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  1. I've got some inspiration on the cover...I'm gonna try to go big after i experiment. It's been a long time since i've drawn a couple of these guys and i've never done Geno or Bowser. I'll see what i can do on a timeline if one gets established. =)
  2. I'll see what i can do on some art. No promises. I don't have the equipment/programs for remixing so i wont be able to try my hand at it. God knows there are a couple i'd love to see on this one. This is shaping up to be a crazy year for remixes.
  3. ...you train gymnasts. I assure you that's more hardcore than about 85% of people ever think about. xD I also need to add that Two steps from hell makes people think they can move mountains (and they probably can while listening) So thats a good pickup too Aaand since they havent been brought up yet Sorairo Days (Both versions) Happily Ever After (TTGL) If your workout involves a kickboxing/fighting of any type I like the opening 9 minutes of bayonetta on that game's OST they're labeled Angel's Advent A Riders of the Light and of course the epic Fly Me To The Moon (climax)
  4. He's probably refering to the one at the beginning of the new year. This project will NOT be out before FF6...SO FINISH FF6 SO WE CAN HAVE THIS ONE!!! xD
  5. Given how recent games have ended up being epic failures i am proud to say i did not invest money in the first will not invest money in this one. And i am sorry for the people who did. Sim City has turned me off to any game i do not get to indepth beta test.
  6. iwantiwantiwantmyipodhaseffectivelydiedbutistillwantit!!!
  7. Its actually pretty thin. There was no true beta testing. No timeline on stress tests and sheeple actually think EA's a good company. May this incident FINALLY awake those bastards. Really the moment i heard they were transplating the DS3 disaster to all future games i jumped ship. I'm offically permanently DONE with EA.
  8. http://www.gamechup.com/ea-refuses-to-refund-user-for-simcity-threatens-account-ban/ Yeah. I'm glad i got out of this EARLY. Canceled my pre-order on the recent DLC news. The importing of DS3's disaster system to ALL Their games. I tried to get an OCR group going. I am so glad i didnt follow through with it. THIS IS A GAME TO AVOID.
  9. Nope, after the announcement from incorporating the Dead Space 3 disaster into future games. My momentum for this game was effectively killed. If someone gifts it i wont return it but i sure as hell wont pay for this. Screw EA.
  10. FF9 is going to have one fairly soon! Gear up while you can! (Ff6 and 9 are on the release block for this year!)
  11. Pandora however does have OST music. I now on a consistent basis will get at least 1 or 2 OST per hour sometimes more. I've gotten Multiple ME 3 themes to run straight into friggin Skyrim's opener. I've gotten Zelda for Orchestra several times and i started with a movie soundtrack channel. I would love to see Pandora figure something out with OCR because Pandora is just a straight up AMAZING service. BUT That hasn't happened yet. (PS: It also gets more epic when you can interlace Batman Begins and its incredible soundtrack inbetween a few of these.)
  12. My money is on mid march. A blah month for students with no breaks for those not in college, only Saint Patrick's Day which isnt even a bank holiday any more. I think the middle of march could see an epic DOUBLE launch of 6 AND 9 (remember they said both this year!)
  13. I expected nothing less from Team Little Angels. These guys are badass. If you want more of their work however you'll need a Wii U because Bayonetta 2 is a console exclusive. Bayonetta's original soundtrack is a tour de force through Sega's best music with a few original pieces of exceptional quality mixed in. Their take on Fly me To the Moon gave me fucking CHILLS. The Saxaphone play on the finale 'Lets Dance Boys is borderline sexual and trust me i don't use that phrase lightly. Someone DAMN good got on the Sax for that one. They've got an awesome formula and its nice to see them to apply it to a game with such high standards and win out....Is that Cat black? Because Bayonetta had a panther form in game one.
  14. I gotta know. I love pandora. Love it to death. I started with a Trek/movie tune station and its evolved into just a Music station of raw unadulterated awesome. You know its good when you get the Zelda theme in orchestral form, Mass Effect 1 2 and 3 music, The opening to Skyrim, and now Assassin's Creed just rolled onto the station. Someone tell me you guys are trying to get in on this!
  15. This is why i left the console wars. PC ALL THE WAY ALL OTHER FORMS ARE NOTHING BUT SNOT!
  16. Another in a long line of copyright violations. I refuse to get too deep into political talk here but this given the state of the world and just how BAD it actually is just doesn't surprise me any more.
  17. Nope. But it was so appropriately nailed in general i still wonder why THAT wasn't submitted to OCR.
  18. ....so i was running around youtube...listening to various stuff. When i found something...well. Lets just say it needs to be submitted for OCR at some point. This is a problem because it has tainted this album for me. Because now one of the highlight songs (you are not alone.) Has...strong competition. Note the date it was done...*shudder* Kate how the heck this has stayed off the OCRadar i have no clue. But you should have just remastered what you did and submitted this....It will not lesson my joy in hearing this album but JEEZE why must you set the bar up in the damned stratosphere!?
  19. Football i do. Baseball i'd consider Nascar's Gearing up but starts rather soon. I'd have some possiblites.
  20. *grabs Zircon and throws him at his wife* GRAH! I wanted 6 before the end of this month!!!! That being said good luck everyone!
  21. ...if this is the final stretch...where is six? XD I want both on my ipod before i start reading GRRM's Ice and Fire series.
  22. There is a possiblity of an entirely DIGITAL roster. This could mean a number of things. not the least of which is the potential cost drop in AAA class titles from 60 to something more in the 40 range. Of course i dont expect something that reasonable. As for the entire digital roster that's another rumor. I've decided to sell my 360 tbh and i'm pure PC only at this point. Fuck the console wars.
  23. This game might just surprise you. I want to talk about what i saw in the CBT but cant. I have to however say this: This is a new engine and system and they're working on it. I believe that expansion IS in the cards at some point, but it might not make launch. I liked the old ones as well but this definitely carries the spirit of the older games and size hasn't been as important to me as it seems to be to others.
  24. Games about 12 gigs in size fully installed, The amount you can do is pretty surprising. I should note that this also forces players to plan and build responsibly. This is a pretty surprising thing. Also the region modification tool probably allows the size of cities to change. But i shall 'bang the drum' so to speak because i think this game is going to be a lot of fun. In the beta i couldnt even come close to making the edges of the playfield.
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