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  1. Check out the Valhalla Reverbs. They are only $50 a piece and are incredible. Best reverb value on the market.
  2. Looks like a good game, but not my bag. Don't think that game alone is worth the $300+ required to play it. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks interesting.
  3. Hey this looks awesome! Especially love the character art.
  4. I think it looks great. If it could have played 3DS games I would have jumped all over it since I never bought a 3DS. I did initially pre-order it and Zelda but cancelled both. I can save $ now and later by waiting. Just purchase it on a combo deal once multiple good games come out for it that are only available on it. If you own a WiiU and are not a big Splatoon fan there is no big reason to buy it the first 6 months.
  5. Hey everyone selling some old plug-ins if anyone is interested: Process transaction via PayPal. Cheers. All prices include transfer fees. Process transaction via PayPal. Cheers. All prices include transfer fees. Process transaction via PayPal. Cheers. All prices include transfer fees. Slate Digital: (includes iLok fees) VBC - $90 USD VMR - $120 USD VCC - $90 USD Customer Series - 90 USD FabFilter Volcano 2 - $80 USD Waves SuperTap - $15 USD Waves C1 - $38 USD Waves Musicians Bundle 2 - $45 USD Waves RS56 - $75 USD Waves H-Delay - SOLD Waves NX - SOLD Unfiltered Audio Indent - $15 USD Vitalizer mk2 - $135 USD 2CAudio B2 - $135 USD Soundtoys Tremolator - $40 USD Izotope Ozone 7 Adv - $175 USD Izotope DDLY Dynamic Delay - $25 USD Izotope Neutron Adv - SOLD Izotope Ozone 5 - SOLD Rob Papen Predator 2 - SOLD u-He ACE - SOLD
  6. My favorite track from the album! Always loved Dan's style for combining beats and soundscapes. He does it in a way that accentuates the emotions of the source. Which is extremely hard to do, but is always a hallmark of a memorable remix. Don't wait too long before starting your next track Dan!
  7. Was my number 1 game as a kid too. Has a really strong Stairway to Heaven vibe in the beginning. Such an iconic motif. Love the additions.
  8. Confatulations! ...seriously congrats though
  9. The composition ideas are really good. The instrumentation and sound design need a ton of work. Also needs to be arranged into a full song. At least 3 mins long. Def has potential!
  10. Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. Zeal was one of my favorite tunes as a kid. I remember replaying the game just to get to Zeal and listen to this track.
  11. Agreed on voicing your ensembles correctly makes a big difference. Here is a video that will show a super simple technique with just some panning and HP LP filters that are on any stock EQ:
  12. Holy crap this was fun to listen to. Technically this was such a creative and fun use of the theme. Awesome mix dude!