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  1. Beautiful! The entire beautiful suite is made up of artful touches, like the shaking at 0:47, which leads into a peaceful stretch. I'm also trying to notice transitions between the sources, and it's difficult. The transitions are fantastic. The woodwinds are well done alongside the chirping. The piece is impressive work.
  2. Nice beats! My favourite is the build-up in the first minute, especially at 0:37-0:50. The loopy melody at 1:37-1:57 is also pretty cool. Some of the background beats do feel a bit muddy, but that could just be the distortion style.
  3. OCR01106 - Darius "Silver Hawk Legacy"

    This fits the game perfectly. Getting an early Ys feel mixed with Ninja Gaiden. Really enjoy this piece.
  4. Solid, ass-kicking track. Great end from 3:10.
  5. Wow! This is how I imagine the BG dream sequences would sound like if they were done with piano. Nice derivations from the source and great build-up to the main melodies. There's a lot of finer qualities in this mix than I expected from such a straightforward source.
  6. The woodwind at 1:25 is a nice touch and the choir is great in the last minute. The remix also gives the theme a Secret of Mana vibe.
  7. OCR03567 - Lufia II "Sapphire Oceans"

    One of the best sailing tracks I've heard. Love the build-up to 1:15. And at 2:15 the adventure really starts. I could definitely see this as telling a story.
  8. This is so nice! ^__^ It feels like it could be in Tetris Attack. It's got that pleasant sound that goes well with puzzlers.
  9. Huh. I can't quite remember the battle any more, but knowing that probably helps. I think it was a battle early in the game when you don't have many energy tanks. Can't afford getting hit that much, so average players have a hard time. Ninja Gaiden? AGH! XD The music is great, but I barely got anywhere in that series. Never knew anyone who passed even one game.
  10. Man, this doesn't let up! It's gotta be one of my favourite FF IX battle remixes, if not my favourite.
  11. Damn smooth! ^__^ I was worried it'd be like a credits scroll, with so many tracks, but it avoids that feeling.
  12. OCR03507 - Duke Nukem 3D "Nostalgic Dump"

    Odd track, but pretty damn cool. Like it starts out as something I'd expect from Shadow Warrior, then moves into a cross between Duke Nukem and DK: Aquatic Ambience.
  13. OCR01646 - Doom II 'No Man Is an Island'

    Damn creepy, and one of my favourites on the album.
  14. Man, that beat from 0:55-1:13. Nice and menacing, eh. Captures the gritty feel of the game. The sirens help of course, but the song is pure hardcore.
  15. Need more Wolf 3D! I could totally see this in a remake. It's awesome. A nice, steady burn throughout. I like the pause at 1:44 and its progression into 2:44. Great transitions.