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  1. Don't you love when people pull this website out just to be asinine and smug in the laziest way possible? It's kinda hard to relate and agree that PLAY engine is horrible if you've never had the experience of it being horrible to you personally in a topic that asks for your opinions and experience with cinematic samples. This has also been my experience - I've had Play (well, an archaic version of it by now) for quite a long time and I've had pretty minimal fuss with it. Even now as I have newer and better things with everyone's favorite child Kontakt 5, I still end up using EWQLSO for a lot of my orchestral needs. PLAY could be a lot better, but in my experience, so could Kontakt. I stagger to think East West would've become such an industry player in the virtual sample world if their flagship engine really is as bad as all the elite hivemind composers say it is, but I'm sure that's a different logical fallacy on it's own since everything that disagree with the hivemind is...
  2. It's probably more a case of inept self-marketing. I'm often called to do such types of marketing for clients at work and I guarantee you marketing is simply a completely different skill than business acumen all the same. You can make an awesome, legit product or service or excellently run a hotel or rental company and still want to make sure BUY IT TODAY is flashing in bright colors and point 144 text all across the page.
  3. Sorry - got busy, got sick and forgot.[ZSF] Zandro/SoundFonts/TheSoundSite/
  4. Ehh... trying to not come up with a negative answer here but I may not be able to get around it. I have 80% of a decade in experience with the indie book publishing world and with that, I would highly doubt a venture like that would be worth your time to do. The fact of the matter is that books are poetry are very likely the hardest to sell and find interest for and (I don't mean this to sound sardonic or cutting, but I also don't any better way to phrase it) there is not a hungry audience out there right now going, "Man, I'd really like to pay money to read some poetry about videogames." It's true that video games have been hot on the publishing trail in the last little while, but they've mostly banked on celebrating and archiving nostalgia (to the point of getting cease and desist orders). However, I can present an idea that may get around it. If you were to venture towards a publishing project that was much more serious and of interest to the hardcore gaming group - like if you were able to compile together indepth interviews with developers on the series they worked on or something, you could have your poems preface the sections as sort of a fun little "garnish" to them. That way the poetry doesn't go to waste and you have something people may have more paying interest for.
  5. If you add in some gentle wind blowing SFX in the background and give the song title something that suggests it's winter, that's most of the sonic imagery right there. Then just add the bells, flute and harp and you're ready to go. Edit: Also, let me post here tomorrow and I can link you to a place I found that has more soundfonts than you can fucking count. It's on my laptop and I'm going to bed right now.
  6. Yoozer! I thought you were dead, you beautiful sumbitch. If it's not trouble, could you go into more detail of how I could recreate this in like FL Studio? The piano sound I don't need so much, it's the progressive lowering of the filter pitch like that I'm trying to figure out.
  7. Since the other topic for it is dead, I think, I wondered if any greater synth experts here could instruct me as to how to make a sound in this video below. It's the first sound that plays - ttch ttch ttch ttch ttchow ttchow ttchow ttchow tchoow tchoow tchoow tchoow choo choo choo choo...
  8. Only one track away from the mastering being done! The last track is going to be tricky, I'm told, but the rest of it is done. OCR brass will want to discuss artwork next. Rozo, PM time!
  9. I was unexpectedly gifted with a little Android tablet computer over Christmas and now I'm ready to join modern society (if this were 2012, anyway)! Not a beefy unit by any means, but seems to be decent enough for RAM (1 GB) and basic quad-core processing. As I get accustomed to how a tablet and apps work, it dawns on me that I could finally do some music work away from my main desktop or even outside my house. Not real music work, but like generate MIDI compositions that I can save for later use or arrange with my Roland romplers. Tried some MIDI apps, but they weren't cutting it for me and then I remember Fl Studio has a mobile version of itself at $16.00. So I ask anyone who has used it, how does FL Studio fare for mobile? At least as far as letting me just make compositions without trying to do any serious, final productions on them?
  10. Perhaps that level of perfectionism should be recognized as the very lofty goal it is and not pursued any further. You're NEVER going to get something to sound 100% like whatever it is you're trying to sound like. Best you can do is the best you can do with what's currently available. Additionally, I recommend getting the XV-5050 since it's a higher quality XV-5080 with even some Fantom sounds in it and can be found at half the cost of an XV-5080. The only real drawback is that it also has half the polyphony, but with a quality audio interface and some recording know-how, that problem can be worked out.
  11. Umm, PS1 and N64 didn't really have generated/generic chip sounds/samples like the 8-bit/16-bit stuff did (that's the simple way of saying it, a more accurate and detailed assessment I'm not learned on). PS1 had everything from the Roland Sound Canvas to the sort of real studio music you can get in games today, and N64 also used a lot of Roland Sound Canvas-grade romplers for generating samples. I'd say if you're looking to get the "1998" sound or something, get you the Roland virtual Sound Canvas software (or the real thing, they're easily available) and the Korg Legacy M1 software since a lot of games even by the 32bit era were still using the M1. That will be more than a good starting place by then.
  12. Confusion satisfied. Thank you!
  13. Dropping it to... the same price? I'm confused.
  14. Just restructure the theme of the album so it's not a 20th-anniversary album. Make it like a "PS1 Hidden Gems" album or something that focuses more on the themes being overlooked. You don't have to kill the entire project just because it's not the 20th anniversary anymore.
  15. I didn't see anyone post on this, so I wanted to post it. Saw it first when George Sanger posted it on Facebook. This goes towards Bobby Prince's medical bills as he gets retreated for cologne cancer. The good news is the goal amount is already 85% of the way there.