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  1. Looks like shit.
  2. I contemplate now the plausibility of just saying "YES WE CANCELLED IT IT'S DEAD NOW YOU HAPPY?" so that y'all'd shut up and we can continue working on it in peace. >:D I'm just kidding. We're still trying to work on it as we can, I'm just trying to make light of the infinite delays and help keep the mood comical instead of tense as the universe makes us earn every inch we crawl towards completion. It's coming, we promise. If it dies or gets cancelled for whatever reason, we'll tell you so. If you're not sure, assume we're working on it (because we are).
  3. We're still moving forward. There were some problems along the way on the mastering table and naturally using a real commercial studio with a $150,000 mastering setup for free is going to sacrifice something in the way of time, but nothing's cancelled or stalled, just eternally moving a lot slower than we expected due to real life always getting in the way. I myself broke one of my vertebrae last month.
  4. I accidentally read this as "Are PMS limited to 5 people?" and I was thinking "Dude, Brad, work on your syntax." And we laughed... because it's Monday...
  5. I think it's funny you chose a video game parallel angle for a video game Kontakt library that happens to be named after a very famous video game. I'm sure that was not a coincidence.
  6. Yes, of course they did. It's their IP and they can protect however they want. Nintendo fandom is way behind on understanding that just because you're a huge fan of something doesn't automatically grant you permission to do derivative works of theirs. The excellent argument against this says, "If you're that good at this stuff, do something original". Yes, original works get lost in the sea of everyone else, but that's how this line of work goes.
  7. Well, you're not going to be able to recreate a female soprano operatic vocalist with a synthesizer. This is a sound I'd also been trying to hunt for years. There are lots of Soprano solo libraries out for Kontakt now that could do the job, but the closest I get to having this sound is from Omnisphere, which has the vibrato and such built in. That is definitely not a cheap place to get that instrument from, but it's the closest I've heard to what you're going for here yet (and if you're not already loaded up on instruments or are saving up for something, I recommend Omnisphere anyway).
  8. YAY! Gloria Van... I mean USA's back and out for revenge!
  9. No one ever wants to stalk me, I'm the one who usually has to do the stalking. :S
  10. That's wild. It only seems recent from everything I've seen on it.
  11. How long? The Kingdom Hearts keyblade one was the first I saw and that was quite a while ago, but I've only been seeing them do this somewhere in the (vague) ballpark of 6-9 months or so.
  12. So... has anyone been paying attention to Arby's Facebook page lately? They've been making increasingly surprising references to video games, horror and now anime in pictures they post with their food. Just now, they posted a picture of their new gyros... with Gyro Zepelli from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The one from Steel Ball Run too I think. It's like... what do I even do with this information? Who the hell is running their social media page that has a hard-on for reaching out to us? I certainly did not expect to live so long as to see Arby's advertised with Kingdom Hearts, Donnie Darko and fucking JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Behold!
  13. So does that mean you guys have things for sale? >:D
  14. I'm confused here. Why would Gamecube games use chiptunes? Many of its library titles use actual orchestrated music, rock music and more that differentiates itself from the Roland, Korg M1 stuff the N64 used. Surely you didn't think those were chiptunes.
  15. Don't you love when people pull this website out just to be asinine and smug in the laziest way possible? It's kinda hard to relate and agree that PLAY engine is horrible if you've never had the experience of it being horrible to you personally in a topic that asks for your opinions and experience with cinematic samples. This has also been my experience - I've had Play (well, an archaic version of it by now) for quite a long time and I've had pretty minimal fuss with it. Even now as I have newer and better things with everyone's favorite child Kontakt 5, I still end up using EWQLSO for a lot of my orchestral needs. PLAY could be a lot better, but in my experience, so could Kontakt. I stagger to think East West would've become such an industry player in the virtual sample world if their flagship engine really is as bad as all the elite hivemind composers say it is, but I'm sure that's a different logical fallacy on it's own since everything that disagree with the hivemind is...