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    • The new ThaSauce design only lets me upload one song, so I can't upload both bonus mixes. Also it's not possible to use other rounds to upload the songs. So only Evktalo's song is at the ThaSauce page.
    • Should be fixed, thanks for reporting.
    • my new favorite sequenza! things are coming together and finally will i be encouraged to do some weird signatures. cheers to gol BOUT DAMN TIME now for some easy color mods to tweak the grey, should b easy with the vector stuff now, right...? is it already possible and i missed it??   but rly i love this version and the last one, everything is better now! the old pattern blocks legacy workarounds are no longer missed. time signatures do seem a little convoluted with the piano roll still displaying 4 4 when you go like 7 8 and only the playlist reflecting that change, am i missing something? it still is an improvement. cheers to 20 years of FL or 14 for me. cheers to the program that made me discover you can do more than shitty midis on a computer. they can stop updating now...or i will.
    • Hey I really like the sound of this mix. Really suits the melody of the song. I think what you have going sound-wise is really good and most of the feedback that I can think of is more about the structure and presentation of it. 1. I think it's a tad repetitive. Unfortunately it's the nature of this song because there isn't a whole lot of source material to work with. So what the original lacks in diversity needs to be made up with instrumentation, rhythm or style. For Instance, the main melody part appears at 0:20 and 1:10 but they sound the same but with only 1 synth removed. what would really benefit this remix is some variety in the repeated parts. Try having new lead instruments entirely or changing up the bass rhythm. 2. This kind of goes with point number 1. The mix is really punchy and I think what might be a nice addition is some suspended chords, ARP's, notes or SFX over the time. Maybe something in the high end to smooth it out a bit? That will give it some more context and the punchy parts will sound even heavier in comparison to the overtones that you put it in. 3. 1:42 i'm a big fan of. The melody is busy here so you don't need to add much. Maybe double up the lead synth? I like the change in the bass here. 4. You could try making 0:20 - 0:38 a bit more of a gradual rise and make 0:38 a bigger section. Gives it a but more dynamics rather than being full force most of the time. Just a suggestion. Overall it sounds great man I really hope you keep working on it. Can't wait to hear more from this!
    • I previously made a remix of this exact melody a while ago, but for some reason at 4am I just had this idea pop into my head. Any constructive criticism would be well appreciated. (I know the mp3 says "final" but that was just the version that I put up on soundcloud).
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