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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - evals after new year's

    Winter vacation abroad coming up, so I won't be able to do much online for the next week or so. I'll do what I can to set up the next phase of the website development while there. Meteo and I have discussed this a bit, and he'll be taking over the "making sure things get done" part concerning the website, as that's not really my strong suit as evidenced by how this thing _still is not done_. For anyone interested in some Mana series music, I've got a mana medley on this year's AOCC, and have for the past few years now made sure to always contribute something from the Mana series. Merry xmas, happy new year, and all that stuff, to everyone.
  2. Actually, I couldn't even access the site directly, as if my router or ISP had decided the site was bad, or vice versa. I could access it via some proxy I tried, but I don't trust the free ones enough to log in with one. By the time I was trying things like that, I wasn't thinking about finding your contact information, but trying to figure out what happened to the site, so I didn't even check for your contact information in the thread. Stupid of me.
  3. Something weird is going on. I can't PM the track. I asked Willrock to do it for me. v13_b2. You should have it now, Coop. And possibly half a dozen PMs I've sent but got an error after hitting send. And then I couldn't access the site at all. The site seems to be working now, but I got a similar error when I tried to PM again. I could've gone to bed an hour ago if I had your email address. 
  4. Metroid! Some of the sound design is rather simple, intro lead, bass, and snare in particular. There's also more complex sounds, creating a disparity between them. Best example of this might be around 5 minutes in, with the bass being simple and the other things more complex. The arrangement is cool, but feels a little stretched thin. Could be a minute or two shorter (says the guy who made an 8+ minutes track for the DKC3 album). Some really cool original touches in here. 4:36 brings in some really cool original writing. Then there are parts than seem more like filler, like 4:50-5:05. Something about the sound design around there brings to mind the more lush and wet Metroid Prime tracks. I've got two ideas for you to try, if you're interested in some experiments that might help you improve the track and your remixing in general (make sure to do this on a copy of the remix so you don't lose what you've got so far). 1 - Redo the sound design as chiptune, to make things really simple, and work on the arrangement without being distracted by the sound design. You can also try all piano (except drums, obviously), or something else to help you get at the arrangement without distractions. 2 - Disable all the effects to get at the sounds themselves, and redo the simple/complex category sounds to make things more cohesive. Then redo the mix. Cool stuff.
  5. Zelda Majora's Mask - Deku Palace Remix

    Depending on the DAW and its workflow, it might work with regions or patterns. Cutting up the arrangement into manageable chunks, whatever the DAW would call them, should help you move things around. Things should be a lot easier for you now anyway. Rock drums could work better than the hiphop beat-style drums you've got now, that's a good idea. I recommend you split the drum kit into different channels so you can process the different elements of it differently. The snare might need different EQ or compression than the kick. The hihat samples might have a lot of noisy mids an unnecessary lows. You might want to add more reverb to the crashes than to the kick. That all depends on the sound of the kit and how you want to use it. There's two ways to do this: one is to have multiple tracks with the same kit, and give each of them notes for just one of the elements, eg all hihats on one track, kick on one track; the other is to route the kit's output to different channels so you can write everything on the same midi channel, but you have the different elements on different audio channels for separate processing. The first is easier to set up, and doesn't require the sampler to support multiple outputs. The second is generally easier to edit, once it's set up. Fake guitar is only a problem when it's in the uncanny valley, or when the sound (as with every instrument) is just bad. One of my old favorites from the site has fake guitar. You can clearly hear some unnatural bends in there. But there's an illusion of performance in how it's sequenced, so it sounds fine. Not necessarily real, but still badass. That illusion of performance is important, more important than realism. Realistic fake guitar is difficult even if you're working with good guitar samples. This doesn't sound like good guitar samples. Own it. Own the fakeness, and make it feel like a good performance regardless of how realistic it is.
  6. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    I know this is a design question, so it's more of a "feature" than a bug/issue, but... Could we please not have 600 pixels of non-content before the actual content of a forum? My laptop has 800 pixels of vertical resolution. The browser and OS eat up 110 of those, so there's not a lot of room for non-content. I'd rather not have to scroll on every page to get to the stuff I clicked a link to get to. I don't know what Invision were thinking, but this design is bloated and apparently made for HDTVs standing on their sides, and I hope it can be customized into something more compact. I've realized reddit's design is actually really good. I thought it looked cheap and dated when I joined. The noncontent on the front page is about 100 pixels, and then the posts start. It could be fancier, but it can't really be much better in terms of efficiency. 
