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  1. My bonus track is about to be very spooky, just for you Hoboka
  2. You can always edit it and resubmit!
  3. It has an adventure sortof spookiness. Like exploring an old tomb by torchlight
  4. I played that same ultima! I can definitely say that ultima exodus is a bit different in terms of graphical quality and depth of the gameplay. I find ultima 4 to be more fun and a while still challenging, its more reasonable in terms of enemy leveling.
  5. Indeed! Luckily our incomplete entries stand a chance! P.s> im dissapointed in my decision to put that gate on the intro. It sounds like audio artifacts, but it is in fact a poorly used gate.
  6. Its a super difficult game. it seems almost like a precursor to final fantasy and dragon warrior. however im no game historian.
  7. Perhaps i shall submit then. Its what you might call, a sound design experiment
  8. I thought this was already well under way! I believe I counted 18 remixers, but if I counted incorrectly, then count me in!
  9. Its been a while Hoboka, you should enter!
  10. damn, i thought this was done on monday. oh well. Just gonna post my mix on soundcloud and link it here, that way it wasnt entirely a waste. Im mostly just proud of the clever title.
  11. Theres a banjo Kazooie album project around here somewhere, or maybe if was banjo tooie...
  12. You should sub something @evktalo . Help save humanity from those synthetic industrial Reptilons!
  13. Didnt think of that! Thanks!
  14. Just got a new job editing photos for 8 hours a day and I'm trying to find audiobooks and podcasts to listen to while I work. Ive looked at a few but im wondering if anyone has some "must listen" podcasts or audiobook relevant to mixing, critical listening, music theory, etc. feel free to suggest other types of podcasts as well if theyre vaguely relevant.