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  1. Artesu
    06-16-2009 11:59 PM
    And my heart has been cut open again. I definitely noticed they lost.

    btw, I just asked my dad to give me the tickets for the first Red Wings vs. Blackhawks game at the Joe next season. I like your team. Chicago is rumored to be one of Heatley's choices for the trade. Original Six, something something.
  2. duckyboycantfly
    06-15-2009 08:25 PM
    fyi u lost.

    llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll lllllllllllllllllll
  3. Artesu
    04-21-2009 09:01 AM

    Ok, you are the king.
  4. duckyboycantfly
    04-21-2009 08:49 AM
    This report was due two weeks ago. You are talking to the king of procrastination.
  5. Artesu
    04-21-2009 08:39 AM
    I actually liked doing the actual was just all the written work. Talk about procrastination ;]
  6. duckyboycantfly
    04-21-2009 08:15 AM
    I'm actually excited for my orgo labs. From what I've heard, they pale in comparison to what I'm doing now.
  7. Artesu
    04-21-2009 08:13 AM
    Oooh..ughhh l do not enjoy lab reports. I'm sorry ducky. I remember by labs from organic chemistry. Painful.
  8. duckyboycantfly
    04-21-2009 08:12 AM
    It's only 3 here. But no, no finals. Lab report. It can be seen as my final, I guess, but the thing is just ridiculously long (I'm at about page 20, not including the four appendixes)
  9. Artesu
    04-21-2009 08:04 AM
    And what are you doing up at 4 in the morning?!?!

    Do you have finals too? I'm so sick of studying...
  10. duckyboycantfly
    04-14-2009 05:14 AM
    oh sweet.

    get me tickets to the next u of i mich football game.

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