  7. modreview/eval Orchestra isn't my forte, so it's difficult for me to say much about the genre-specific things. 2 minute track? K. It's a short and somewhat repetitive source, so a short remix might not be a problem. Sounds too quiet. Compare it to some (non-bombastic) orchestral tracks on ocr to see if your levels are about the same as theirs. There's a couple of actual orchestra recordings, but most are sound library works. Either should work for reference. The sound seems a bit dark and muffled. With the piano, I suppose its a deliberate choice, but I can't tell if that's the case with the strings and other stuff. This might be why it sounds quiet - not enough highs. Again, find some reference tracks to compare to, and see if you're okay with any differences in sound and balance. Source is there. It sounds rather conservative. I'm not familiar enough with the source to be able to quickly say much more. There's a fair bit of dynamics and mood changes compared to the original, and obviously more elaborate writing, so it's not just a copy-pasted genre swap. I think it's in the clear. It's pretty. Nice work. Check the production against some reference tracks, and sub it.
  8. modreview/eval Intro has me worried about the mixing. The bass drum is louder than it needs to be. I have no problem hearing the Cyber Maze Core source here, but it took me a long time to hear any Dark Necrobat stuff. Once it comes in at 2:25, this feels more like a medley than a ReMix. Fortunately, the lead from Core is still there. The arrangement, overall, is on the conservative side of things, but I think it's in the green. The genre adaptation obviously does a lot to differentiate it from the original. Sound design is an interesting blend of jazz with the drums and bass, and retro synth stuff. It's a cool combination, although might be a bit too aggressive. Not terribly so, but they strike me as a bit of an odd choice. There are parts where that works really well (eg 2:00), and others where they don't work nearly that well (0:20, 2:35). It's often a question of what the arrangement does at the time. Overall, the production is good enough. I'm a little torn on some of the sound design choices, but there are no dealbreakers. That one chip-arp-y lead is sometimes too loud, as are the drums (though with the choice of samples, lowering the drum levels too much would make them sound silly). Maybe the other stuff should be louder instead? The synth stuff sounds a bit too raw and exposed, but I can't tell if it's a problem or a style. I would complain about weird glitches in the background around 2:00, but once I realized those were intentional, it's no longer a complain. 1:46-2:15. Really cool. Glitchy ending. Cool. I would otherwise complain about the note the track ends on, but as that's not actually where it ends, it's fine. There are improvements to be made, but it's in a rather good state right now. Nice work. Do consider timaeus' points about the lead getting old and stuff.
  9. Zelda Majora's Mask - Deku Palace Remix

    modreview/eval Hey Vid. I'm glad you're still around. Sound design needs work. The first synth sounds like an FM thing with it's ringing high frequencies. It might be a bit too bright for its background role later. The drums don't seem connected to the track. They seem like an afterthought rather than an integral part of the track. I would try to make it a more cohesive beat. Mute everything else and build a beat to structure the rest of the track upon. The woodwinds have tons of reverb, which works when they're supposed to be ethereal background things, but not so much when they're the ones bringing the lead melody. If you're going for a dreamy background-y melody, you need to get the rest of the instrumentation in order, not have a rap beat-type drum sound and a bright FM thing (and very little else). The fake guitar... I get what you're doing with it, though there should be a bit more variation in tone and the background ones should be interfering less with the lead one. The drum sound design doesn't work with it, and the FM thing still sounds wrong. You might need a more powerful snare, and possibly crashes and things, to make it work. Also, the bass should probably come in at 0:25 when the track starts proper. There are plenty of strange and seemingly arbitrary breaks. Having breaks isn't a problem, but they break up the flow of the track. Once the main beat starts playing (and it's finally a beat) at 1:03, the track feels a lot more cohesive in terms of its writing. The mixing still needs work, though. Muffle the background things a little to make sure their highs don't interfere with the lead. Get the track levels in check. This seems to be an idea-based arrangement, the kind I often make. One idea, transition to the next idea, transition to the first again, transition to a third... The difference is that many of your transitions are abrupt and come with no warning. There's no ramp-up or reverse crash or drum fill or riser or anything to signal the change. And they don't occur regularly enough that you can rely on the listener following the grid, as in a four-chords, four-on-the-floor track. There's a few transitions that work but are a bit clumsy, like 1:37, and a few that work quite well, like the whole 1:40-2:15 and 2:35. But then there are those that don't work well at all Source is there, and some of the ideas are really cool takes on it. The track's problems are its structure and its production. It's interpretive enough, it just has to make sense, and all its instruments need to find their place. What tools are you using now? You used a keyboard before, I recall, though that was ages ago. If you're not in a computer DAW, you might have trouble getting an overview of the arrangement, which might be why you're struggling so much with it. Arrangement lacks direction, sound design and mixing need work. Cool ideas in here, just gotta get the rest of it to make sense.
