up a little bit more and my chances of moving things along here get better.
  14. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    I want to make a Peter Gabriel joke here (actually I kinda did already), but I'm probably the only one who'd understand it.
  15. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    A... florist?