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  1. All I need is for you to commentate an arena match and I got your flag pole right here, baby.
  2. I don't think anyone else who plays this game has friends. That's right, I said it.
  3. I've been following this sale since it began, and I just can't see myself actually buying anything from them, even for $5. I'd rather pay 25% more for copies of these games on STEAM knowing that I'll be able to have them again later if anything happens to my current hard drive/computer. It's a good deal for those feeling brave, though. $5 for a play through of Assassin's Creed is awfully nice!
  4. I'm contemplating on waiting for one of those "x% off everything sales" because STEAM has spoiled me rotten. On a related note, L4D2 costs too much waaaaah.
  5. You seriously took the words out of my mouth. I downloaded the demo for it on XBL and was depressed that I didn't enjoy it, although I would have loved it many years ago.
  6. Well, all my super-not-cool friends don't have PCs to play the game on. Which is pretty hard to do, really. It's not like Crysis or anything. But whatever. Bums. >:/
  7. Meanwhile, I have spent the last few months trying to figure out if I'm going to buy it on PC, XBOX 360, or not at all. Obviously, the OCR people here will be playing it on PC. My real-life friends and coworkers will be playing it on 360. PC is $10 less expensive and will be more likely to receive future updates and patches. But all my real-life friends and coworkers will keep talking about the 360 version and wanting me to play with them. Also, $50-60 is a lot to pay for when Modern Warfare 2 comes out a week before. BOOMER VOMIT!
  8. I feel like I should try this game. If anybody has any extra beta keys, I would be very happy to take one off your hands.
  9. It makes me sad to do it, but I'll delete your team if you're sure.

    You can also have two "owners" per team so if there's someone else who feels like they're in over their heads, you can share with them if you'd like.

  10. Gameplay is great, but it needs more music. I end up playing in silence throughout most of it. MY EARS NEED IMMERSION!!
  11. No. Nor can you change it in your sig, which is a throwback to the well-mannered Atmuh of 2006. In other news, I'm leaving for Rambo and Others' country (I.E. Canada) and will be gone for 2 weeks. I hope to return with Corner Gas Season ALL on DVD.
  12. Nope. I am way too stressed and focused when playing Tetris for me to consider it a casual game. Endless Ocean is a casual game. There aren't really any objectives, you just swim around and look at stuff. And it's pretty good.
  13. Holy crap, awesome! Where'd you go in Hawaii and for what occasion?
  14. Then yep, you're good to go with the PS3. Enjoy your improved movie experience, BTW. Preemptive congrats!
  15. I missed this thread before, but I have to help people make this decision ALL THE TIME when I'm working at GameStop, so hopefully I can help you out as well. I'm going to pretend that you haven't made your decision yet, by the way. The biggest reason to get a PS3 is for the Blu-Ray player. (At least it used to be before blu-ray prices started to go down.) If you have been wanting a blu-ray player and already have a nice HDTV, then that's already a huge advantage. The ability to have a Blu-Ray machine that plays video games as well is awesome. Other people have mentioned the great games on here such as MGS4, Little Big Planet, Killzone2, Valkyrie Chronicles, Uncharted, etc. Many of these games are going to be like the 360 games you like - lots of action and shooting. On the other hand, if you are perfectly content with DVDs at the moment and have a standard TV, the PS3 really isn't for you. You would be much better off spending that $400+ toward a new HDTV to improve your XBOX360 experience. If you're looking for a console specifically for gaming, the Wii might be a better choice. The Wii has a more DIVERSE library than the PS3, especially if you already have a 360 that plays many of the same PS3 games. The PS3 will offer you a similar experience to your 360, such as online gaming, good shooters, traditional controls, etc. The Wii, on the other hand, will offer you a much newer and different approach to gaming both with the motion controls and with the diverse library. Speaking of the Wii library, many of its titles don't SEEM as impressive as PS3 and 360 titles because they are usually new ideas and games with less sequels of previously enjoyed titles. There are the obvious ones like Metroid, Mario, Zelda, etc. But many great titles on Wii are ones you've never heard of; ones you'd never buy just looking at the box on the shelf. Examples of often-missed Wii games: ExciteBots - It's like Mario Kart on crack. You drive cars into objectives, such as kicking a football through uprights or collecting cards to make a better Poker hand than your foes. Boom Blox - It's like JENGA on crack. Not only are you pulling blocks out of piles with your Wii remote, you are also throwing things at blocks trying to knock them all down, and other crazy things. Playing with blocks is still as fun as it was when we were 5. Dokapon Kingdom - It's like Mario Party + Final Fantasy. You level up as your fighting baddies, but in a board game format and with lots of luck and rock-paper-scissor type battles. Raving Rabbids - It's like a Ren and Stimpy party game. Lots of fun minigames with tons of potty humor. No More Heroes and Madworld - Extremely violent action games that are a blast to play House of the Dead and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles - It's the rail shooters you use to pump quarters into as a kid, but from the comfort of your own home. And no more quarters. These rail shooters are excellent on the Wii with the pointing controllers. Okami - It's just as good as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess but hardly anyone actually plays it. Zack & Wiki - It's a point-and-click puzzle game. Awesome. de Blob - It's like Katamari Damacy with paint. Roll your guy into buildings to paint them colors. Relaxing yet challenging. Trauma Center - Perform surgery with the Wiimote. The second one has Co-Op surgeries which is awesome. Terrible script though. Fun gameplay is worth it. WiiWare games Lots of good ones here, too many to list. Finally, I want to pass something along that has been said many times. Do you have real-life friends? If so, buy a Wii. If not, you're going to be more into online gaming, which your 360 already does nicely.
