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Originally Posted by Mairuzu
Soundfonts/samples that are trying to be an instrument can never be one, only a representation.
First off, a soundfont is a format in which to load samples into a sampler. They're not in the same category.

Second, define instrument? Is an instrument not something used to play music? Regardless of whether it was sampled or not, it's how you use it that matters. When the sound fits, it becomes your own, regardless if it was a sound from Reason's Factory Soundbank.

Originally Posted by Mairuzu
I admit to using some samples myself, but thesedays if I do use any sounds which are available to more people than myself I try to process them so they sound very different. Especially with drumkits, thousands of people use the same kits, process all the sounds indivially until it doesn't sound like a kit, it sounds original.
If people want to use generic drums, let them. Not everything has to be Akira Yamaoka Silent Hill Industrial. Unscathed drums are a commonplace in music, just look at JJT's "Voices Broken". Those drums are from a very popular drum kit by Maestro, but they fit. Even look at the reviews, people mistook them as a real drummer, which reiterates my point on "it's how you use them". The AKAI MPC series was (and somewhat still is) very popular for drums, especially in rap music.

We don't all have the luxury of recording every instrument we use, due to either time or money. Sampling's popularity stems from that aspect and has allowed us instant access to instruments across the globe.

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