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  1. Just experimenting with this idea so its probably pretty bad. A mix of the Gandrayda and Rundas battle themes, which are both great tracks that I don't really have a chance of improving but I still wanted try and mix them for fun. I suppose the genre is industrial with a middle eastern influence. http://vspaine.googlepages.com/Gandrayda.mp3
  2. Update. Did a lot of stuff but theres definitely still quite a few issues. Mostly just tried to fix some of the basic issues like the tempo, samples, intro and beat. Most of the improvements are in the first third of the song for now. I'm not good at drumlines yet so my attempt at making it more complex at 0:40-0:55 may be a bit messy.
  3. Lol, I was wondering why you were ignoring this track. Good to see you're still workin on it. It's great stuff.
  4. Just wanted say, being a GBA Fire Emblem fan, I love the tracks on the OST that they've got for those games. The the Battle theme medley from Fire Emblem 7 is especially fitting for Brawl. I nearly **** myself when I heard it.
  5. Whoah... I've been away from the site for a little while and didn't expect to comeback to so many replies for this one. I'll definitely continue on this one. It'd be an insult to all the helpful feedback if I didn't. I'm a bit tired of this one already though. Just need a break from it...
  6. Someone said something about Marvel characters before so heres a try at Spiderman:
  7. A remix of the main theme. Uses fake electric guitars but for only part of the song and the genre is electronica so it shouldn't matter as much (I could be completely wrong though). Theres also a cameo of the Gravity beetle stage from Megaman X3. Original: http://vspaine.googlepages.com/MBN6Maintheme.mp3 Remix: http://vspaine.googlepages.com/Cybeat.mp3
  8. Solid stuff especially for a new mixer. The drums are great but they get a bit tiring after a while. You should have a more laid back part where the drums aren't playing to break things up. Also the constant chords played by the left hand side of the piano get a bit jarring aswell. You should play some more interesting things on that side later on in the song. Good luck when u descide to try an ocremix btw.
  9. Whoops, I was about to review the wrong version. Anyway, the only problem production wise I can find is the xylophone (or whatever) at 1:49 seems to have too much reverb atleast on my speakers. Thats about my only problem with things. Theres a bit of a strange end though its not a big deal. Good job making things sound better compared to the earlier version.
  10. Yeah, I said I'd review your stuff but more or less everything seems to have been touched upon already. I'm not the best to review things anyway. First one: Nice first half and I think the changeover halfway through works conceptually, you just need to execute that half of the song better like Rozovian said. Make sure the lead instruments are clearly heard over everyting else and build up to that part more so its not just an instant change of genre. Second: Nice ambient stuff, but the intro might be dragging on for a bit too long. Again theres a genre change halfway through but definitely better executed than the first mix. Intersting, unique stuff hear overall but the saxophone (or whatever) could be better. You should definitely listen to the Chrono trigger "Brink of time" album. It's got some unique trippy jazz in it that could help you make this better.
  11. I think the judges'll probably think the guitar's too fake (I've been in denial)so I don't really wanna risk it. I've made 'em sound as good as possible and I'm using a keyboard so I can't get a hold of a better samples. I always knew the concept was good but I also knew I probably wouldn't be able to execute it very well. I can only hope that one day an electric guitarist makes an actually good rock song out of this theme because imo, it deserves it. Thanks for the comments anyway. XTREEMMAK, sorry you had to right that in depth review for a wip that isn't gonna be worked on anymore... I'll get round to checking your stuff out.
  12. Update. EQ'd some more, added more distortion to guitars to make 'em sound more hardcore (and maybe a bit more realistic) and made some arrangement changes. I can't really think of much more I can do to this though. Are there any things to improve?
  13. But using sprites, like someone already mentioned. In fact I don't see why thay can't continue the "Mario Land" series. The ones from the original gameboy. They were fairly different to the console games and I actually preferred them in some ways. Super Mario Land is still my favourite handheld game of all time.
  14. I've tried doing one. It's Mister T or should I say... Misker B.
  15. Oh right, you're from Brazil. You're probably the perfect remixer to remix this then. You did a perfect job. I love laid back stuff.
  16. Yeah, great idea for the Metroid control scheme there. Speaking of Nintendo franchises that could return to their 2D platforming roots, Zelda could be a candidate. I played Adventure of Link a while back and it was better than I thought it would be (too damn hard though). For the new one hey could basically just rip the controls and model for Link in Smash brothers (if it was a sequel to Twilight princess) but the B moves would be interchangeable depending on what items you've got equipped. I think it would help out the franchise a lot since its definately gettin a little stale. Just an idea.
  17. Who'd love for a new 2D Metroid to be announced? Not for the DS though, the Wii. Obviously they'd be able to go all out with the graphics. Maybe even make the graphics 3D but gamplay 2d like Smash brothers. I agree about the Megaman Zero series being great. Zero's a much cooler character than Megaman ever was. Plus the art for that game was incredible.
  18. Yeah this is some great stuff. I can definitely hear Malcos' influence with the piano parts. I love n00dle's rap style and the beat kinda reminds of me of older hip hop stuff which is definately a good thing.
  19. I love the electric piano parts at 1:24 and 2:38. Nice laid back, sexy feel to it. Even though this song's been remixed a lot, I'd be very surprised if this doesn't get yes'd. The original parts really set it a part from other remixes of the song.
  20. Update. Tinkered with EQ and volumes so everything should be cleaner. The best I could about the guitar is tone down the squealing in some parts.
  21. Thanks for feedback. Update. I've put another couple of hours into this. Done more or less everything you've said. I've given it an intro, quitened the drums, increased the tempo slightly and put an acoustic part in the middle to break things up. After I did the acoustuic part I noticed it sounds a bit like the Wing Cap Mario theme (to me anyway). I've used a synth for the actually main melody of the song and kept the lead guitar for the other parts. The squealing effect stays with the guitar no matter what I do with it by the way. I'll try and figure something out though.
  22. My favourite song from the game and one you'll be very familiar with if you played the game, and who hasn't? This is my first attempt at a rock song. It isn't exactly my first choice of genre but I think it works well for this theme. Very early wip, only spent a couple of hours on it so far. Are the guitars too fake sounding? Feedback appreciated. Updated: http://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/BoutwithaBeast.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  23. Vidilian


    Hmmm... thats a shame. I've just started watching it and so far it's one of the best shows I've ever seen and I don't even like anime that much. I guess it gets worse towards the end.
  24. No, they actually said this in an IGN interview. "IGN: Does this pave the way for Sonic and Mario starring together in other games? Laurent Fischer: We've spent a long time finalising this one and we're not thinking about the next game, just yet. The Olympics just seemed like the right way to bring them together. IGN: So we won't see Sonic appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Laurent Fischer: That's not on the cards at the moment." Sounds like denial to me.
  25. Yeah, I guess. It's more of a recovery move anyway. But I still think he could've gotten a better FS. I'm not an expert on Kirby games but I know he's got a lot of better abilities to choose from.
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