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DarkeSword 11-06-2011 08:27 PM

Voting is live. Information is in the first post. I decided to go PRC-style top-three. We have a social group, so make sure you head over there to cast your vote. Also, let's keep the reviews OUT OF THE VOTING THREAD. Post your reviews here in the main thread.

Remember, if you are one of the contestants in this competition, leave your team's remix out of your rankings. As long as you vote, you'll get a first place vote for your team's remix. Make sure to post your team's name in your vote so I can give you your voting bonus.

Rexy 11-06-2011 09:20 PM

So in regards to the mixer assignment, we still need to know who's playing for the Blue Bomber Brotherhood this week. Does anyone know who's stepping up for them?

Sir_NutS 11-06-2011 09:31 PM

I voted, Here's a short review on each one:

She's a squirter: I loved this one but sadly we can only vote for 3 so i had to leave it out. It's very brave to go and try something you aren't familiar with and I think the end result was very good.

Don't make me cut you: My favorite of the bunch, the chipstep style was awesome and I think i could identify who did what in the song. Very complex production and arrangement, but very likeable at the same time.

Double Doctors: Another good tune, loved the changes in the song and the fast pace, but sadly I don't think gemini man and the wily theme fit each other very well, but you managed to pull off a good song.

The Knight who said ROCK!: I voted for this one. Loved the arrangement and the 80's heavy metal feel with the synth keyboard melodies.

Burn the Castle: Not much to say about this one except that is pure awesomeness and i loved every second of it. Mega Man rock done right.

The Last of the Clan very soothing and pleasant remix I liked it a lot. Again I could only vote for 3 songs but this is definitely one of my favorites from the round.

Two Minds without a single Thought I thought the length and timing issues killed an otherwise good idea. The Wily theme didn't receive much variation either.

Dubious Brother: Fun little track with a very catchy rhythm. Looks like we went for the same simple-yet-catchy approach to this but ended up with very different results.

Under Construction: This was another fun track but it lacked a bit more work. More variation on the melodies and instruments, but I liked how it kept switching grooves from time to time.

Sir_NutS 11-06-2011 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by Rexy (Post 818390)
So in regards to the mixer assignment, we still need to know who's playing for the Blue Bomber Brotherhood this week. Does anyone know who's stepping up for them?

Still waiting on Prophetik to get back to us. Gario is ready to go at it this week in any case.

Gario 11-06-2011 09:54 PM

I'm giving it until tonight for him to get online. If no answer by then I'll take the track.

EDIT: Just got word - I'm taking this round down, all.

Phonetic Hero 11-07-2011 04:40 AM

Now that we've got things figgerred out, let the trash talking commence:


Bahamut 11-07-2011 05:31 AM

Thanks for the mixes everyone in the competition! Here's my cursory thoughts:

She's a Squirter - Brandon incorporating chiptunes? Intriguing mix in some ways, although I feel there's something missing here. Pretty good though!

Don't Make Me Cut You - oh shit. This mix starts off with some big bass (is this the dubstep that everyone keeps talking about nowadays?). The latter part of the song is where it really gets interesting, shifting completely into something different. It really gives you an appetite for something more though.

Totally Rad Winter - nice melody here, but I would've liked to see more come of it :(

Double Doctors - Some nice things going on but...that ending sucks!

The Knight Who Says ROCK! - Rocking :)

AMT - More rock! Something bothers me about the synth used as the melody after the guitar takes a break in the beginning (and is used later on as well).

The Last of the Clan - Nice song, pretty relaxed & pulls it well.

Two Minds Without a Single Thought - some nice ideas here, but timing issues hurt it a lot.

Dubious Brother - I could see this mix being played at a club. Not much else for me to say, it's solid stuff.

Under Construction - that synth needs more snazz to it! The lower end synth needs some work too. I like the ideas here, especially when it gets to the latter half.

I wish I could vote for more than 3. Was surprised by what everyone put out!

WillRock 11-07-2011 02:22 PM

Burn The Castle - I've noticed this one has got quite a few 1st place votes and I can see why. Immensely enjoyable stuff, perhaps the track I enjoyed the most out of the whole compo, with the exception of my first vote. However, Production issues brought this one down for me. For the record, this one deserves a special mention, because this track so narrowly missed my vote... broke my heart to do it :(

Double Doctors - Main Finger put together some class remixes last time, and he's carrying on the trend here. Overall a solid piece of work, and for the most part this was awesome stuff. Pretty decent production, and the arrangement was cool, but it has to be said, I thought doubling gemini man's theme was a cool idea that didn't work out so well at the tempo it was... it felt rushed and unnatural. Also, I can't say I liked the use of the sample... it made me think a little too much of some shitty youtube poop videos for my liking.
Good mix :)

Dubious Brother
- aww man I'm digging wily's theme in here. Another mix that broke my heart not to put it in the top 3 but that goes to show just how solid all these tracks were this round. There was an awesome arrangement going on here, and the production was fine... it has quirks but nothing that detracts from the music.
I thought the use of the sample was cool, but it did borderline annoying for me, can't understand why tho... sorry ben, I know you dig that sample! :P

Overall, awesome work.

