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  1. Right now I'm the one holding up the works and I apologize for that. Hurricanes battering the East Coast doesn't stop my work week, it just makes it more difficult on top of my usual double-full time work schedule. When I'm not utterly exhausted and better caught up with my own work shit here in the next I hope week or two, I'll get back into this. Sorry again!
  2. Just a small update that things behind the scenes are still running smoothly. Someone had an idea for the album that helps give it some conceptual "shine" of sorts and it was actually relayed to me through DJP. Won't say what it is yet and needs Rozovian's approval, but with some work it could be a nice little thing to help make this album project feel special. So that's just a mini-update while I'm thinking on it. We be moving forward little by little.
  3. Well I saw the eclipse with my naked fucking eyes THREE TIMES and I didn't have any problems. We'll see about tomorrow though.
  4. Hey, you can send me what you need to send me, Zolt. I know it's not guitar work, but I'd been meaning to tell you to go ahead on it anyway.
  5. I don't know if we'll be able to guarantee putting them up for artists to listen to and approve - for reasons which should be obvious (if not obvious: the difficulty of trying to get so many artists to sign off on them, a number of which don't come here anymore and we don't have contact with, when we've already arrived past the final, honest-to-God finished phase of the music). At this point I think they'd be more interested to see it release already than tie it up in something like that.
  6. BIG NEWS! The mastered tracks are finished and have been delivered to Ocremix staff! Now the staff, who as we've seen with this week's release of the 62nd OCR project album are extremely efficient about releases and have it down to a science by now, have all the finished and mastered audio! At this moment I'm unsure if we still lack enough artwork, but I don't think that should be a huge hurdle to complete. Any other hurdles from here should be minor. I know I've said that before, but now that the top brass has the full mastered content, it's extraordinarily unlikely anything should mess it up now. Thank you for your patience and hanging on with us (or at least restraining yourselves from REALLY dramatic acting out on it). We hit a MAJOR finish line FINALLY and things should go quite good from here to release. Look forward to it! It may come up sooner than you think (a first for this project!)
  7. Welp, not a Switch owner anymore. I traded it back in at Walmart for a refund. Nothing was wrong with it, I just did it.
  8. I put it to luck because I can't fully justify saying it's hard work that ultimately defines success when we still live in an age where the amount of talent an artist has makes no bearing at all on how well they do (still loads of grossly untalented people see more of a career than genuinely talented people do) and neither really does perseverance. The idea behind perseverance is to keep going because sooner or later, something will pop, and while this is absolutely true, it's still probability that fuels that - meaning it's still a process of luck. Your criticism of my post kinda sounds more like bragging as a point of reference for why luck doesn't cut it as an answer, btw. I myself have also reached a point I would personally consider "successful" in some outlets, especially since my skillset is largely self-taught and woefully limited compared to many professionals, but absolutely none of that is relevant here since no one else's journey into success as an artist is going to be the same as mine. It won't work.
  9. You've got us there, bro.
  10. A more serious post now: This is not yet a current need I have, but sooner or later I'll have to replace my current awesome desktop with yet another new one down the road and I'd like to get one that has a pretty good recording sound card in it now that I'm expanding into hardware recording (from a Roland XV-5050 and Sound Canvas 88 Pro) and will need something that further cleans up processed audio and handles latency better. Is that the sort of custom work you do, Brad?
  11. Protip (and one I never see anyone sharing): Remember that any and all advice and list of tools and places to do music promotion with are just guidelines at best and that actual, practical success in the music world comes from standing out in a creative and qualitative fashion and using as many tools as you can to see what works best for you and what doesn't. All these "How to make it in the music industry" videos and articles and such are painfully generic (for a reason) and have logical flaws to them because what ultimately determines artistic success is being ridiculously high quality and very, very lucky. They can only point you in a direction because what worked for them may not (and usually doesn't) work for you, and that especially changes because hundreds of thousands of other newb musicians read those articles and do exactly what they say only for the venues they recommended to get flooded with newb musicians and decide to seek talent elsewhere. It's that cycle plus the luck of the draw - you might do a lot better on CDBaby and Soundcloud than you'd ever do on Bandcamp and Youtube, just because that's what seems to work for you. Remember that if anyone truly knew what were the BEST music tools for promotion, everyone would be using them and getting successful from it. Because the question persists daily, there is no knowledge on what works best. The only logical course to take then is to get creative, take some risks and try as much stuff as you can to see what sticks.
  12. Man, Breath of the Wild is total shovelware. This game is all ass and no substance.
  13. Well with thousands of songs here and no idea how many of all those things were all played live or sequenced in with VSTs, it would be impossible to give you the idea you're looking for. I'd say don't worry about thinking of things like that. If you can make a quality re-arrangement with the stuff you have and mix it creatively and with high quality, that should be enough right there.
  14. I caved and bought a Switch last night. I traded in any prospect of getting any of the Roland SRX cards or synths to record with (since it's evident I still need a LOT more practice recording from hardware) for this system at $299.00 at the Sevierville Walmart at 11:51PM. I feel proud, weak and guilty all at the same time. :S
  15. HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE YOU MONKEY-ASS MOTHE... *Sees it's 4:40AM while still not being finished with work.* Oh, that's why I'm getting cranky and insane. Carry on then, computer man.