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  1. It is outdated. At least a few of those are now finished but I'll update it soon.
  2. So far: BioShock: Infinite Walking Dead System Shock 2 Hotline Miami Dark Souls
  3. Cheers dude! And who doesn't like Joe's magical touch.
  4. Too late. Everyone Hyperion insists we redo everything so the project is now postponed indefinitely .
  5. Yeah bro I'll be on irc tomorrow we can have a chat, need to get things moving again.

  6. Well it's funny. I actually finished the track and submitted it, and zircon had the wav. It was supposed to be a solo track. I showed it to him just because i thought he would find it hilarious, and 20 minutes later he hit me up with an mp3 of him jamming a line of clarinet over one bit and it was like shiiiiiiiiiiiiit this needs to happen, so we redid it and gave it to zircon.
  7. Let me put it this way, I'm super ultra on FF9 as of today. Nothing on my calendar. Unfortunately my bloody right ear isn't working and hasn't for about a week but I'll soldier on. It's a temporary deal I've had before but it's ridiculously annoying. Oh and Brandon it's super easy to change the name.
  8. Yo my right ear isn't working at the mo, been blocked up for about 5 days now. I am literally dying inside waiting for it to fix itself. Soon as I can I'll listen to it properly.

  9. Nice. I'd be happy with that Brandon .
  10. Yeah its fair to be on my case. I'm just settling in to the first week of my new job and moving house etc which was the huge timesink of my life getting all that sorted. Now I can relax and get back into it. I would have been panicking more about FF9 but as long as we're done before FF6 is released we're really not loosing time, so fear not.
  11. I switched up to a custom set of Roto strings. Those guys are cool, you can email them and they'll make you whatever gauge you want as long as you buy at least 5 packs. I have a normal set of 10s on my 7 string but with heavier E and B strings, 48 and 60 I think. Also I now use only the Petrucci Jazz III's (just under 2mm) and Wegen 'twin' gypsy picks which are something like 3.5mm and ridiculously awesome.
  12. My youtube claims: 1. USA 2. UK 3. Japan 4. Canada 5. New Zealand I probably could have guess the top 4 but uh... glad to be of service Kiwi's!
  13. "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." - Obi-Wan But srsly the studios they're mentioned aren't that bad, I'm happy to wait on see on this one. They're still jerks for closing Lucas Arts though...
  14. Dude, it's a forum, the whole point is not keeping your thoughts to yourself . I do actually watch DBZ in English only, so it's not like I'm saying there are never cases where I prefer the dub (Goku sounds like a women in Japanese), or that they shouldn't bother with it. I'm just saying the overall quality is significantly below what it could be if they had bigger budgets/more time.
  15. Yeah I've seen the Ghibli films, they tend to be pretty good as Disney have a whole bunch of good voice actors they tend to re-use from their cartoons. The best overall localisation (Japanese to English) I'm aware of is FFXII. Seriously, it's like it was meant to be written and performed in Shakespearean English. Some of the voice acting is hammy, but even that is appropriate for the style. Even the people who wear helmets have this awesome filtering going on to make it sound a bit more appropriate. This particular scene fills me with happiness, even though there isn't much lip-sync going on. The translation is best thing about it.
  16. I have no idea how you don't tear your ears out listening to ANY dubbed anime. I know I'm likelier to be much pickier then the average watcher as I've been involved in film audio-post production, but it really is just terrible in general. And I don't blame them at all, it's a very very expensive task to localise Japanese to English well, and they probably don't make enough money on English versions to justify spending a significant amount on it. I can pretty much picture them sitting in the studio listening to a terrible take of dialogue, but one that finally fits the length required to sync with the scene, looking at the clock on the wall and going *sigh* 'that will have to do'. I've been there. You could say the dub is 'fantastic' compared to the majority of animes, but in and of itself I would struggle to say 'barely acceptable' in terms of post-production quality. EDIT: I also tried to watch Cowboy Bebop in English. In my experience you would need to replace the word 'best' with something like 'most acceptable'.
  17. I'm watching Ghost in the Shell as my new mindless guitar practise program. Only 4 in but pretty good so far. The dub is terrible though, subs all the way.
  18. 1. Rosalina 2. Abe 3. Pikachu I'm very surprised to hear that Pikachu isn't already a mascot actually...
  19. Fishy


    Congratumarations! She better have mad skills in every major instrument.
  20. Eh, not sure a 'whip' is what we need. Pretty much just waiting for our time in the project queue at this point, as FF6 is due first.
  21. I tend to just start with whatever the coolest riff idea in my head is. Then jump to the second coolest bit. Then space them out in the project and try to get an idea for what a good contour would be between them. Sorta becomes like drawing a map. It will definitely sound like ass and be un-detailed until the arrangement structure is done. Then I go back and redo everything. Then I mix it at the end. I hate mixing as I go, I wanna make sure the arrangement works before I waste my time.
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