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  1. I need to work on my metroid collection BADLY. I only have the primes and super metroid. I know, i fail.
  2. I'll probably be on all afternoon and night. I'm near the end of the game (i think) and will hopefully beat it tonight. I'll hit you up prophet. I'll make sure to add you as well, furious. Also... Poor, poor dom...
  3. I wanna play! My gamertag is Synthonic. I'll add you prophet.
  4. LOVE it. was thinking about making a thread about it...
  5. Zombie

    Nintendo Wii

    i want mad world. that game better be good. EDIT: it occurs to me that the new animal crossing game doesn't come out for another 3 days. but guess what? i saw it at the walmart where i live today, and totally spaced it. i might have to get it tomorrow.
  6. Hey Yuna. No need to be shy. We are nice people... I think.
  7. Pretty sure that i am going to be buying Pezman's copy of Ocarina of Time/MasterQuest from him. I am exited.
  8. I finally downloaded these, and this remix was awesome. Benassi's would have to be my favorite though. Such a great theme song... So good...
  9. Zombie

    Dead Space

    Huh? Scary just not your thing?
  10. Zombie

    Dead Space

    As soon as I am done with all the other games coming out this month that i must have, I will definitely have to return to this game as well. So many games...
  11. YES I DO Anyone else here down for a brawl? I sent a few PM's out. G-T keeps schooling me. I suck.
  12. I'm diggin' the NMH remix, but the guitar sound at the beginning doesn't sound that great. Otherwise I really liked it.
  13. this is so weird that video made me sleepy. :\
  14. LOL GT own me. I suck, though i am kinda good with kirby. Or just lucky.
  15. It looks fun! I really want to play it. Reminds of that guy who proposed with chrono trigger lol.
  16. gt i'll hit you up on aim sometime ok?
  17. i love you gt off topic, but i must say your sets have definitely helped get me into trance and house music. honestly, shorter games are just better for me these days with school and whatnot. i can actually get through the game without having to worry about homework that much. it did take getting use to getting used to the timing and controls, but i like new challenges.
  18. Woah dude that's sweet. Played the demo and loved it. This is looking like a definite buy for me.
  19. I actually really want to try this. I'm not huge on making music, but something about it is just intriguing. Perhaps something like this is what i need: something simple to fuck around with and make cool little songs. I'll have to pick it up. Also this + Electroplankton = ???
  20. Zombie

    Dead Space

    the member kittykar actually offers a service to fix 360's in the sell/want thread.
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