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  1. Think about getting an agent? There's a reason they exist in the literary market, it is intense to be a writer and your own agent. Also, your book title could use a tweak, assuming it is called "Vulgarity for the Masses", it could be more eye-grabbing on a (virtual)shelf
  2. Zaid


    Cowboy Bebop anyone? :3 And I'm a dub elitist (not really, but do prefer dubs to subs, they've come a long way.)
  3. Check out Borderlands. Its a FPS that does a great amount of innovating on a classic formula. Anyway laws like this won't get through, its just people scapegoating their children's behaviors.
  4. Whats the point of rushing to buy it? Why not wait for a price drop or a reiteration of the system that works out a few of its kinks. I don't know. It just seems really silly to buy a 250 dollar handheld system that will receive a revision sooner than later.
  5. Whiner? What is this grade school?
  6. Proto, no. Don't be more typical. I love Pendulum and this hits the spot very well. It is different than your usual style, but I see it more as a welcome change than a negative one.
  7. I am not disagreeing with you, but you really shouldn't compare a fighting game to music. Anyone in the world can appreciate ones musical prowess, not everyone can appreciate someone who has spent an intense amount of training mode. Fighting games age and expire. Musical talent does not.
  8. Tales of Vesperia. Doesn't need an explanation, just play it.
  9. Had this mix on my ipod for a week and finally got a chance to hear it, amazing! Anyone know how to track down some of these artists other works? There's a lot of solid talent on here.
  10. Reuben Kee was an amazing Pianist in all regards. What do you mean R.I.P?
  11. Zaid

    Xbox 360

    ^ Injin, are you serious? Lost Odyssey is atrocious when it comes to its storytelling, minus the amazing dreams the main protagnist has. The actual story is told as if it was put together by a 5 year old, does it get better? Cause I am 5 hours into the game and I had to walk away, figuring I could just look up the dreams on a FAQ and read them there.
  12. Zaid

    Soul Calibur IV

    Don't have a period over his head. But ya, the online play is a bit ridiculous.
  13. For anyone who said they have a strong fondness for Miyazaki's earlier works. I don't know. I find myself holding Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle as his best works, and they were also his last three to be released on US soil. Not say I am not fond of his other works, but those to me were the pinnacle of his work. Of course, the only one I've yet to see is Nausicaa, so I don't count that in my judging.
  14. Its cute how you all think this really changes anything with the Wii. It's still going to be a system that is selling more on a gimmick than innovation. With that said, I can't wait to see what the 360 does with it.
  15. I am gonna be going as Spike Spiegel. First time at Otakon.
  16. Zaid


    I have a Macbook Pro. They are overpriced, so that's why I waited on mine. I bought it with a 200 dollar student discount, free Ipod and free printer. All in all, it was almost as much as I would have paid for any other PC of its caliber. Macs suit me just fine. single button is fine cause you double click with two fingers. Two finger scrolling is a pleasure. For me it works, and though I had just as many problem as I had with my PC, I'm not going to crucify Apple for making a product that tends to crash(all computers do after all.) But I can still see the allure of PC's. Its a preference, what color do you like Orange or Red?
  17. Zaid


    Bite his head off a bit more, why don't you...
  18. Woh, Liontamer isn't really black, don't let his skin color fool you. If he was black, he'd be the whitest black I'd ever seen. The dropping of hip talk and the N word is definitely a front.
  19. Why would you even want to Wii friend half the people on this site? Most of them have raging hard-ons for their own brand of elitism. Hope you get it working regardless. Brawl is on the horizon.
  20. Anyone see him do the Macarena? It made my night, I couldn't help but laugh.
  21. What a sad truth, having a Vagina on here puts you on a wanted list. I never really heard of Destiny till now, but definitely considering her CD. The samples were amazing for all the faults she picked out on her CD.
  22. Never seen anyone wearing them. Not that I would. OCR is great and all, but God are those shirts and hoodies unfashionable.
  23. People are really overreacting to this news. Mario RPG was fantastic. So why the fuck not Sonic? and Bioware? Would you prefer Sega handle it and mutilate Sonic franchise even further. I have faith. This will be good.
  24. ^ you panzy. But ya Facebook is definitly a great service. Clean interface unlike myspace. It also actually does have alot of features that are disguised in a very simple interface without the annoying in your face look of alot of other community sites like that.
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