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  1. What he said. I'm only finding this now but I think he's got the whole tragic feel to the game nailed to this song. Although most of you that's posted mightn't have stopped to think about it, but maybe if you're that grief-stricken (assuming this is sung/wailed from Max's perspective, that is) then he wouldn't be too worried about whether he was pitch-for pitch perfect with the original.
  2. What Atma said. www.noob.com (it actually is an MK viral website, not a joke)
  3. 1st Par: He was a major part of the viral ad campaign, he's hardly classified as a spoiler 2nd Par: Hell no. The Penguin was white. Samuel L isn't. DeVito was brilliant as him, and I'd nearly give him another go at it.
  4. Is that an improvement? LT: Absolutely. Still seems a little dark, so I lightened it up just a bit and added it. I'll look at it later to double check if the brightness level I did was too much, but otherwise it should be set.
  5. Games developed by Sony-owned and Microsoft-owned development houses don't count, as they'll never be ported unless they sell their IPs. It's a fair point to make though, XII nearly put Square Enix out of business (reading the backstory behind Yiazmat from XII made sense that way) and they want to recoup as much as possible by making their games available to a much more wider audience in order to boost sales and take in a higher profit margin. It's a viable option, whether us fanboys (and maybe girls) all like it or not. From the Final Fantasy Wiki:
  6. Whoever decided to bring John DiMaggio back and give him that role, deserves one of these Also, the reworked Clash On The Big Bridge was fantastic. i was humming it for days afterwards. However, back on the topic at hand. This is the shit hitting the proverbial fan for Sony. While slowly they've been able to get ports of previously 360/Windows only games like Lost Planet and BioShock which is also being ported soon, they've just lost what they were hoping to be one of their biggest third-party exclusives. While the 360 has probably near-peaked now, XIII will make the most of the 360's capabilities, but I just have to sit and wonder how everything will come into perspective when SquareEnix sit down and start translating PS3 dev-code and stuff like that over to 360. It's probably not a complicated process, but i still think while it'll max the 360 out, there'll still be room for improvement in the PS3 version as to levels of hardware usage. Spoken like a true fanboy
  7. If it's true that Watchmen was being billed as one of the pre-movie trailers, then it's nearly worth it for a glimpse of that alone. But sadly I have to wait until next week to see it. Damn living in Europe anyway.
  8. As many films as they can, just so critics can pan it as a bad movie, just because it's based on a game. You can see it happening a mile off.
  9. I'm not sure about them. They're getting a lot of publicity, but I don't see what for. They're catchy, yes, but at this early stage, they're being played to death on the radio. I want to like them, but the overexposure could end up harming them in the long-term, making me hate them as much as I hate Viva La Vida from Coldplay. And for the record, I own 3 Coldplay albums (VLV included), so it's not a biased comparison by any means.
  10. My only problem is not having AIM or Google Talk, plus timezone issues (not to mention the fact that my brother has my DS >.>) But I'm in for Shaymin too if there's a spare one floating around.
  11. They're hallucinations made by the Valkyr drug. So YouTube comments have me led to believe.
  12. It's going to be very noir and gritty, but, like Hitman, i feel it'll get lost on the non-gaming audience and seen by most of the movie critics as mediocre at best. I'll still look forward to it though.
  13. haha, same here. There was a thread already about this 2 weeks ago, old news.
  14. Same here. Coincidence? However, in Crystal, I had a shiny Wooper, and my friend has a shiny Charizard in Pearl. EDIT: Overflow, my brother's turning 28 in 3 months time, he's obsessed with the animes and everything. If you only have the games, he's making you look normal -.-
  15. Edited Avatar - International Karate/IK+ (C64): LT: Now it's too bright. The solution lies somewhere in the middle of the two extremes you had.
  16. Epic. It's the only word that describes it. I have to admit, for making an action game and almost turning it into a tear-jerker that'd put Hollywood out of business, it's one damn fine experience. The ending itself, I was more impressed by the scenes surrounding the ending rather than the actual ending. I don't know how I can put it without blowing the whole thing in one fell swoop, but there's a lot of little things that you pay no heed to, yet at the end their relevance is all pointed out to you and you think "How did I miss that?". I thought it was a nice touch the way Drebin jumps off the cannon and lands the in the same pose Snake did when he landed on the tanker in MGS2. That was cool. EDIT: For those who find this thread now, get your Game IDs and character names up for MGO. Look out for Grizzly, that's me.
  17. The graphic novel variation I'd say is better. Just because Ashley Wood's a damn fine artist and I bought it for 30 euro. I didn't want the PSP version of it, simply because it's a whole better experience on paper.
  18. So I take it nobody's heard of Deerhoof then? I know a few of my friends that introduced them to me, I think they're all right. Wouldn't be that big though, but they still get placings at festivals and good gig attendances and reviews.
  19. Plagarise with consent:- Borrow and slap your name tag on it. Same thing really. Still, glad someone with a moderately high standing within the community gives me the thumbs-up. Even though if I give credit, I shouldn't have to ask, it only feels right seeing whether the artist wants to have his/her work featured someplace else. I call it the Weird Al Rule. He doesn't have to ask for parodies if he credits accordingly, but he does it anyway.
  20. Generic fighter - International Karate © 1984 System 3/Archer Maclean LT: Brighten up the color a bit and we can roll with this. Looks really dark compared to other avatars. Genesis ones end up like that too for whatever reason.
  21. To be honest, i like the green hedgehog form. To what looks like a dog with a determined attitude wearing a red cravat, is a travesty.
  22. I was (coincidentally) considering doing a pre-recorded radio show on another site i frequent, and was going to use one or two OCR tracks as backing music to me talking. I was going to credit it and all, and even offer a trackback to OCR. I can has permission to plagarise with consent? (Hey, at least I'm asking)
  23. I only ever played one on the MegaDrive, a demo of it in 2001, and a demo of NFL Street 2. I liked Street, it was what I expected from an EA BIG title. However the "main event" title, I thought that sucked horrendously bad. Sounds a bit harsh coming from a European, but it's fact. Then again, I've no beef with buying NHL bi-annually like I do, or FIFA every year, simply because I think it's a more solid game than Pro Evo. Other than that, I've noticed that I shy away from a lot of EA's non-sport games. I feel that if there's better elsewhere, then why buy from a company who throws money at low-key developers, hoover up their IPs and proceed to destroy them, as well as their employees with physically shattering hours and no overtime/holiday leave. EDIT: And they also bought a minority stake in Ubisoft recently, but are refusing to sell the whole plant to them. Thanks be to Christ, I'd hate to think of how they can annihilate the goodness of the Prince of Persia or Creed serieses.
  24. or, while in DOS, type in to activate the hard disk that way. Although good luck trying to find how to start windows using that method.
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