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  1. I got a volca fm for my birthday and im trying to decide if its worth trading for a volca keys. I want to do ambient style mixes and jams so if i can find some solid ambient patches for the fm then ill keep it So tldr, what are some solid ambient patches for the dx7 that i can import into the volca? Likewise, where can i find some decent dx7 patches.
  2. Im probably one of the people who put down a vague answer, maybe too late but here are a few options. chocolates usb to lightning adapter psn or steam credit 35mm film or developing chemicals Any of the pocket operator synths other than the arcade model. Good nuff
  3. Make a poll about it, see if you can figure out how to improve participation
  4. Wondering if im skilled enough for this but i cant say no when theres so many good tracks to be remixed. I really want to remix Forest of cutting shadows. However ive got a different wip in the works.
  5. Jk, literally all four of the WIPS i have done are already spoken for. :/
  6. Ive got at least 4 chrono cross wips. Im so in on this, probably my favorite game ever. I dont remember all the sources offhand but i can pm them. I would be remixing for the slow category most likely Also i have the official sheet music if anyone needs scans.
  7. Ill bite. Its always a fun challenge
  8. 50/50 on if ill go again this year. My usual rooming situation doesn't seem to be an option anyways
  9. you need it for a few parts unless youre really good at walljumping, but i agree that its annoying most of the time.
  10. Glad you enjoyed it! nice reference there. Good round! Edit: i just realized the freeze beam is indeed in super metroid. Wtf, better go play it again.
  11. Submitted a bonus. Good round, I wanna hear these entries!
  12. remember, you can work on it as long as you want to, so long as its under the deadline. Maybe experiement with some fx, or make sure the mixing is just right? up to you, but It can't hurt.
  13. like a true lame, I missed the voting stage! sorry about that guys.
  14. My bonus track is about to be very spooky, just for you Hoboka
  15. You can always edit it and resubmit!