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    I'm lazy, but work fast(so i always have some time to be lazy). Looking for female vocalist all the time, so if you want to fun, PM me.
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  1. Hello. Is there any news about this project? Kinda sad.. This was my first OC project. I've rise as musician at OCR, get in few project releases and even died to OCR forever(i guess). Damn, my son is almost one year old, I had no girlfriend when i joined it! But this thing still somewhere - nowhere? Anyway. Thank you Rozo for made my music sounds like music!
  2. Hello everybody! Any news?
  3. No point. Ok, not "DEMO". Call it "Deluxe". Big release with lots of bonuses.
  4. How about release some kind of "Demo Album"? This project has a long story and lot of background. Unfinished tracks, lost remixers and other stuff. Show everyone how much work ppl made, show their progress. First WIPs, different versions of mixes, art etc. Everything that ppl never see/hear in main release. Of course with permission. Just a thought.
  5. Funny.. I don't remember where I keep my tracks. 6 years. Not sure I'll find a propper version of my first "not bad" ReMix.
  6. Having some life.. Too much life! Actually, now I have a son. I'm afraid you have to kick me out. Sorry. Good luck with this project! Good bye OC ReMix, thank you. That was fun!
  7. I'll try to find mine WAV.. Two tracks, if I recall correctly?
  8. Let's keep it for 2018. 10 years project! Yay! dat's a joke
  9. Thanks to everyone for this project!! Not the best track of mine here, but others made a SUPER great job!
  10. Just release that thing alrady! Four projects with me alraedy released. I want my FIRST project with my FIRST good ReMix released! This is the GREAT project!
  11. С днём рождения!

  12. Glad you don't give up. I'll update my tracks due date in close future. Thanks man!
  13. 2 am... I'm lucky.
  14. C'mon guys. Why you all trying to defend your self? Did I say that everybody make same music? Or composing same things? I have a strong feeling that no one read what i said. Let's take Rammstein's album "Mutter" for example. Then compo round will look like this: 1. Rammstein - Mutter 2. Rammstein - Sonne 3. Rammstein - Links2-3-4 4. Rammstein - Nebel 5. The Offspring - Bad Habit 6. Muse - Bliss 7. Pain - Just Hate me 8. etc All I'm saying. Tracks SOUNDS same, like they were made for ONE album. Tracks are NOT the same. When I'm talking about mixing structure - I'm talking about MIX's structure. Not about composing or style or whatever. This means that drums/gtrs/synths/whatver sounds same for several tracks as they were build in "Mutter" album. Again. Sorry if you find my words offencive. May be my bad english or nobody read. Nevermind. This compo was fun, as i already told in my first post. Dunno why everybody trying to explain away. Sorry.
  15. Some misunderstanding, i guess. Different remixers sounds like one, not different remixes. That's what I'm talking about. Having your own sound "signature" is great thing! Having one signature for everybody is not .. Hm.. Interesting.. or even bad. Once again. No offence. Nothing bad in my thoughts. It's jusе my observervation. And, as I said. MOST of tracks. Not everyone. Sorry. Sets... Tools mostly, are same. Nevermind.