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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Sorry folks, couldn't get much done this week. Been a pretty shitty set of 7 days. Water main blew up for the second time this month on Monday, wife's been sick all week and so have I for trace bits of it, had to get transmission work done on my car and it's still acting up and today my grandma died; among other things. So I'll see what the Thanksgiving weekend can give me in terms of availability and continue on from there.
  2. Bout time he got back to doing some tunes.
  3. Looking for Album Cover artist

    I'm not a professional graphic artist by trade, in fact graphic art is the one art I've never really gotten any kind of handle on. That said, I've done a majority of my own media artwork for albums, books and some miscellaneous stuff as I did develop some skill at artwork editing in GIMP and assorted free photo stuff online. Observe:,204,203,200_.jpg (mostly guided the artwork here, didn't actually create this myself) - this is a random picture of me in drag that I had some fun with. - book cover mockup for a manuscript that Eraserhead Publishing screwed me out of. - a cover I did for someone else Hopefully this should be a good starting set.
  4. Looking for Album Cover artist

    I've got some unused cover art resources you could use if you like. Do be aware, though, that there's only so much work that can be done "for funsies" on something like that before it stops being fun, and the proper procedure for something like that is to provide more substantial reward for more substantial work on that end. For free, you take what you can get. If you'd like to try something like that, gimme a holla here and I can send them along.
  5. Best place for vinyl pressing?

    While I don't venture into the realm of vinyl much myself, that may only be answered by trying a pressing yourself, or by checking out which vinyl releases are up to your standards, track down the publisher on them and see if that information is made available or simply contact them for who or what pressing they use for it. There likely isn't one single entity that provides "the best" of those things anymore. Back in the much earlier days of record pressings and audio production there were companies that were easier to namedrop when you wanted the best because that equipment and its availability was not widespread. Today it's globalized and much more ubiquitous, therefore many pressing places will offer comparable quality for the release you want because the science behind it has now been conquered and standardized. After that, it'll pretty much just boil down to your personal taste; one professional pressing place's audio quality may not differ too much from another and it's pretty much impossible that your listeners will be able to tell that it's from this pressing company or not that pressing company. All they will hear is "WOW, these tracks sound GREAT on vinyl!" So just look around some of the vinyl releases that fit your personal taste, give it a few months to ferment and toss around and go from there.
  6. Hey-lo, here's a new one for ya. So I've been wanting to do what some on here have done and try my hand at making audio design products to sell for some extra $ here and there. I was in talks with a rather prominent company to pitch them this Omnisphere set I've been working on in spare time, I was told to get the product up to a point before properly pitching it to them, and then to contact again when it got up to that point. Then the guy I was talking to immediately locked me out of the chat; providing the most baffling display of bad business I've seen in some time (he said I could contact him again at a point and then removed the only avenue I had to contact him with? WTF?) and the impetus to say, "Well, fuck it, I'll just release it on my own then." And so it is - I wish to make a brand or label for which I can release things on my own accord instead of trying to work with a publisher or company to do it for me. Not a full-on company since I have no plans to hire anyone as an employee and plan to do most everything myself, but still have a name associated with it that isn't my unwieldly real name or the much more unwieldly "12 Followers/Meteo Xavier" name I use for music commissions and albums. I asked this question to a Facebook group some time ago and got some really great answers on it that tell me I need to register as a DBA or LLC and possibly get a business license on top of it. I looked at the LLC but that's going to be more than I need since I'm not trying to build a company here (and it's expensive as hell for liability protection I don't think I run a big risk for in the premade synth instrument industry), so I think the DBA and possibly business license are the way to go there. Now here's the question: DBA is "doing business as" which registers it as ok that I can do business under this name or word, but the name I'm quite attached to for it is actually an abbreviation of my artist name 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. I collect money for services that are to be credited as "12 Followers/Meteo Xavier" and I subsequently pay taxes with that income under my real name. I've not been told I need a DBA for art or commissioned services for my real name or 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier, so do I still need a DBA if I use an abbreviation of 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier as a label/brand name? I guess it might also be helpful to mention I might like to consider creating and releasing other low-sale media items under that abbreviated name as well - like indie games or something in addition. Just thought it'd be worth asking here before I bother a lawyer acquaintance for it first. Thank you!
  7. I think the old hardware/software sale thread appears to be long gone, so I'll post it here for anyone interested. Adorama is selling the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404 audio interface for $70, which I think is quite a good price: I have the U-Phoria 2x4 model and although I'm not an expert on audio interfaces, I can confirm it works quite well and much to my satisfaction. I can record and run up to 8 lines simultaneously before I start to hear any hiss again, and that's because I'm intentionally listening for it. I think it's after 10 that it actually becomes generally noticeable, but unless you're doing old niche rompler work like I'm trying to do, you probably wouldn't need to run 9-10+ recorded tracks on top of each other unless you were doing work that required a professional studio in the first place. I recommend it!
  8. Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    Good lord. I might live long enough to see Disney own Nintendo at this rate. <:O
  9. Getting work in music industry

