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Found 10 results

  1. Remake Heaven Hello people of ocremix, In this particular Topic I'm going to be posting music that's what this forum is all about: remake/remixes/variations from old nostalgic game music! I started some while ago and to my surprise, people enjoyed the content, so I kept doing it more regularly and now at my Youtube channel I publish a whole new remake Every Monday! Music added: 1. Kingdom Hearts Remake OST (3 songs) 2. Digimon Remake OST* (7 songs) 3. Final Fantasy X Remake OST* (2 songs) 4. Spyro the Dragon Remake OST* (2 songs) 5. Runescape Remake OST (1 song) 6. Final Fantasy X II Remake OST (1 song) * ongoing series This is the updated playlist Take a look and listen! If you happen to like the remake, share, like, comment or even subscribe to my channel to hear more! I'll be posting all new videos here to this topic
  2. About to send my first submission :oops:

    1. Gario


      Hey there!

      If you want, you could post your first submission on the WIP boards on here - that way you'll have some idea of how it'll fare on the panel without waiting the rather lengthy period of time it takes for us to respond.

      Just throwing that out there as a suggestion. Also, a hearty welcome to OCR to you! ;)

    2. nightswim


      Hey I wouldn't mind trying that :) I already submitted it, should I still post on the WIP boards? 


      Thanks for the welcome :D I have been following OCR for a few years now.. just had to finally join

    3. Gario


      Sure - post it on the WIP boards and you'll have some idea as to how the panel will receive it. It's hard to tell how long it'll take to get from the submission inbox to the panel (according to the 'Currently in the Judging Process' thread, it looks like it's about in the 'August' area, so it's  a few months behind!), so it's better for you to get some idea prior to that. It's no fun to wait 6 months, then receive a letter with information... that would've been helpful for you 6 months ago.

      I mean, we're working on catching the panel up to the inbox, but it's all volunteer work, and it's done by hand. You could understand why there's often some backlogging in the process.

  3. Hi there! I joined the Terranigma OST project a while ago and now am getting into the thick of it, so I decided to make a video series doing this, starting from the most valuable stage, notation. In this video I utilize StaffPad, which has been extremely help. I'll be using StaffPad until all the main notes are jotted down, and then move on to sequencing. Let me know what you think!
  4. music

    This thread is for posting and discussing VGM remixes and arrangements that aren't published by or found on OC ReMix. Basically if you find a cool remix on YouTube or something and feel like sharing it with folks in the community, this is the place to post it. A couple of ground rules before we get started: Video game music remixes and arrangements only. Add some comments about why you like the music you're posting. Don't post music without discussing the music other people post. We want to foster discussion here, not create a sterile feed of content. Don't post your own music in this thread; rules about artists posting their own music in Community still apply. Current and TBP ReMixers are allowed to create new threads for their own albums. Current and TPB ReMixers should post any singles in the Workshop. Non-posted artists should only post their albums and singles in the Workshop. Don't post links to unlicensed remixes that are being sold for profit. Hopefully this solves the issue of "I found a cool remix on YouTube and want to share it but it's not mine so it doesn't really make sense to post it in the Workshop but if I post it in Community it would look like I'm advertising and DarkeSword gets pissed about that stuff what is that guy's problem anyway he's such a jerk sometimes..." Anyway, get crackin' people. Show us some cool tunes.
  5. I'm a tad confused on the subject. It's probably been asked a million times but i typed "monetising" into the forum search a nothing came up. Google searching has turned up a firm "NO" on monetising remixes, but these appear to be for mashup style mixes that use original audio. It even mentions "original audio" in the YouTube policies. But what about OC style mixes? If i create a track based upon an existing track but use none of the original audio and i alter the melodies, structure, key etc? The OCR FAQ's state: "Basically, as long as you do NOT make any profit directly from its usage AND you credit both the artists and for each track used, the answer is YES, you have our blanket permission to freely use OC ReMixes. In those specific circumstances, that also means you do not need to contact us to formally ask. However, if OC ReMixes themselves are monetized, being sold in any context, or you're generating revenue from ads while hosting OC ReMixes, the answer is NO. In those instances, we recommend getting individual permission from each artist." From what i can tell this is referring to the remixer as the artist, yes? So as long as you get permission from the remixer then you can monetise the video the track is used in? Where does the original composer come into this? I'd love to be able to monetise my original mixes, but i'm feeling like this is sounding to good to be true...
  6. Hello i am recruiting a team for a YouTube channel to make or remix music, please contact Basically my channel is any remix what would bring in an audience and what is original so there are no copyrights laws so i am able to pay the remixer, also original songs what bring in audience and the money made from it i would send it to you for being apart of the team, i am admin so i make the video and manage the Channel and im not intrested in thew money just the enjoyment of making the videos. Basically the money i earn i will pay the maker or that video
  7. Since I finally removed all Adobe Flash from my computers over security concerns, I've been unable to use the streaming previews via the embedded YouTube box. Going directly to YouTube works just fine since I can use their HTML5 viewer. Embedding YouTube via a Flash <object> like OC ReMix does has been deprecated for over a year now. Could we get this upgraded to use the preferred <iframe> embedding which supports HTML5 viewing while falling back to Flash? Thanks!
  8. I've made a new Gamertag (Zer00-1nfinity) and play USFIV on PS3. I upload a lot of replays from online onto my channel (most of which is Ryu [Me] vs. Evil Ryu/Ken/Dan), so if you want to grade how bad I am at the game, feel free. I usually upload a new replay a couple days a week, since I play it every time I turn on the PS3. If you would like to fight against me (and probably beat me), feel free to add my Gamertag, or vice-versa. Also if you're a good Ryu, Ken, Guile, (Balrog, Rolento, Vega) or Yun player, let me know because I would love to learn some new combos and stuff like that with these guys.
  9. Introducing My ALL TIME Favorite YouTuber! Nobody knows about this guy, but I can't get enough of him. His name is Justin M. Bailey. He just talks about his favorite games and why they're so great. Sounds boring? Sounds like everybody else? No no no. By comparison this guy is the ONLY person who actually has something interesting to say about games. He compares games to books that he has read and there are a lot of mind-blowing connections and powerful messages. Just Gimme da Link! Here ya go: More About Justin M. Bailey His series is completely over already. He's not trying to become a professional YouTuber or anything like that. He's a novelist. His entire series is called JMB on Video Games and contained within that series is another smaller series called JMB on RPGs where he compares FFVII, Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound to real life and makes an argument that RPGs can teach you how to actually get what you want out of life. I love it. I recommend the entire series, but for starters check that link above and just choose the video about the game you like most and see if you like it. I hope you do, and I hope you all share it and the guy's videos go from 600 views to 1,000,000 views. Just so you know, I do not know him personally and he did not ask me to write this.
  10. Hello, I have made a cover of the Hyrule market theme from The legend of Zelda, ocarina of time! I hope you'll enjoy it! -Mr.Alek