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  1. MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

    Thanks hoboka! it was worth the upgrade!
  2. MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

    No i just read the deadline wrong! I thought it was a day later. It was a fun mix to make though, so at the end of the day thats satisfying enough for me.
  3. MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

    Got mixed up on the deadlines, but I was indeed burning the midnight cinders. oh well, heres what i ended up with anyways!
  4. MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

    Still kindling my remix. Got to do alot of humanization.
  5. MnP 53: Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinders

    I remember that round! my remix was worthless as unkindled ash. Hopefully I can channel some embers for this round! You convinced me to keep that game after a week of frustration. Hope youre enjoying it!
  6. Dark Souls 3

    someone just reminded me that you cant stun lock people as hardcore anymore, in addition to the lack of rally. I can see how that would throw me off. That and the need to git gud
  7. Dark Souls 3

    Im probably just an imbecile then. It just feels like a better looking dark souls 2 and is somehow comepletely unplayable for me. I could somehow beat the hell out of bloodborne and cant make it thirty feet without getting shit on by a basic enemy in ds3. Im glad other people enjoy it though
  8. Dark Souls 3

    Definitely not as refined as bloodborne and the parryingis dumb and clunky compared to bloodborne. Weapon arts is not as cool as was hyped prerelease. Sortof dissapointed so far but im gonna give it a bit to see if i settle into it
  9. MnP 52: NieR - Grandma

    cant quite get past the fact that the midi has no vocal notes otherwise an excellent source!
  10. did you end up getting Absynth? If not theres always the thanksgiving sale !

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    2. Esperado


      Zebra 2 does sound nice. Omnisphere seems like overkill unless you need to do soundtracks or something. But at the end of the day, its worth whatever enjoyment and use you get out of it! I just got komplete 10 + maschine so this summer should be great for my Mnp game. 

    3. HoboKa


      Nice, nice can't wait to hear your epic musacs

    4. Esperado


      You as well! 

  11. Is that a JOYSTICK in the back there?
  12. This reminds me of some of the boss music from Legend of Legaia. did Michiru Oshima make this track?
  13. looks like ive got my answer! thanks guys! Im going to be getting a2013 imac from a freind as a gift, so then komplete actually makes solid sense.
  14. So Its tax season and im looking to reasonably update my sound setup with some non stock synths and drum samples. howeverim currently using a macbook air with 8gb ram and a 1.7 dual core processor and i feel that may limit the practicality of libraries that use alot of cpu and ram. I have a huge ssd inside of it so storage is not a concern.unfortunately, it seems to two best bang-for-buck deals that fit my style of music and price range, would be komplete 10, or omnisphere. Omnisphere would normally win out, except for the fact that at the same price point (roughly) i would be able to get a free maschine mikro since theyre on a bundle sale right now. Komplete also comes with reaktor and kontakt which are both versatile and have alot of free third party packs you can get. So with all of that said, the deciding factor is.... TLDR: between omnisphere 2 and Komplete 10, which has lower load on your computer? I understand you can bounce and freeze and all that but its a huge pain in the concerned about komplete because one instance of their FX plugin "Molekular" takes up a third of my cpu usage.