  10. Yeah, floods haven't been a problem. That one time with ten or so threads by the same remixer is the only one I can remember where I was looking at the board and being like "ei näin" (basically "no, not like this"). Pre-eval has the problem of having a hyphen, or dash, or whatever that line it. It means that when a mod clicks the pre-eval prefix of a thread, only the threads with a prefix spelled the same way will show. No dashes. Preferably no spaces either. Capital E alone is also very short. The prefix shouldn't be very long, but a single letter makes it harder to notice, harder to click. While other prefixes (wip, album) communicate the state or purpose of the thread, a single E means nothing. We're not doing a single E. Any other objections/suggestions? 
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 - evals after new year's

    Website: We're discussing the site with Meteo currently, and once we know what we want to do, we'll tell whoever's involved. I'm impressed by what Special-Man showed me of his previous work, it's just not the design we're looking for. Dj Mokram's design is, but it needs to go from image to web page. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted, but it _can_ be better. No Spume. I thought you stopped talking to me, Mokram, having reached a point where you couldn't do more. I must have misunderstood. Or I meant to get back to you but something got in the way and I forgot. Eval: It _is_ in eval... kind of. I realized I sort of skipped a few steps in my rush to get it there. There's a document in Projects, or somewhere, with everything that should be done for the album when sending it to eval. Unless I've misread it. And unless it's actually somewhere else. I've got the unfair advantage of being site staff, so I can read the eval posts. So far, there's one complete evaluation of the music. Next step: Find the art, check with keiiii about any remaining pieces, upload that stuff to ocr too. I recently moved, so I've been moving things and adjusting to the new place this past month. My desktop computer's GPU cooling pipes broke a little before the move. The machine runs as usual, no data has been lost, but I can only use it for around 10 minutes at a time or else the GPU gets alarmingly hot. It's a rather old machine. As it's a Mac, it's not that easy to swap out parts. I'll get myself a new music computer once I can afford it. In the mean time, I'll do what I can from the laptop. With all the stuff copied at different times to different external drives, I'd have to find the most recent copies of the art, wherever I might have saved that. Shouldn't take that long once I just sit down and do it.
  12. Mine is about done. Wasn't expecting it to go this fast, but once I figured out what to do... This is two days after telling Coop I was pretty much stuck with one and a half idea or something.
  13. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    I have sigs disabled. Can't read this place otherwise. I don't know what the design plans are, but I'm hoping that 27 pixels worth of text won't take up 280 pixels worth of vertical space. That's a single line of text in a post, no sig. I don't know if anyone uses an HDTV flipped on its side as their screen, but it seems that's what the current design requires. Also, tabbed browsing doesn't work. The page number links don't let me cmd- or cmd-option- click. It should open the link in a new tab/window. It does not.
  14. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    Fancy. But still so much empty space, especially on single-line posts.
  15. The problem with throwaway stuff is that getting feedback on it doesn't benefit the remixer as much as something they're actively working on. The problem with floods is that it pushes other people's work further down on the board, leading them to post floods of their own or bumping their own threads without an update in order to get them closer to the top. Neither is a huge problem, but it could get annoying.   Not sure you were around at the time, it was a few years ago, but we had a remixer post iirc 10 remixes, following the one-remix-per-thread rule, thus creating 10 threads and flooding the board. Hence the one-mix-per-thread sticky. This week, I saw two users post three mixes each, in sequence. Not a problem, but if more users did the same, it could become one. The goal of the wip board is to get feedback on your works, not to post as many as possible. We've lost that feedback culture we had earlier. I'm hoping we can get it back. If we do, then it won't matter so much anymore how many posts we get, since there should be enough feedback to go around.   Capital E means nothing unless people know what it stands for. Eval, at least, doesn't yield any plausible results in the dictionary besides evaluation-related words. I don't think the term eval invokes evil. It'd be nice to get some more responses on this, but if there aren't any other objections, we'll just bear in mind that we may have to remind people in official posts that eval stands for evaluation/evaluator.