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  1. Here is a Chrono Cross one I made in the same style (more or less) if you're interested: Thanks for your comment. I appreciated it.
  2. Can I possibly get in on this project? I just learned about it!
  3. I officially claim Still of the Night.
  4. Awesome! :'D
  5. Hi! I'd still like to do either Still of the Night, Arid Sands or Into the Thick of It if any of those weren't snatched up in my absence. The reason I missed the deadline was because I was originally communicating with another remixer via email, and they never got back to me or informed me that the project had changed hands. Months went by, so I must admit that I forgot about this entirely. Are any of those tracks still available?
  6. Well, a DKC2 medley (including Jib Jig) is in the works now! I also did this recently: That's part of the medley but also a standalone.
  7. Well, this is exactly a full remix, but I figured I'd link it to you anyway: It's part of a long TP medley I did last year. I hope you enjoy!
  8. Well the Stilshrine of Miriam is 100% on my todo list.
  9. This is something my brother and I are doing together. I composed the entire arrangement, and he is going to do all the mastering, mixing, side-chaining, automation, etc. This version is just the midi version, so the video only approximates what it will sound like. The synths will be different (and more textured.) Here is a list of all the tracks included in the medley: FF5: Sealed Away FF1: Floating Castle/Flying Fortress FF4: Within the Giant FF4: Tower of Babil FF6: Last Dungeon FF5: Musica Machina FF6: Magitek Research Facility FF7: Mako Reactor FF5: The Prelude of Empty Skies
  10. I have a lot of other medleys, in case anyone is interested. Here is a list of them: I just completed a Chrono Trigger one. I actually agree that the chimes are overused- but this is an old piece. I've done over 100 remixes since then, and have learned a lot.
  11. That was a treat! It was like FF12 meets Shovel Knight.
  12. This is very fun. Thanks for sharing!
  13. finished

    Very lovely. I like how much embellishment you included. I rarely hear that in remixes of this song.
  14. This is the largest medley I've done yet! Here is a list of the songs I included in this medley: Open Treasure Box Spiritual Stone Get/Light Arrows Castle Courtyard Market Lon Lon Ranch/Epona's Song Hyrule Field Goron City Kaepora Gaebora Twinrova Gerudo Valley Ganon's Theme Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly Lake Side Laboratory/Magic Potion Shop Spirit Temple Words of the Deku Tree Forest Temple Temple of Time/Song of Time Chamber of The Sages Zora's Domain Kakariko Village Princess Zeldaís Theme/Zeldaís Lullaby Title Theme/Opening Screen Kokiri Forest Windmill Hut/Song of Storms Fairy Fountain/The Great Faery Sheikís Theme
  15. I always wondered what the Light Temple theme might have sounded like if Link ever got to travel to it- in the end, I decided to make one. :3 Here is what I came up with: I hope this is enjoyable. I tried to keep to the same style as the other temple themes. Also, if you're interested, I did remixes for the other 5 temple themes that are kind of like this, as well as the Wind Waker temples.