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  1. Thanks. The name came from three sources. My daughter (Ellie) was just born and we would watch Cowboy Bebop in the mornings. There is an episode called Jupiter Jazz; and the source is sometimes called Jellyfish Sea. Jupiter + (Jelly + Ellie) = Jupiter Jellie
  2. Just lovely all around. The tone and ideas. The runs in the beginning really caught my ear.
  3. I still work on remixes, but very sloooowly. Like others I do it for fun. I am 32 now and life has more to it. Wife, kid, house, full-time work, and a part-time PhD. Half way done with the PhD. I still run a small sound design company to make some extra spending money. Selling original synth patches and doing factory soundbanks for companies on occasion. Musically I am super happy and feel fullfilled. I am glad I do not rely of music for a living. I do it for fun and make some extra money. I realized years ago I am much happier with a consistent paycheck at a low stress job. For me, relying on music for income killed my passion for it. Success is a deeply personal and subjective thing. You just need to find out what it means for you.
  4. Sent an updated, hopefully, final version of the track!
  5. Such a fun track @Rexy !!! You really captured the soul of the original. I would to play the game listening to this.
  6. Completely agree! The spoken word comes off more cheesy than evocative. The problem with whispering, and telling someone to listen to whispers is just a bit odd. The whisper at a really loud volume makes it feel as if the vocalist is literally in your face whispering; which is usually never pleasant. The sung vocals are pretty cool, more jazzy than ethereal, which gives the track this cool hybrid vibe.
  7. You will save yourself a ton of time, agony, and money: https://www.sonicacademy.com/products/kick-2 Easiest way to know 100% your kick is always tuned to the key of your track is just to just make it from scratch.
  8. Ozone 8 Elements for only $29 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/50-Mastering-/3847-Ozone-8-Elements
  9. Try the demo version. To really get the most out of ozone you will really need know your stuff. Definitely watch some tutorials on youtube to get familiar with how the different modules work. Then compare it to the FL stock plugins and see what you prefer. If you don't gel with Ozone then walk away. It is always best to use the tools you know the best and feel best tor you.
  10. For the early PS games like FF7, it really helps the graphics if you use a filter of some kind to blur. FF7 on a retina screen is going to look bad. Those old TVs softened and blurred all the edges. *** FF8 gets a very mixed reception. It is loved by many and hated by many at the same time. So don't feel bad if you start playing it and dislike it. Also, do not sleep on FFIV, FFVI, and FFTactics (PSP remake War of the Lions).
  11. Always a good idea to put individual tracks into coherent groups. (ie. Bass) -- In my latest mixes I slam the basses through a limiter. Needs to be a high quality one (Ozone, Fabfilter, etc...) [saw it in a Deadmau5 video] Once the bass hits the master channel those weird peaks in amplitude will not control the master compressor or limiter. It will just create an overall louder mix. BUT, you have really use your ears and be careful you are not distorting your bass in an unpleasant way. *** In general it can be fun to take a creative approach to mixing. Think, what can I cut that is not needed? (Volume, Panning, Frequencies)
  12. While ArtsAcoustic is an excellent sounding reverb the developers have MIA for a long time now. Valhalla DSP Reverbs (Room or Vintage Verb) are excellent alternatives at a lower price point. Just demo both and see which one sounds the best. A cheap way to get plugins or DAWs is through the KVR Marketplace. Make sure you purchase from a user who has been a member for awhile and made some posts. There is a feedback section to see if a user has made a successful transaction before.
  13. It would be great to see this story unfold through more flashbacks. Considering they only had 4 episodes in the first season they probably felt developing the other characters and world were more important.
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