  16. You're not supposed to go to Yahtzee JUST for LAWLS. It's supposed to be for reviewing insight that nobody else is going to mention, such as blank names in RPGs, gratuitous low walls to hide behind, and now the failure of "evil" games. I honestly think it's more entertaining and insightful than funny. He thinks about things in a way I am unable to think about otherwise. But I still don't base my video game purchases off his advice.
  17. The only problem with making sure people join and participate in the OCR forums is that many of the people who have slot reservations are friends of other regulars. I know Powerlord, for example, has several friends who use the server, and I'm sure there's many others. As an alternative, I think we should be a like a swanky country club and "sponsor" people for them to receive a slot reservation. If no OCR forum regulars want to sponsor SpectreShot, then he doesn't get one. In other words, players don't come to Bahamut to ask for a slot. Instead, regulars go to an admin to receive a slot for someone else. If we don't know or like them, we don't pass the word along.
  18. That was bullshit, shpladoink. You should have been warned THEN kicked THEN banned, at the very least. For those who weren't there, Spectreshot put up a voteban on shpla for micspamming for about 10 seconds during his song. It passed by about 70%, and he was banned for 30 min. For the record, however, there were only about 3-4 regulars on the server at the time, so it was the random irregulars who voted you to get banned. It's not like the OCR officers had a meeting and decided to ban you or anything. IN OTHER NEWS: A buddy and I were talking about unlockable weapons for the Engineer. Our biggest concern is that we need the Engy to be more portable and less campy. Our brainstorm led to this: Aperture Science drones. They would be somewhere between a level 1 and level 2 sentry gun that cannot be upgraded. It would be online in about 2 seconds, and it would take 100 metal to build. You could build two total with a jarate-like delay in between. The biggest drawback is that it would have very little health. Like, 1-2 shots and it's knocked over. ALSO, the FaN would be super effective against it because it would knock it over in one shot (or any other future weapons with knockback). The Engy would need to repair it to turn it online again, which doesn't require metal. A knocked-over drone could also be destroyed with additional firepower.
  19. Other fun things to do in Cincinnati include the Cincinnati Zoo (good penguin exhibit, otters and aquarium!), attending a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, and there's a nice museum as well (but I forget the name). P.S. I am still a maybe. I won't know one way or the other until that week. Sorry!
  20. Put me down as a maybe, as well. I'd love to go, but that's right before I take 2 weeks off from work, so it'll be hard to request another day off. EDIT: I'm pretty sure "Pixicon" refers to events hosted by the couple, like the wedding event. As in, "Hey buddy, did you RSVP for Pixicon yet?" "Zircitricks" on the other hand, refers to the people in a singular fashion. As in, "Hey buddy, did you eat breakfast with Zircitricks and BGC?"
  21. Just a funny note - on the HLstatsX page under the awards section (http://ocremix.hlstatsx.com/), it says that nobody had the most "Player Teleported." I'm pretty sure someone on Turbine said that they had 138 in one lifetime last night?
  22. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (featuring the OverClocked Remix soundtrack) is on sale on XBOX Live this week (June 22-28 ) for 840 MS points (regularly 1200 MS points). This is 30% off, so you'd pay $10.50 instead of $15 to see how the SSF2THDR sounds when accompanying the original game! To download and learn more about the OCR soundtrack, go here. This offer is only available for XBOX Live GOLD members.
  23. Hydro was fun when it came out, but compared to what's out there now, it does not meet expectations. I don't always hate it (I loved it at first), but I just think (like Wes said) that we need a hydro break. We also needed a Pacman break which is why it's not in the rotation at the moment.
  24. Old. I would like to remove Hydro from the rotation, especially because it's right after of some of my least favorite maps. That map just feels like it needs to be redone. Just my two cents though.
  25. Wow, that sounds more like a sitcom joke than real life.
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