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  1. Welcome to our NEW JUDGES!

    Confatulations! ...seriously congrats though
  2. Street Fighter 2 - Ken's theme

    The composition ideas are really good. The instrumentation and sound design need a ton of work. Also needs to be arranged into a full song. At least 3 mins long. Def has potential!
  3. Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. Zeal was one of my favorite tunes as a kid. I remember replaying the game just to get to Zeal and listen to this track.
  4. My stuff sounds muddy

    Agreed on voicing your ensembles correctly makes a big difference. Here is a video that will show a super simple technique with just some panning and HP LP filters that are on any stock EQ:
  5. Holy crap this was fun to listen to. Technically this was such a creative and fun use of the theme. Awesome mix dude!
  6. Great mix! Some really creative ideas that really enhanced fxsnowy's original ideas. Love it dudes!
  7. Really liking the new style! Indifferent about the round logos.
  8. Super Smash Bros. 4

    Got Cloud today. Beat all fourof my level 50 amiibos with him. Beat my Marth amiibo for only the 2nd or 3rd time ever. Cloud is lethal. Really fun to play with. Took a stock off of level 50 Link without taking a single hit. I am just an OK smash player too. Win rate on for glory is 33%. I am also super bummed Isaac didn't get in the game. Could care less about Bayonetta to be perfectly honest. Can see why she would be a good character in general.
  9. What a weird mix of happy melodies and dark tones. Expect nothing less from Brandon. Very 80's new wave pop style vocals. Really like the guitar work in this. Drums feel very familiar and basic for the genre. But with a vocal track that is understandable.
  10. Ah the great Radical Dreamers mix flood of 2001. Such an amazing source tune. Love the guitar noodling and little zeppelin motifs and licks throughout. Would actually be pretty cool to take this or the same idea and make a trip hop mix out of it.
  11. December is Reviews Month

    BTW gals and guys there are 16 remixes that do not have a single review! That needs to change.
  12. Some really cool ideas here. Would love to hear this updated with some modern day samples. Feel the writing could have stood out alot more if the instruments were panned harder. As of now everything is standing on top of each other. Good decisions on writing to keep the energy up throughout. Great blending of all of the source tunes.
  13. Can't believe I never reviewed this in the past. One of my all time favorite old school remixes. Reminds me of an excellent early 90's RnB track or laid back movie theme. Excellent use of the source tune to create the vibe.
  14. Great vocals in the intro. Really set the tone for the mix. Actually wish this had more GL ambient sounds mixed in to give a but more tonal variety. But per usual the writing is excellent overall.
  15. BTW checkout Spitfire's Black Friday Deals: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/editorial/features/black-friday-2015/ 25% off all individual products is just one of the deals. Vid of Albion ONE: