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  1. The Coop
    04-15-2015 11:03 AM
    The Coop
    Ha ha! Thanks timaeus222
  2. Chimpazilla
    04-02-2015 04:24 PM
    Thanks big T!
  3. Necrox
    03-04-2015 11:12 PM
    Right after I signed up life happened, but I'm getting started tonight and have an idea on what to do.
  4. Brandon Strader
    03-02-2015 01:05 AM
    Brandon Strader
    No specific ideas, I think it's mainly data entry anyway. DJP will make the rest of the design with the art assets or ones he makes himself. That's how it's been for current projects anyway since they got the new template which gives less control.
  5. Brandon Strader
    03-01-2015 11:42 PM
    Brandon Strader
    Hey I don't remember, did you volunteer to do the site for PvZ or was that me? You can do it

    If I volunteered for it then auughhh...
  6. Argle
    02-04-2015 04:03 PM
    Actually it was fun, we played board and card games and stuff. That's what I've gotten into lately in lieu of making music. Lol. A slightly sad lol.
  7. Argle
    02-04-2015 01:31 PM
    Hey, thanks. Interesting birthday... I was trapped at my parents house overnight because of a ridiculous blizzard.
  8. Hylian Lemon
    01-18-2015 01:24 PM
    Hylian Lemon
    I had orange crush soda...let's say that counts.
  9. RealFolkBlues
    01-14-2015 03:28 PM
    Lame. Well, good on ya for getting your learning on.
  10. RealFolkBlues
    01-03-2015 11:36 AM
    Cool. I do Tang Soo Do, so yay fellow Korean art student! Are you going to MAGFest?

About Me

  • About timaeus222
    I love remixing as a side hobby for when I have plenty of free time. Otherwise, I do graphics design, video production, web design and stuff.

    Recently I adopted an ambient and complex style, but I have materials for multiple styles. If you need effects processing, drum programming, miscellaneous sound design, or mixing help, feel free to come see me! I'd be happy to help refine the mixing on your song. All I'd ask in return is for you to tell others about me if you liked what I did with you, but only if you want to.

    If you want me to help you with something, I have these resources:
    FL Studio Defaults
    Various free soundfonts
    Various drum samples
    NI Kontakt 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    EWQL Stormdrum + Ra + Symphonic Orchestra Gold
    Audiobro LA Scoring Strings
    ISW Shreddage X + II + Bass
    Neo-Soul Keys
    Nick Rodes (sic)
    Evolution Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
    ISW Resonance Emotional Mallets
    ISW Cinematic Synthetic Drums & Juggernaut
    ISW Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano
    ISW Groove Bias Drums
    ISW Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design
    ISW Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion
    ISW Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud
    Heavyocity Damage
    Crypto Cipher Tarangs & Voices Of Ragas Vol 2
    NI Guitar Rig 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    u-he Zebra (I make my own patches on it very often)
    u-he FilterscapeVA & Filterscape (FX)
    u-he Uhbik
    ArtsAcoustic Reverb
    NI Massive
    NI FM8 & FM8 FX
    4Front TruePianos
    Spectrasonics Trilogy & Trilian
    White Noise Zero Vector
    Cytomic The Glue
    endorphin compressor
    iZotope Stutter Edit & Trash
    dBlue Glitch
    VoS Stuff (Density MKIII, TesslaPro MKII, ThrillseekerLA, FerricTDS, NastyDLA MKII)
    TLs-Pocket Limiter
    New Sonic Arts Granite
    United States
    Real Name
    Truong-Son "Timaeus" (Tim-AHY-uhs) Nguyen
    Independent Tech Services (Mixing/Mastering, Video Production, GFX Design, Web Design)
    Facebook ID
    Twitter Username
  • Artist Settings
    Settings for artists - collaboration status, what tools you use, what instruments you play, etc.
    Collaboration Status
    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
    Sequencer/DAW Skills
    FL Studio
    Composition & Production Skills
    Arrangement & Orchestration, Drum Programming, Mixing & Mastering, Synthesis & Sound Design
    Instrumental & Vocal Skills (List)
    Electric Bass, Electric Guitar : Lead, Electric Guitar : Rhythm, Piano
    Instrumental & Vocal Skills (Other)
    Tenor+Baritone; Nuanced sound design
    Artist ID
    Artist URLNAME
  • Signature
    Zebra2 Soundbank || SoundCloud || Twitter || Facebook
    Might collab to add: Piano, E.Bass/Guitar/Piano, Drums, Synth, and Glitch FX.
    "[T]he 4 on the floor is actually driven through the floor[.]" ~ OA


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