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  1. i'd actually say i'm pretty reserved when it comes to games unless it's extremely frustrating, but due to not sleeping at night and being slightly hungover today i was not in the zone and was yelling at every little mishap when i played zelda today. it took me like 4 or 5 tries to beat the goron race and i was just getting irritated at everything. after beating it i decided no more videogames for the rest of the day. should be napping right now
  2. maybe, it sounds kind of hard though. i'll stick to easy ol' zelda. and older zelda games aren't THAT easy, especially compared to 3d games.
  3. I was going to pick up devil survivor today but best buy only had strange journey so i bought that, thinking it had the same gameplay as devil survivor. I messed up. It seems like it might be good but i was really looking forward to the tactical rpg elements. Should i keep playing this game and give it more of a chance or take it back and try to find devil survivor elsewhere?
  4. buying this as soon as i have extra cash dude. loved chroma and hero of the grey area a lot.
  5. im stuck in bronze league 1v1 and i cant get out no. 5 though so thats cool
  6. Zombie

    Metroid: Other M

    I'm only like 20 minutes into other m at the moment but i think im just gonna keep playing super metroid until i finish it. this game seems like it's going to be fun to play, but basically every complaint about other m i've heard im kind of beginning to agree with, then again i am very early on.
  7. Zombie

    Metroid: Other M

    Well it looks like I wont be able to play this for at least another week because I shipped it to my moms house instead of the new place via Amazon. Bummer! Fortunately I have plenty of stuff to hold me over, but I was totally looking forward to some metroid this afternoon.
  8. Zombie

    Metroid: Other M

    Preordered this this morning. So stoked. IGN complained that it is clunky, but I feel that is nothing really new in metroid. The Prime 1 and 2 controls were as clunky as it gets. Still, they were fantastic games.
  9. I guess I should have just looked around at prices of used consoles more. Yeah $200 is kind of high I guess. I thought the prices for the games themselves were great - I'll go ahead and leave those and anyone can feel free to make me whatever they think is a more reasonable offer. Edited my post... The new price should be more realistic I think.
  10. I think I'm slowly going to part ways with everything I own that's xbox 360 related. Between my new gaming PC, DS, PS3, and Wii, I have more than enough games. With the extra money I could make my PC MORE badass, or buy a DAW. I'm not in a rush to sell it, so I'd figure I'd go ahead and put it up here rather than eBay. For Sale: Xbox 360 w/ one controller and a 20gb hard drive - $120/obo. Games include (sold seperately, PM me about a bundle deal or something): Halo 3 - $15 CoD: Modern Warfare 2 $15 Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts -$15 Fallout 3 - $15 Assassins Creed 2 - $15 Mass Effect - $15 Mass Effect 2 - $25 Resident Evil 5 - $20 Tales of Vesperia (Deluxe Edition, comes with music! ) - $25 Gears of War 2 - $15 Final Fantasy XIII - $25 Dead Rising - $15 Dead Space - $15 Blue Dragon - $15
  11. I've been playing this game a lot lately. Not sure if I'm good enough for a tournament yet, but I suppose I could try. I've mainly just been playing single player lately. Going after all of those achievements! Some of those hard mode achievements are, well... tough. Haha.
  12. I'm still really early on in this game (StarCraft 2 happened), but are thiefs good? Thinking of changing my character to one. That or a martial artist.
  13. I didn't touch the games until I got my PS3. They are a blast, and some of my favorite current generation games. Definitely buying this.
  14. I prefer the autosave feature in games like ratchet and clank future: a crack in time. It's like check points and save points, combined.
  15. Damn. I had to buy the digital download because every place I went to that sells games is sold out. Its taking forever and it's around 7 gb. >:[
  16. will get everything together and make the list soon
  17. dub version plz but it's an okay mix. i like the beats. not too keen on the rapping but i had a couple lol's i guess.
  18. I'm so getting this. Just bought parts for my new computer I'm building, so this game will be great to test it out. Looking forward to finally being able to play PC games smoothly for once. I'm not really that great to play competitively either. But UMS games ftw. Gotta love those defense games.
  19. So as I understand it... you can't play multiplayer using wifi? In that case, I'm kind of bummed. I don't really know anyone else personally who owns a DS except my little brother. And he most likely won't get this game. :\ But other than the possibility I won't be able to play multiplayer much, I really want this game. I was playing FFIV on my R4 and then I lost it. I need a DS JRPG to get my fix.
  20. After watching that trailer, I can safely say that i am stoked for this game. An action JRPG with what looks like a cover system. I love cover systems, and i love JRPGS. And the games visuals look great. Lets just hope that the english voice overs aren't completely nails-on-chalkboard bad...
  21. i will be purchasing oot and kid icarus day one, along with whatever else looks cool
  22. This should be on at 8pm mountain time right? If i can't watch it because of work...
  23. Zombie

    Toy Story 3

    Seeing this tomorrow with my lil' bro and cousin. I am stoked. Toy Story is awesome.
  24. what the fuck this news is so sad... i loved vesperia and symphonia. I can't really get into most current american RPGs except like... mass effect. i guess if it is released in europe, i can always load up homebrew and play it. also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6vpXMsKcno
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