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  1. IS there anywhere with a complete list of who still needs to submit what?
  2. of course it has rewire. 64-bit rewire at that. And I for one embrace it. I personally rewire R+R into Ableton Live and it works amazingly for me. Asside from that, I'm excited for the new effects, yay.
  3. I thought this too at first. but owners of R+R get a crazy reduced price for the upgrade. $99
  4. p.s. sometimes its nice to post a link for other people to see http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/Z3TA/Legends-Never-Die.aspx Also as for my oppinion. Z3ta+ is nice. and I look forward to 2. The upgrade price is very nice as well
  5. so... I'm kinda wondering whats going on with this
  6. NICE ENGAGEMENT! <-- (too lazy to photoshop this one ) Congrats
  7. post was edited with some stuff. But regardless, other people have specifically told you why it is wrong.
  8. neblix. You are wrong and your argument makes no sense. please stop trying to prove your point when there is no point to prove. you have 4+ people telling you its an incorrect argument, etc. Technically music is a hobby for me. I have a career job I go to every day, 5 days a week. My job isn't about music. Therefore, technically music is one of my hobbies, yet I have spent thousands of dollars on hardware/software, I have learned 1 or 2 daws proficiently, a bunch of synths, yet it is still a hobby. Investing time in something doesnt automatically not make it a hobby. It's not a hobby when it becomes your primary focus and not a secondary one. so, I guess I can pirate because its just a hobby
  9. my oppinion is what ive seen a few others say already. I pirate stuff to try it out. I dont feel like spending a huge chunk of change, only to find out later that I probably wont use it very often and it was a waste of money. So if I pirate something and really like it, I'll buy it. If not, then I probably just wont use it anymore.
  10. heh either way your calculations are rediculously off (talking to metal man here). I'm a reason+record user so I can see where you are coming from (I'm also an ableton user btw). But anyways, lots of people use both softwares. Maybe its just that reason/record works better than fl so there arent as many users posting about problems
  11. thats not what he was implying and you know it!
  12. I like how that doesn't even equal 100%
  13. And once again, some random guy who chooses sonic to represent him, shows up and posts a bunch of threads that either make no sense, or are downright bad advice. What is it with these people and sonic. Also, japanese dissonance for the win. You also forgot to include Wobble Bass
  14. ummm... you guys should maybe read the info on that page. As for phasing and other options, it will use midi cc
  15. I am VERY VERY tempted to give $50... also very tempted to get the dev kit.....
  16. is it this? http://www.tvguide.ca/Watercooler/ReviewsandPreviews/Articles/110131_instant_cash_GD.htm because Ive seen it before, and what you are describing sounds exactly like it.
  17. haha awesome. Ive seen that show before. Good luck!
  18. YES... a million times YES! Such a good game.
  19. no. Sony doesnt owe anybody anything. Maybe.. maaaaaybe the psn+ users, but not the regular psn users. You have a free system. If something goes down, that sucks. You aren't "entitled" to anything. Sony might give their users something in return, but by no means do they "have" to. I hate when people act like they are entitled to all these things. Case in point, on any side of the spectrum when something happens to either of the systems services, the people from the opposite system are like "LOLOLOL". ps3 goes down and xbox owners are like "LOL look at what that free service got you!!", xbox goes down and ps3 owners are like "LOL look at what you are paying for!!". Everybody just needs to shut up.
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