    I'm really quite sick of this answer every time the question comes up; not because it's false but because everyone who simply punches "network" like a buzzword over-simplifies it down to the point of ineffectiveness and it is an irritating cliche. Yeah, "networking" can be pretty useful for getting music jobs, but "networking" practically requires a social talent in and of itself to succeed; the gift of gab, the gift of sales, the gift of moxie, the gift of charisma and the gift of being able to do kick-ass music on top of all that. I'd argue if you have to be told what all that is, you don't have it in the first place. Rather bluntly, a lot of composers with little experience in getting commissioned work for their art don't have great business skills (it's sort of a natural trade-off in gaining skills in art, IMO) and instead of going on to get training in business communication or such, what I see them do then is friend request all the successful music composers, and every one of their friends, and join every forum, Facebook group, collective and whatever, and then fly out to every convention going on... and then don't do much to spread their name out except hand out the same business cards game developers have already seen 400 times and post that they do game music. These composers are pretty much fated to mediocrity because they've only managed the hollow aspect of "networking" - they got their name out and expect being friends with Zircon and Virt on Facebook will mean one day they'll say "Well, I'm kinda filled up on game music jobs right now, why don't you try HoboKa"? It doesn't work that way. You got your name out there, but so what? Game developers don't need more names, they have hundreds or more applying for them every time a dime is freed up in the audio budget. Game developers who want to hire a freelancer want someone with some artistic significance and cool accomplishments to their name. The crop of newb composers treat their work like they're an essential function of society - like they're plumbers, contractors, auto technicians, farmers and such - and that, I'm pretty confident about, is exactly why they have trouble getting work in the first place. When people hire a plumber or repair person, they don't want an artist, they want an expert to do the work. When people hire a musician for something, they want an artist. They want someone who can deliver something awesome and unique. They want someone who stands out from the crowd. They want someone who has done some cool, kick-ass things in the past and established themselves as an artist. They want someone who cares about the significance of each track and note they do. They want someone who does this kind of stuff not just to get a payment and some fame, but because they also do it for the art itself. That's why so many Ocremix artists have gone on to do pretty successful careers in game music - Ocremix is all about the art. People who pushed the envelope for what game audio can do and mean and made it awesome just because they felt like it. We hone our art and skill and develop unique sounds and personalities here. That's how Ocremix artists manage to make networking succeed for them. You're not going to get the answer to how to find good work in an industry that is 150:1 overstuffed with supply of composers versus demand for game music with a single word answer. It just doesn't work that way. For a "teacher" to answer their students with such an oversimplified thing to a very complex subject is something I would consider infuriating. Being successful at "networking" for game audio is a whole book, "networking" isn't even the full title of the book cover!
  10. Yep, found something cool again.

    How do you get a hard drive to modulate its signal pulse into vibrato? I can't figure out how you would get hardware to do that.
  11. Sample quality

    For some reason they aren't playing for me, but I would suggest if you have access to more soundproofing and better quality, record with it anyway. Always use the highest quality you have access to when recording. If not, just do the best you can with the resources you have. That's all any of us can do, really.
  12. You don't know where to find deals on music software? How does that happen, Brad? My eyes are bleeding from all the rolling they're doing! >:P Kidding aside, this is probably like the only link you need for that: This is what's worked the best for me on significant deals and such. Includes a lot of 50-90% off or more deals for really good Kontakt instruments as well.
  13. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Making some more progress, but I need Rozovian to contact me up as I'm stuck at a place and need his help. Hint, hint, Roz. Check yo email and PMs, chubs.
  14. Sale/Want 3.0

    Ah shit - if only you were selling this 3 months ago when I was obsessively checking around for good deals on a New Nintendo 3DS, it would've been mine. I've since spent that money on a PS Vita and a Roland SRX-07 card. Still, I encourage anyone even remotely thinking about getting one to hop on this. That's actually a hell of a good deal.
  15. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Interview is retranslated and in OCR brass hands. More progress to come soon!