View Full Version : *NO* Chrono Trigger 'Frog's Sorrow'

02-28-2004, 03:59 AM
A nice remix that's not expected to make OCR (none of mine ever do!) but trying out the ride! :-D

02-28-2004, 04:36 AM
I was kinda getting into this until that piano came in. After that, the mix really starts to get messy. The gated rhythm sounds cliché and doesn't work at this tempo.

I also think you're a bit too liberal in your interpretation of Frog's Theme. I don't hear his theme in most of this; it's very hard to pick out the first half of his theme, and the second half, which is easily recognizable, is covered sparingly. The interpretation you DO have of the first half seems less like Frog's Theme and more like your own melody with its own chords that happens to have the same rhythm as Frog's Theme. To me, I just don't see any understanding of the source material going into this.


02-28-2004, 05:50 PM
Nice original.


Disco Dan
02-28-2004, 07:51 PM
yeah there's a hint or two of the melody there, but not much. Reminds me of a Timberwolf mix. Also the mix seems VERY crowded sonically. So basically, I'm saying



02-28-2004, 07:55 PM
Its most definately Frog's theme, so stop being a FGT VIG LOL WTF ROF

Way too much original material going on nonetheless. Simple and repeating. Go for more.