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  1. Just googled Motoi Sakuraba, and anyone who composed the battlefield theme from brawl deserves to be listened to.
  2. I do not condone rape by the way
  3. Amen. And contricity, you poor piece of shit. I realize that through the fire and flames was balls to the walls awesome, but the flame was gone when I heard the rest of that album. Totally the same shit. EVERY SONG IS THE FUCKING SAME. it SUCKS. Hey you should rape your bosses daughter and then go to work and cockslap her in the jaw. and then wave your penis around and be like hey evrybody remember me?!?!!?!!FUCKDRAGONFORCE
  4. Uematsu is very connected to his fanbase, hence the Black Mages. This seems like something he would do. Just for giggles: skip to 2:04 and youll see what I mean.
  5. Dont get me started with the "game designer" thing. According to half this site's upper echelon believes that it would be easier to become a mob king when you're not italian than to become a game designer.
  6. there must be another smash flash out there that Im not aware of and neither is google. there cant be tourneys in a game in which you become an invincible god by holding p in. or this is an elaborate joke.
  7. Youre a gymnastics coach? This killed my image of you. As far as music, I cant think of anything but Im sure Ill come across something in my arsenal. And as far as the disney thing goes, its one of those times that google fails you. All I can tell you is that my STUPID sister went through my shit last week and threw out a vinyl of the Aladdin OST w/o words. God I cant wait to leave in 4 days.
  8. For good lol, try setting four computers at level nine. That cracked me up.
  9. Were you drunk when you decided to bend the pitches? Colossolly bad idea. Im sorry for being mean like this. Please forgive me. And the new piano doesnt flow well. Sorry.
  10. llloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!one!!!!!11111111111111111111111111
  11. I can accept that. People doing what they do is doable.
  12. what man? killing my buzz like that. im serious
  13. Im glad you guys see this game as bad. And who the fuck is blade? Guys, there needs to be a good smash pc game out there, with online support, if only to make up for Brawl's laggy crap online play, and I think I'll be the one to do it. This is going to make an awesome undergraduate software engineering project. As of now, I dont know enough to even make an effable user interface, but I plan on learning. Don't expect anything for another one or two years though. Emulating the smash physics engine is going to be awesome. I'll just need some sprite artists and oh, some remixes of music from video games, now where to find those?
  14. Alright I was surfing and I found this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/333995 Its probably been around a while, but its still pretty cool if you ignore combat and just look at how remnicient of SSBM it is. The gameplay is a festering load of crap though. I just really wanted to ask, is there any serious flash of C++ remake of Smash Bros happening? Because if so I want to know where and how and whats up. And if not then WTF??!!? And dont say google, you know I hate that word.
  15. Davos, if I had voted, you would have won. Just letting you know. Sorry about that mate. I just get lazy somethimes.
  16. Kind of off topic, but does anyone know of any good travel websites? Im trying to get this whole thing worked out as soon as possible so I can start taking on roomates. Thanks in advance for helping this n00b.
  17. Why would you remix that GODAWFUL source tune!! It's still burned into my memory from all those years ago. Yeah, it was catchy at first, but by my 30th time getting caught by those retard guards I had started to hate everything and that music most of all.
  18. what program was used to make this MIDI?
  19. Why would I buy a wii and then buy any of these games on VC when I could legally obtain legal roms and play them on an emulator? I dont need a wii no sir. Perfectly fine without it, corking actually quite.
  20. whoa, the girl in the car, Isabel Lucas, is about just as amazingly beautiful as Megan Fox, and they said she'll be in Transformers 2. are they replacing fox? Or just setting the scene for a highly improbable threesome? And how did this thread make it past 3 pages?
  21. I watch past yahtzee videos in between wednesdays. Theyre actually so funny that I cant remember how funny they are, so i watch them again to remind myself.
  22. Good job. Im sure shia uses firefox as well.
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