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  1. Thanks! I think SentientPulse and I have it covered for now, but I'll let you know if anything else comes up!
  2. Ok,. I m a bit overwhelmed. Is there anyone out there who could record a piano part for me? It is not difficult at all (pretty basic really), but my skill level on piano is basically I know which notes the keys play lol. Someone with more experience could do a much better recording in a fraction of the time that it will take me. I have a full score for the remix. So i can give anyone who is interested in a collab the score the piano sheets and a midi. The mix is an indie pop/folk arrangement of drachmas theme in the style of the korean Duo, OKDAL. The piano is the backbone of the whole thing so itd be nice to have it done well. Let me know if anyone is interested! Thanks! If anyone is interested, let me know!
  3. Thanks! With the email address updated, i was able to do a password reset and get back in. I appreciate the help!
  4. Not realizing this thread was here, i made a new account (twice over the years) as i o Wanted to change names.. oops. Anyway, Id like too keep my current name and account but is there a way i can get my join date and post counts from my previous accounts (Nintendo_Ace, SciRe) added to this one? Thanks! P.s. i no longer have passwords for those two accounts, they can be deleted entirely.
  5. Sorry to hear you've hit a rough patch DFW. I've done the job loss and financial trouble things a couple times myself. I know just how crappy a situation that can be. I hope things take a turn for the better for you and look forward to seeing you back here once things calm down. Glad to you see you stepping in to keep things going @Modus. I should have a WIP for you in the next two to three weeks, I've finished writing all of the music. I should be able to spend this week practicing, next weekend recording, and the week after that mixing if all goes smoothly. Will probably need another week if there are any hiccups. At any rate, I'll have something ready to be critiqued by the end of the month.
  6. Thanks sounds good! I 'm excited to get this put together! Yes, a collab is what I was going for. I can handle everything but the guitar playing and recording myself if need be, but I'd be happy to collaborate on arrangement , mixing etc with a guitarist as well once I find one.
  7. OK, After reevaluation and repeated listenings of the available tracks, I've decided i CAN claim a track. I would like to tentatively (no wip yet) claim Drachmas theme, which I plan to do in a flamenco style Spanish guitar and trumpet duet. I think can have the arrangement put together in the next few days to a week. Provided I can do that I should be able to record a rough take on the trumpet part next weekend. And I will ask here first before i start hunting. Is there anyone floating around who can record live spanish guitar for me (shouldn't be too terribly difficult)?
  8. Well, in that case. I'm on board.
  9. I noticed its not on your list, but if you decided you wanted a trumpet player I'd be very interested. I might have some good source tune ideas too.
  10. Thanks! Unfortunately,. I won't have the time for a while to do one from the ground up. I am however quite able and happy to record trumpet parts if anybody needs them. One of the nice parts of the big move was getting to upgrade my studio! So if anybody would like a trumpet player for their ReMix, by all means hit me up. I'd love to help out !
  11. Hey all. Just wanted to jump in here and offer my services as a trumpet player. Ive been playing for 20 years and have high quality setup. Id be glad to lay down some tracks for anyone who can use them.
  12. Apologies to all for my jumping on here ready to go and then falling off the map (got a new job, moved across the country etc.) Anyway im glad to see things are moving along! Looking forward to hearing everything when its finished!
  13. Sounds good. I'll let you know as soon as I have something
  14. Darkflamewolf, I want to tentatively claim Theme of Loneliness. I have and idea for it that I think I can execute very nicely, but I'd like to spend some time hashing it out before I 100% commit to it, Give me a few days to see what I can come up with in terms of arrangement, and I'll give you a definite answer. (i'm thinking a minimalist very mournful duet of trumpet and double bass recorded live)
  15. Late to the party, but I'd like to offer my performance services on trumpet. I can do tin whistle too as long as the key is in C, D, F, or G (silly diatonic instruments). Also just FYI, despite the low post count I've been hanging around OCR since 2002 under a couple different user names. Never had a good setup for recording until a couple months ago. Anywho good luck to all, let me know if I can help!