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OCR00756 - Silent Hill "Nay Tomorrow"


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It was OK, but I kept expecting drums to come in. Now this is a nice mellow remix if you want to feel mellow, but I'm not in a mellow mood right now, so it didn't really work for me. I know sometime when I just want to kick back and relax, this remix will hit the spot.

And DJP, I'm glad you set your 'murrkin flag and beer down long enough to post this. :P


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I quite enjoyed this one. This was one of the many tracks from the

Silent Hill OST that I loved. It's such a nice soft track, and it's place in the

game is so sad.. brings back memories of playing the game one dreary

afternoon, rain pouring down outside my window, basking the room in

a deep grey light, only the rotted halls of alternate Silent Hill lit by a

pocket flashlight to guide me deeper and deeper in to my own personal

little hell. A soft tune reminding me of what was lost, and what more I

have left to loose.

very nice.

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There are soo many great things I can say about Tamimi's remix from Silent Hill. In fact, way too many to list in a single post.

But I'd like to comment on his playing of the nay. I've never, even from a seasoned recording artist, ever heard anyone play with such emotion before. I know I sound like I'm kissing butt, however, I'm not. I just really enjoyed this remix, and I am definately looking forward to hearing more remixes by Tamimi.

The mix itself just feels so full of emotion, it's very amazing. I hope I can someday write a remix that sounds just as full of emotion as this remix does. Excellent job Tamimi, excellent first remix!

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Excellent job. I really enjoy this ReMix, and hope Tamimi submits more in the future. I recently beat Silent Hill 2 on the Xbox and am now playing through Silent Hill 1 since I enjoyed the second game so much. I can see how this would fit into that series of games, though I am not that far in the first game yet. This does sound like tunage from part two as well.

This mix is very emotional, and I think that it works better without drums. Like others my main gripe would be the cut-off ending which could easily be fixed with a simple fade-out, but that in no way diminihes my enjoyment of the rest of the song. Excellent!

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This is probably the most moving peice I've heard come out of OCR (although I can't say I've heard even a fraction of the songs here). I loved the minimalist approach; it seems like too many people try to cram too much sound into their music. Not every song needs drums. Not every song needs a bassline.

This is a definate must-hear remix. I greatly anticipate any future contributions by Tamimi. Good job.

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My hat comes off to you, sir. The nay, although admittedly an instrument I had not previously heard, has a relaxing, hollow sound suited perfectly for this piece. The first time I heard this, I too expected a beat to kick in, perhaps a slow, 'empty' beat, but on reflection, the piece works just as well without one, if not better.

Well done.

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I thought I posted here...but I guess I didnt so here we go...

Im not overly keen on the electric piano sample used.

It doesnt ruin the mood or anything, it just...doent sound right to me or something. I'd have preferred an actual piano, but whats done is done (and its not like it makes it an apalling tack or anything)

The piece however, is amazingly beautiful...

I had actually heard a Nay many times before this piece, but this is the only time it really sounded this good...

I also like the sine wave that plays after the Nay...thats just beautiful ^_^

The only real problem with it is the sharp cut-off...I would have preferred a fadeout or if possible some form of improvised finish.

I highly recommend this track to anyone, not just the fans of silent hill...its just brilliant.

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;_; This is absolutely beautiful! I've seen a couple of people say that the electric piano wasn't as good as a real piano would have been, but I think it added to the atmosphere so well!

Once again I've seen a couple of people mention something along the lines of creepy. Me, I happened to be writing a sad/romantic scene for a story when I started listening to this. The scene is now a page longer than it was supposed to be.

It also reminds me of something from a fantasy-like game/movie/cartoon/etc.

Okay, now I'm rambling. ^^;

Key words: Beautiful, sad, romantic, inspiring.

And with that last note, I'll end by saying this remix is going on my "Dramatic Inspiriation" playlist. ^_^ Great work!

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I never thought I would here a Nay in a videogame remix of all places! I heard one a long time ago, and loved its tune. This instrument is very haunting yet very sweetening and for this song, it works tremendously well.

The piano and nay accompany together so well for this, that this song sounds so. . .saddening, yet also hopeful.

Excellent work for Tamimi and such expert use of a wondrous instrument on a great song.

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After this excellent 2002 release, Tamimi dropped off the face of the OCR earth, and I'm quite disappointed in that. Could it possibly be djp's anti-Arab (or anti-SE Asian) hate mail that I regularly recieve in my inbox? :wink:

Probably not, however I am still "expecting more" as the mixer himself so eloquently put it earlier in this thread. This mix is pure trance (not in the electronica sense) delight, with the kind of vibes I would find on a Pure Moods CD (which I do own) and the soft, soothing melancholic feeling that draws well upon the original. The live instrument recording only adds to the excellence of this piece in leaps and bounds. I have no problems with the other instruments (specifically that e. piano that is being scrutinized). In one word: beautiful. In two words: beautiful and sad.

However, i have a minor gripe with the abrupt ending, however, it can be forgiven. Please make more music, Tamimi.

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However, i have a minor gripe with the abrupt ending, however, it can be forgiven.

Interesting note: In the early days of in-game music ripping, someone tried to record "Not Tomorrow" in mp3 form. The purpose was to capture an extended version of "Not Tomorrow," in order to allow the fans to listen to more than what is on the Original Soundtrack. However, lacking proper editing software, this extended version was cut-off in an irregular place during the recording. Despite this, the track was promptly placed on the internet for all fans to download.

This Extended Version of "Not Tomorrow" was the first attempt at making a "Complete Soundtrack" of Silent Hill's music, mostly because the official soundtracks often lacked certain tracks or complete versions of those tracks. You might even go so far as to say it was the first available mp3 of any in-game music not released on CD. Who knows? Anyway, the point is that Tamimi's aburpt ending is a direct tribute to that first mp3 version of "Not Tomorrow," a common misunderstanding among newer fans of the series.

Since this mp3 was released on the internet, several incarnations of a Complete Soundtrack have passed through the Silent Hill circles, the most famous of which are Dustfungus' Silent Hill Media, Silent Hill Forum's Complete OST sections, and most recently The Sound of Silence.

If anyone is interested in listening to this earlier copy of the Extended Version of "Not Tomorrow, " send me a PM.

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not a bad remix but i do not share everyone elses vision in this remix i really can't tell what really sets this apart from its original and all the other remixes of other songs which are made...

not that its bad although i hate that ending

it sounds like he took the notes from the midi and failed to create an ending proerly for mp3 format

i also don't see what's so emotional about it... this song just feeds on the emotion of the orginal it doesn't really build on anything nor does it necessarily make it worse

maybe i'm just being cynical???

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