The Knight who says ROCK! - This mix is AWESOME. I love the combination of synths and guitars, and the synth samples are good enough for me to dig. The mixing is ever so slightly off, and the arrangement seems a little standard to me, but the enjoyability factor here is mega. Got my second place vote :D

The Last of the Clan - I thought the intro was pretty funny :P
This mix gets thumbs up for the production skills, and the attention to detail on the different sounds really adds to the character of this mix. Pretty different stuff but its executed very very well. Got my third place vote :D

She's a Squirter - Pretty strong stuff from brandon here, yet another mix I was forced to leave out of the top 3... broke my heart once again. Really cool mix overall here, really creative use of the synths overall, a successful blend of different styles. The production wasn't all there, but that was overshadowed by an epic arrangement. Great job!

Totally Rad Winter - 80's! Gotta get my first place vote right? OF COURSE IT DOES. Not to say I voted blindly, the production and arrangement while neither are perfect, are both pretty damn good overall. Looking forward to more! 1st place vote.

Two Minds Without A Single Thought - I commend you for taking such a hard to remix source. Its evident that this mix isn't quite as strong as the others, but it gets props for trying something ambitious with an ambitious source :D

Under Construction - No this isn't the mix from sound of speed. DAT BASS. I dig it, don't ask me why, but that bass is epic. The production is a little rough around the edges but overall this is solid stuff. Nice work.

And yeah... this has had a very consistant and stupidly tough voting round. Usually the first rounds of these compos, people are just getting into it... well you know what, if this is you guys warming up, I'm fucking excited about later rounds, I mean god DAYM.

Excellent stuff all round :D

Nutritious 11-07-2011 04:36 PM

She's a squirter - Quite a surprising take from Brandon given his previous work. Loved the gritty square bass and downtempo chippy/synthy action. Various SFX from NES games were a bit non-sequitur but they work. I wasn't a big fan of the snare as it seemed to stick out over everything, but minor crit there. Nice track dude.

Don't make me cut you - I helped too!

Totally Rad Winter - Without looking, I knew this was Sir_Nuts track from the start. It's nice to have your signature style, eh :). You know Michael's stuff is going to be solid dancable electronica and this doesn't disappoint. I thought the synth leads were a highlight here (maybe not 1:30, which fell a bit flat, but besides that). Wish you were mixing more dude, great track.

Double Doctors - Wow dude, love the intro - totally hooks you there. I've heard good things about this Main Finger guy and he doesn't disappoint. I personally could've done without the voice sample, but it thankfully doesn't stick around too long. Solid old-school sounding d'n'b here with the upright bass morphing to a more gritty bass synth. Half time at 1:40 was a great touch.

The Knight who says ROCK! - Analog sounding intro synths piqued my interest and the ensuing rock doesn't let me down. This is such a fun track, you can't help but like it. Great combination of synths and metal. Rock mixing could use a little work, but that's something to aim toward for the future. Don't forget your drummer at 1:52, I'm sure he'd like to change things up once in a while :). Nice work Lidawg, keep it up dude.

Burn the Castle - Another solid rock track. Really liked when everything kicked in at :27. See if you can work on your mixing to get things a bit more clear (rhythm guitars) and watch those high freqs. The energy here is infections; creative change of pace with the organ breakdown to give us a breather.

The Last of the Clan - After all these high energy tracks, this one certainly stands out as taking a more laid-back approach. But Jason plays it well here. The groove at :45 is a great compliment for the etherial soundscape. I wanted to hear more work from that bassline! So much room for it to move around and really compliment the groove. Such a great mood-inducing piece here.

Two Minds Without A Single Thought - Zero is newer to the mixing scene, but he brings some very creative arrangement work to his tracks. Keep working on your track development and production and you're just going to keep getting better. I know you're nervous about your tracks, dude, but I give you props for putting your stuff out here. Keep on mixing and keep entering competitions because that's just going to make you better (that's how I got my start, actually).

Dubious Brother - This intro is insane, I love how he uses filters here. Very creative take on a source that's been mixed more than once before. I wasn't a huge fan of the voice clip, but I can see why you'd use it ;). Breakdown at 1:30 = yes!. Love the bass there, Briggs. Also <3 filters at 2:00.

Under Construction - Nice bass work here dude - highlight of the mix. I liked the jazz/analog hybrid vibe you brought in near the mid point. Creative props there. Mixing is a little rough, but everything is present here. Nice work Mr. SuperiorX.

Benjamin Briggs 11-07-2011 05:10 PM

thanks for all the great feedback everyone... makes me excited to polish my mix up for submission :D

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