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  1. Its been a while Hoboka, you should enter!
  2. damn, i thought this was done on monday. oh well. Just gonna post my mix on soundcloud and link it here, that way it wasnt entirely a waste. Im mostly just proud of the clever title.
  3. Theres a banjo Kazooie album project around here somewhere, or maybe if was banjo tooie...
  4. You should sub something @evktalo . Help save humanity from those synthetic industrial Reptilons!
  5. Didnt think of that! Thanks!
  6. Just got a new job editing photos for 8 hours a day and I'm trying to find audiobooks and podcasts to listen to while I work. Ive looked at a few but im wondering if anyone has some "must listen" podcasts or audiobook relevant to mixing, critical listening, music theory, etc. feel free to suggest other types of podcasts as well if theyre vaguely relevant.
  7. Sorry! Been busy with a new job, ill pm you my pick tonight!
  8. I definitely uploaded a WAV file! Oh, well. Its been too long since i subbed anything.
  9. download is up. I wonder why the track didnt work
  10. Confused about the deadline. It says 6 hours on the thasauce page.
  11. This is a pretty straightfoward source. Alot of sound upgrade possibility and practice with different sounds while sticking to the original fairly well.
  12. Gonna slam out something by tonight! beware: its gonna be a bit different.
  13. I gotta say that the end fight is a little dissapointing. The level as per usual was stellar, but...
  14. I was at work. heres the soundcloud link.