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  1. I gotta say that the end fight is a little dissapointing. The level as per usual was stellar, but...
  2. I was at work. heres the soundcloud link.
  3. Just did. i figured since there was an extension id make it a bit nicer.
  4. i hope some other people enter! Im not trying to win by default, because this mix is not my greatest work.
  5. got something in the works!
  6. was this the fight at jupiter lighthouse or the one at the beginning of the game where saturos picks on some little kids like a true villain?
  7. The guns only really helped if you were good at shooters and even then you only got what was in the clip, and that wasnt alway enough. They added a defense system that makes it easier to survive gunfire, but it takes some practice.
  8. I did! Its growing on me. Not sure how id remix a vocal track though
  9. I was skeptical at first but i agree that its an improvement. The combat feels a tad on the easy side so far but is deeper than it was in the previous game. overall im satisfied so far that they managed to keep the atmosphere of the previous game intact. Im pretty sure icarus is a shady double agent.
  10. Me neither, Im nervous that they tried too hard to pander to the mainstream shooter crowd rather than expand on what was good about the original. I guess we will just find out! Im gonna wait to listen to the theme so as to keep feeling the hype.
  11. I know Im not the ONLY person who's excited to play the next Mirrors Edge game. We got less than a week left to wait! Solar Feilds is back on deck for what hopefully is another stellar soundtrack. The open world seems like it will be a good (if not obvious) addition, and the addition of multiplayer is hopefully going to spice things up. Time trials got a little old after a while last time. Who else is excited, or even just intrigued?
  12. QFG 4 was my absolute favorite PC game as a kid. GO PLAY IT. Edit: I assume Hotel Mordavia doesnt fit the OCR standards since its pretty much a remake of the classical piece Anitras Dance? I ask because its from one of the most memorable places in that game (for me anyways)
  13. But then you can't "un-tis-un-tis"
  14. Interesting stats! where is OHC held again, thasauce? Also interestin that the most active remixers are now the least active, gercr not included in that.
  15. Thanks hoboka! it was worth the upgrade!