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  1. You could do a patriotic/nationalistic theme for 4th of july. Most countries seem to have grandeous national anthems.
  2. If someone could youtube to wav the cdi clip i could still try to chop some of it on my ipad. I just need to get the audio clip into my dropbox or google drive account since apple hasnt unlocked straight downloads on ipads yet. Otherwise ill try to get a freind to do it. Edit. Nvm, i figured out how to download it.
  3. You daw doesnt have a mod automation section?
  4. Zorrakh, and anyone else really, heres the site for tremodraw. Its got loads of good freebies!
  5. Just a thought, but has anyone tried posting about this compo on reddit or something? My thinking is that as traffic to OCR seems to be slowing down, It would be wise to extend to other popular social media outlets to keep participation up. Just an idea. You could probably copy paste some of the formatting.
  6. Subbed! Another year full of great rounds. Heres to more PRC in 2017!
  7. Can our entry be from a previous PRC round that was never submitted or even close to finished?
  8. My original link is broken so im reposting it here. Edit: oops, I didnt see that Thasauce went back up, do we just vote on there then?
  9. My original Remix died after a week of work, so with an hour and a half let to remix, i made this. Not bad for such little time. It was a blast!
  10. Perfect! I hope you can submit something Final Kingdom! Its been a while since those ReMixing with the Stars compos! As for Thasauce, do we just PM a soundcloud link to you Hoboka?
  11. what time is this due? Im workin up to the wire but thasauce is down and i dont know what time zone the deadline is. Im guessing that 1pm thasauce time is 3pm in central time