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  1. Howdy! I wonder if you can help me with a few name changes, if possible: my forum name to texturology (done! thanks, DS!) my OCReMixer handle on the site to texturology my SoundCloud URL in my OCR artist page to https://soundcloud.com/texturology my real name in my OCR artist page to Anderson Viegas Thank you for your time
  2. Congrats to Hunter Van Brocklin for winning with his entry "California Rose Gold Rush"! Check the first post for results.
  3. Ohh, I gotta say that this trailer's music is right up my alley. Those brass riffs, screaming guitar lead... omg, I love everything on this! Here's the full version
  4. Seth Skoda! Now that's a familiar name. I like your two tracks in An OverClocked Christmas XIII from last year 16-bit/44.1kHz sample rate is perfect, yeah. It's the standard for CD-quality audio.
  5. I am glad Sadorf has another finished remix with Sir_NutS, as I'm a big fan of A New Ray of Light from 2004. And this one takes me back to those times.
  6. http://zenkaudio.com/spc/ Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests hosted via VGMusic.com that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its Discord server. What is a Sample Pack Contest? Typically, the community is first asked to submit sound samples (in WAV format) which are collected and re-released in a ZIP archive of all the sounds: the "sample pack". Participants then use the sounds in creating and entering original songs, followed by a voting/commenting phase by the community to determine placing and the eventual winner. In thi
  7. Bear in mind I have no saying in this decision. However, I'd like to drop a few thoughts. First because it's an interesting subject. And second, but most importantly, The Coop has always been friendly and approachable. And I wish him the best! As someone like you who is known for using sigs as means of showcasing visual prowess, this change feels like cutting down a long time beloved tree, doesn't it? Still, you're very talented. And I do hope your involvement with DeviantArt and alikes has been filling the void OCR couldn't fill for you anymore. Unfortunately, i
  8. Congrats to both of you! Nice to see familiar faces recently getting devoted to one of the core tasks of this community. Now, I know this forum became as active as a ghost town in the past 5 years. But I thought there would be a warmer reception for such an important announcement. Come on, guys!
  9. Welcome to the forums, @Vlok ! @Gario is right And there are other names I can add to the list. BrainCells Dr. Manhattan Hetcenus (got 3 remixes in Project Chaos) Leandro Abreu and friends Red Tailed Fox
  10. It's with profound sadness that I announce the passing of DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr) on October 26th of 2016. He was from Australia and only 30 at the time. I was recently informed of this news after stumbling across his Facebook Artist Page. Here's an excerpt written by a personal friend: Although I never spoke to him, I do have warm memories of burning CDs with a couple of his remixes in. . Both were also used in Extra Credits episodes here and there. His existing work is already formidable enough to make him a relevant name in the world of fan game
  11. Zircon recommended this book a while back. It's a little dated by now in a technological sense, But I hope it helps you develop the business mindset you need.
  12. Props to DarkeSword for bringing GRMRB back. Looking forward to what everyone comes up with!
  13. Made a couple more since then, so might as well share them here.
  14. I'm pleasantly surprised that djpretzel and the judges decided to post this, given their high standards. And it's neat that José has taken over as director, given how much of a Sega fan he is. One of my initial influences was Afro's, Arps and Minimoogs by Galaxy 2 Galaxy. Then, I thought of new ideas to keep the song cohesive as it progressed. There are a few things I would do differently. But in the end, I think it still pays proper tribute to the original and I'm glad people feel the same! Be sure to check out the other artist's tracks in the album once it releases.
  15. Did you used to have a Ninja Gaiden sig/avatar?
  16. The discussion panel in http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03664 leads to an unrelated thread.
  17. Short experiment where I composed imaginary critical themes for Genesis Mortal Kombat. Added them on top of gameplay so you get an idea of how it'd work in practice. If you've played this game enough, you know it doesn't have that type of music. Grab all tracks here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0W_PJl47QIoMXk3amttQXFPTGc/view?usp=sharing
  18. Wow, a Comix Zone remix by Mazedude? Had to check it out immediately! Really fun C64 vibes. Lots of intricate lead work.
  19. Thanks for your comments ; ) Even when I stick to the originals, I always try to make them easier to listen to in a songwriting perspective when I feel there's potential for that. I used VOPM with synths and drums from a Genesis game called Star Cruiser and FL Studio's 3xOsc to simulate the square wave PSG channels on that system.
  20. Thanks for posting the original, as I was only familiar with it through DarkeSword's rendition. I looked up your other thread just to make sure I wasn't giving repetitive feedback (although you could've also bumped that one and change the prefix on the first post as 'finished' to save your time). The intro is kinda sweet, but the transition around 0:22 was too sudden and slightly unconnected. Plus, it didn't give much time to contemplate the calmer start. I like your woodwind choices, especially the bassoon, since it represents the low-frequency range of them. I wish you used it a little
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