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    • I do like your style, Cmac. Geez - last time I heard the name Death Adder was on a then-old arcade machine about 15 years ago. Never did have enough quarters to actually fight him though... You have great sound with the guitars - definitely good metal going on here. However: Everything is jammed in the center - panning / reverb needed all around. Bass sounds un-good; it sounds a bit 'flubby' and (to me) sounds like it has no depth at all. Most percussion seems buried behind the guitars - except the double-kick, which sounds a bit weak to me. Transitions to slower parts sounds a bit clumsy, particularly around 1:34 and 1:49; some dynamics or a bit of a lead-in (like  @ 2:20, but this sounds a bit clumsy too) would really help with flow.  Needs fills everywhere - lots of heavy rhythm guitar, no lead work! I hear light touches from orchestral instruments here and there - good start, work on this! You definitely got the main sound of your track down pat here, but it needs more support from the lighter parts of the track, more lead guitar, and more of those orchestral touches. Can't let big rhythm guitar sections rule the piece! I'd like to suggest you give the Black Mages a listen, if you haven't already, particularly this track. The way they combine the full orchestra with the epic metal might give you some ideas and scale on what the arrangement and mix could sound like. Maybe. Hope this helps. I enjoyed, thanks for posting!
    • Like Meteo, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found this track surprisingly quite good. I rather enjoy the creativity of the arrangement and sound design applied to this. The quality of the mix is quite good, IMO. I like the whimsical feel and light touches of organ here and there; the heavy reverb on the background strings really sets the stage well. On arrangement, the only issue I would have is there are places that sound quite scarce. An example of this is 2:16 to about 2:35 - until that light harpsichord(?) fill comes in, you're only repeating the root again and again; not a terrible place for it, but a little garnish here (more fills with varied instrumentation) would help keep up the pace and keep the arrangement interesting. I think production is where you will be picked on most by the panel. The reverb is a little too heavy in spots, particularly noticeable on that bass drum - toward the end, I've got this constant rumble in the lower back of my right ear that is really making me grumpy. Some of FX have good filtering and panning, but no dynamics; some variation in volume and application throughout the piece would add some texture. All in all, I really like this and I don't think it is far off of what the panel is looking for. You've definitely posted to the right place; if you put a 'ready to review' tag on this, one of the workshop folks will give you the full meal deal on feedback. Hope this helps and keep playing!
    • The art's cool too! Where does that come from?
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