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  1. Uhmm, does this mean sephiroth is taken? and what the hell is FF7 voice?
  2. Yes, they've got to change that, the nunchuck is needed sorely. Amd an arm and a leg no doubt, Ive got to maintain a negative view of the Wii so I dont end up buying one like you other pricks.
  3. What? How is that apparent? Why am i living in fear right now if these things are legal?
  4. Yep, same here. Its because of this site that I have SNES ROMs out the ass and I spend half of my life on an emulator. All obtained legally of course I do not condone piracy. My suggestions are the Paper Mario Series, if youre cool you might want to try Super Mario RPG for SNES first, and the Mother (Earthbound) series Mother one was for NES and well im sure that theres a transltion for it somewhere.... Earthbound was great, and if you start now youll be finished in time for the fan translation of Mother 3 to be finished. I am very glad that you found Secret of Mana. Its my favorite game, in case you didnt notice.
  5. yeah so I guess our coke deal is off, and youll have to find a different route to traffick our women slaves through, Ive got a hunch theyre on to us. Oh and instead of hardmodding my PSP battery Im just going to trade it in for a phat. Im done with this shit
  6. I looked into it and yes, youre right I dont, but I dont think I can do that process with a 4 GB memorycard. I need one between 256 and 2 gigs. Which means Ill have to spend 12 dollars, and I wont get my roms NOW, instead I have to go to beest buy and all that crap. Why the hell do I need a replacement battery? whats the battery got to do with it anyway?
  7. Yes it does!!! just like masturbating makes you go blind. Ah, important question guys. I just bought a used PSP Slim from GameStop. I bought the thing because I thought it could be easily hacked for emulation. This is not the case. I Googled myself into a coma trying to find out how to run emulators, and I learned a lot, but I still have to to this pandora's battery thing for it to work, which by the way requires a fat PSP. Well shit I have neither that nor a friend with one. My question is, should I return the PSP Slim for a fat or keep the Slim? Its the toughest of moral dilemnas because it is a battle between my instinct to have the most updated crap and my American need for instant, easy gratification. Just tell me what you'd do.
  8. Its sad to hear that anyone wold have to endure that kind of pain. Its times like this that I wish I could do something more than pray. Jordan Aguirre, if you see this, just know that you have my prayers and sympathy.
  9. Holy shit, I was going to buy a PSP Slim today but now that I know this, I definitely won't. I am so lucky I came to this site this morning. I was'nt actually going to buy games I was just going to use emulators.
  10. You know I only played IV on an emulator for about 10 minutes, then gave up. Maybe I shoud give it another try.
  11. Oh dam Im playing this on an emulator for the first time and I just got mjy ass whooped by a territorial oak. Seriously the tree came up behind me and it killed me in battle. what the fuck. And hah I didnt read the full post so the ending wasnt spoiled for me.
  12. FUCK!!!!!!!!! Now I have to buy a DS!!! Motherfucker!!! @Nekofrog: You know what? I dont like you, Justin Jones. You piss me off.
  13. Physics defying bullets are awesome, is what you meant to say, although the instance at the end was reeeaaally stretching it. You guys are calling this"over the top", but i would think of it more like a martial arts film with guns, made in america. Martial arts films are always over the top, filled with unkikely shit, and this was like those types of films. Not the matrix, though. There was at least an explanation better than "Your hart beets in xess of 400 bpm" for all the physics bending in tht one. Wouldnt you like combust if that shit happened?
  14. Dear God, tidus, by far the gayest FF main character to ever exist. Masculine gay, but still gay.
  15. Random question, should torrents take absof***inglutely forever to download? Its been 24 hours and VotL still has a predicted 4 hours left. My dl rate is 40kB/s with 7 seeds, is that normal? I hope not.
  16. Tidus vs Sephiroth, that pussy's in for an ass whooping. @Imagery I was just thinking that this morning. I was remembering the wall TV's from Farenheit 451 and thinking, holy shit this is what america is heading towards.
  17. I concur. More orchestra, lots more, and for gods sake lower your choir an octave, the temple of time was filled with an invisible floating male choir, not females
  18. Hey, start from scratch, make it damn good too, record piano samples or have someone else do it, and be sure to make it intense. I want it to capture the mood of "Oh fuck who is this guy is he the final boss, badass, dam i thot he was a girl, onoez hes gonna fuck me upses!!!" properly. Also find a skilled celloist, lock him/her up in a room, and give him the sheet music and a microphone. Oh and I'll play attorney for a while and defend your right to add fugue. In DJPretzel's Pachelbel's Canon, he used Pachelbels Canon, aka Canon in D, alongside Zelda's Lullaby. Canon in D was not used in the actual game, unlike fugue, and it also turned out to be a very good remix. If you add fugue, and not too much of it, and make the mix DAMN GOOD, it could happen, otherwise the judges will rape you. Johann Bach may not have wanted Fugue in MML, but MML wanted it in MML. Im not a senior member or anything, and Im speaking from common sense and not experience, but I think that my last paragraph is valid. If not tell me and Ill eat my foot.
  19. Hey bub its what I'm here for. I'll just lurk until this one gets submitted, theres a lot of room for improvement, Im looking forward to eating my words later on when this mix is worthy. Hey if you combine "Eat my words" with "Stick mty foot in my mouth" you get "Eat my foot" JD, make me eat my foot. I like that saying, it describes most of the people I have to deal with nowadays. Splinter,*no pun* on forums, everone has a stick up their ass. Its part of the registration process. But to stay on subject the mix was quite hrmmfrmrl...
  20. This is garbage kill yourself. speaking of garbage did you hit trash cans for percussion it sounds like it. Th only time the percussion sounded right was at the end/
  21. Capcom needs to get off it's ass and make Mehaman Legends 3. Yes I've seen the interviews, no I don't have 15 mil, but still, a new mm, especially a shooter would make so much money. Those idiots!
  22. Theres really no coming back from insults like these. I just enjoyed a reasonably good orgasm, though, so Im happy. Hey whos seen the movie? I bought a ticket and saw previews for a second, then my boss called me into work early, the prick.
  23. Those damn native americans! Always out to mess with peoples weddings!!! What is that, like 200:1?
  24. Double post who gives, but dude how gay would the movie be if wesley ran around in that gimp costume? They wanted to sell to a general audience, not just the 1% of the population that likes comic books enough to go out of their way to read them like you and I. Eminem is by far the most retarded actor Ive ever seen, Im mean he was acting his life story in 8 mile and he still did a shitty job. And hearing his music made me want to kill myself. I prefer the guy they chose for the movie, whoever he is, wasnt paying attention. And yes batman will be sweet.
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