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  1. album Stroggos Rising - Quake II Tribute Album

    Yes! Thank you. It's a great album and the audio replacement pack is a great idea. I'll play this the next time I go through Q2.
  2. OCR03569 - Brütal Legend "Angelhenge"

    How did I miss this?! This piece takes you on a whole journey. It's got a lot of cool weirdness that's hard to describe. Like a trippy beat mixed with some Old Doctor Who atmospheric soundtracks? *-) Anyways, I'm going to be listening to this one many times, I can tell. Very yes.
  3. This is a piece I come back to a lot. Like a tense dungeon crawl and always changing. I like it all, but I prefer the first half before the battle really gets started.
  4. YES! This is so awesome! Great, great intro. Really sets the atmosphere.
  5. Nice and scary track for a nice and scary lady. o_o' It adds much needed variation that the source doesn't really have, which is appreciated.
  6. OCR03535 - Super Mario RPG "Honky Town"

    Aww, this is so fun. ^__^
  7. Great cheer! ^__^ So happy. c:
  8. The violin is major cool in this! And I don't even know what's happening with the flute at 2:10-2:24, but I love it. XD Great arrangement and performance all around.
  9. Man, what drive! Power metal FTW! I like the change-up around 1:38 and the synth feel at 2:01-2:13. Good mix of metal and slower bits.
  10. OCR03669 - Final Fantasy VI "Snowy Pines"

    A great take. The soft start stands out, and the harp is wonderful after it comes in. Very strong ending.
  11. OCR03672 - Delta "Wings of Glass"

    I can already tell I'll be listening to this track a lot. No part stands out: they're all great. It's got drive and energy, almost bubbly at times. Would work great as race music.
  12. album Stroggos Rising - Quake II Tribute Album

    Whoa! Very cool! O_O The site seems to be down, though. :c
  13. Rocking old school track! Excellent DOS feel! Fits the mood of the game well.
  14. Very cool! It has a futuristic feel. Reminds me of Shadowrun and Tron at parts. Not your usual Castlevania mix!