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  1. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    lets go people! dont make me and Evktalo go head to head in a fierce musical jedi battle.
  2. OCR deviantART Group

    wow super sorry about that. Im one of the admins but i havent been on deviantart in years. Ill look into it!
  3. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    My favorite time of year
  4. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    yea, i mean everyone screws their customers these days. i think the water just got under the keys and corroded the board. the price for smaller and more complex chips is that theyre more fragile i guess.
  5. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    i actually killed my macbook that way. spilled a tiny amount of water in my bag and SIX MONTHS later it died and voided the warranty.
  6. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    Yessir. Just gotta start poopin out remixes now
  7. MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    I dont think ive been in a prc or mnp this whole year. Didnt have a workable computer for like 3/4 of the year
  8. My excuse is just that i keep screwing myself and breaking my workstation. I tried remixing on an ipad, but im ashamed to say im reaally really bad at remixing without source midi. I feel like piano/theory lessons would be a good idea. I think its like any other "scene", its hard to integrate with the veterans without just being around and being productive for a long time. its just easier to engage with other newbies and try to create your own circle or remixers you get along with. That said im pretty bad at it. Also go to magfest
  9. It might just be that forum based communities arent as strong now that there are all kinds of other forms of internet communication. Obviously not true for all forums but im sure facebook and reddit and other places havent helped ocr much.
  10. Where did all the ocremix community go? Is videogame appreciation dead? Its freakin me out
  11. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Id sign up. I wish remixing with the stars would come back though, or some compos with a month long remixing period to really push out some quality content
  12. PRC353 - A Tale of A Remix (Vagrant Story)

    Cant sub because i dont have a working laptop but this was such a great game! They really pushed the playstation with this one .
  13. voted! also I only had a few seconds of bonus mix
  14. Whoops, missed the deadline but ill throw my bonus mix up soon! Cant wait to hear all these.
  15. Just a heads up for people who listen to the youtube video, theres a little melody in the midi that you cant really hear in the youtube render. This is due to the way game music worked on dos computers, with the game running midi through whatever soundcard you had. I guess the emulation in the video doesnt render very well. Alas it was the only video of the theme on youtube. P.s. Definitely plugging out a bonus remix of this one