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  1. If you want to just have a monthly subscription rather than paying up front for a great set of orchestral and other samples, East West's Composer Cloud is something you should really look into. $30/month gets you access to East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Hollywood Gold, and a huge host of other great products. One of the best deals in music creation right now for those of us without a substantial EW library to begin with.
  2. PC for sale: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/sys/5308307873.html Quad-core Phenom II 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10, 1.2 TB storage (2 drives), full copy of Office 2010, any questions just PM me. Will ship, but you'll need to pay shipping costs, and you'll probably want to be able to reassemble as the video card is huge and heavy and not good to leave inside the PC while shipping. $550 for OCR folks. edit: sold.
  3. Gonna have to disagree, as a live sound engineer with over 10 years of experience in many different venues. That high clipping distortion is unlikely to have come from the PA system--I'd expect a more midrangey, saturated distortion if the venue's speakers were the culprit. Plus, if you listen to the rest of the video, that clipping is consistent with the way the rest of the sound gets recorded and distorted.
  4. Yeah, I'm gonna say the buzz is a result of the phone mic. You could probably recreate that effect with a bit of reverb and then some distortion, which, while the wrong way around, is essentially what's happening here.
  5. Just keep in mind that a lot of student discounts don't allow you to upgrade to the next version without paying the full price of the next version, whereas buying the regularly-priced software will give you upgrade rights.
  6. One more year and you can drink alcohol! I mean, if that's your thing. Otherwise, welcome to the next decade of your life!

  7. I may have played this out live on Halloween night. Brilliant treatment of the voice clips, production is super clean, soundset is tasty. I know you already stopwatched it, and it *feels* like a Portal 2 mix all the way through, so I'm not gonna nitpick. Having the constant kick drum gets a little old, and we could really use a breather in the middle, but I don't think that's enough to hold this otherwise-stellar mix back from passing. <-- That issue is fixed with the new version, and it's fantastic now! This mix is not a lemon, and I am not sending it back! YES
  8. This one's got kinda a fun, late-'90s feel to it. Definitely needs to be much more personalized and polished, though, as stated above. The genre certainly isn't an issue, and if done at a high level, even the "blockiness" can be an aesthetic choice, but it has to be executed correctly and with a lot of production polish. I'm glad that OCR has inspired you, and I hope you continue to work and improve your music to eventually be posted, but it's not there yet. Like Kris said, the WIP forums will be your friend! NO
  9. Not a ton to add to the above votes. Definitely lacks in personalization, mixing quality, and variation--workshop is definitely the place to go for improving. You'll also want to put a different title on your tracks in the future--we don't post mixes like "Original Song's Name (ReMixer's New Edit)" or something like that. As an additional note, you'll be well served by digging into some tutorials online about mixing and synth patch creation--stuff by the FL Studio Guru, SeamlessR, and Zircon should be a good place to start. Best of luck with your music in the future! NO
  10. This might be just the ticket: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Scarlett6i6 You'll need the USB adapter for your iPad but that's not expensive. The 6i6 is listed on Focusrite's website as supporting iOS, and I've owned multiple variants of the Scarlett line and love all of them. Very stable, very clean.
  11. I believe StudioOne also has a free version, and Tracktion 4 is completely free.
  12. There's a whole thread for that right here in this forum! http://ocremix.org/community/topic/34072-guide-new-to-remixing-need-help-start-here/ In terms of if you need permission for releases, etc., a good resource to talk to would be the folks at http://loudr.fm. They handle licensing issues of all sorts.
  13. Here are a few for you: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02778 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03164 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02064 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02340 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01954 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02018 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01876 http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02349 Tons of great stuff here!
  14. This probably best belongs in Recruit and Collaborate first, but if it were to get off the ground and be accepted as an official OCR project, nothing wrong with that. Also, even if it isn't released as an official OCR release, it would then likely be welcomed as a Community Album.
  15. You're a posted mixer, and therefore this is an appropriate place to pimp these tunes.
  16. When you say you own Quantum Leap, do you mean you own the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra set? Here's the thing. I own EWQL SO Platinum Plus, and it's got some really great stuff in it, but I'm finding the Hollywood strings, at least, to be much more usable quickly. However, I didn't actually buy Hollywood Orchestra -- it's included as part of EW Composer Cloud. That'd be a better use of money, in my humble opinion. It's a $30/month subscription, but you get a metric ton of libraries and other cool stuff. Best $30/month I currently spend. Hope that gives you some insight.
  17. Built me a new PC! And I created a build thread over at PCPartPicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/rxBPxr Here's a picture of the revamped and freshly cleaned-up studio desk:
  18. I'd sign up, but only as the last evolution. I'd really like to take someone else's mix to cool new places, and there haven't been a lot of ways to do that on OCR before. EDIT: This might be a fun way to get less-experienced people involved, too, making this somewhat like a RWTS sort of format where you have a beginner for the first evolution, an intermediate sort of person on the mid-range one, and then one of the much more established people here as the last evolution. Just a thought.
  19. I'm still working on soundtrack stuff for Sirlin Games' upcoming title Fantasy Strike, and they were kind enough to pay me in advance for some work...so now I've got new PC parts coming in the mail! I'll probably have build pics up in another thread somewhere. Past that, I'm starting to apply to jobs, now that my year of being self-employed is nearly over. I'm tired of not having money, and supposedly I have a good resume. Let's see if it goes anywhere. I'm honestly not looking forward to working tech for a big company, but I might have to do that, and it's better than being alone at home all day and only having work on some days. I've also lost the ability to make music for fun, so y'know, would be nice to get that back.
  20. Sorry about the continued radio silence here guys, but I promise this is coming soon. We got bumped back by other albums (FF9, hello there!), but this is still definitely in the works and coming very soon. I released a preview of one of my tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/flexstyle/super-mario-world-2-yoshis-island-do-yoshi-what-i-see-preview And my Patreon backers can actually download the entire song right now! https://www.patreon.com/flexstyle?ty=h Thanks for your patience, and I assure you -- I'm as anxious as you are to get this thing released!
  21. Have to agree with the three NOs on this one. Larry nailed it for me: Definitely bring this over to the crew in the workshop forums if you want to continue working on it! NO
  22. Honestly, I just have to echo everything Chimp and Will just mentioned. The ending was lazy, but the rest of the song was fantastic. Could stand to be mastered louder for sure (shoot me a wav if you want me to do it!). Other than that, definitely above the bar. YES
  23. From the votes above, I was expecting to be unable to hear the vocals clearly and for the bass to be just awful. It's really not that bad, as I can make out the vocals just fine on my headphones. Yeah, the bass has a buzz in the 1-4khz range that could just stand to be tamed in general, but it's not a dealbreaker when the rest of the song is as good as it is. I'm worried about the intro being sampled, and that could possibly be an issue, but I think this has plenty of merit to it. The vocal performance is delivered with conviction, even if it is obviously tuned in a few places, the guitar work is great, I dig the overall groove quite a lot, and the mix is just fine aside from that bass tone. I'm gonna vote we let this one through, with the caveat that we may require a new intro bit. YES
  24. Aww yeah, modern source reppin' for the win! Got nothing special to add here, since this all seems about right. Maybe a touch crowded, but not bad. Medley-esque, but it's cohesive and not "ermahgersh throw five different things in different keys and tempos together." Of course, the treatment of the sources is great. Nothing bad to say here. YES
  25. This is fantastic. I definitely see all the crits raised in earlier votes, but I also agree that there's too much going right to pass up here. YES