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  1. Anyone seen this yet? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdHE_NBmLwU&feature=player_embedded Appeared in most recent TF2 news update on Steam. Something I've been wanting as a just for fun thing in TF2 for a while.
  2. Well, if someone else wants to take the next theme for next weekend, by all means do so. I'm stepping out for a week (or we could just pass the whole thing around from person to person as far as organizer goes), it actually does take a little work to compile everyone/everything (depending on how many people you pull in).
  3. So last night (Saturday), myself and some others pulled a Starfox event with not many people knowing about it and turned into a fun night, thanks to all Starfox people that participated and all the active regulars that were arguably more awesome than us. And now, a list of who was who, including backups: [sF] Fox McCloud - Action Hawk, toomz (this guy stole it from Action Hawk just as he joined, but got reserve slot kicked a few minutes later) [sF] Falco Lombardi - Crowbar Man, Kenogu Labz, [MAV] (had issues with TF2, was supposed to be in on this) [sF] Peppy Hare - Wind [sF] Slippy - Lol, wut? [sF] Krystal - Meeting Gman [sF] General Pepper - I have no idea [sW] Wolf O'Donnell - Gamemaster1379 [sW] Pigma Denmar - Chives, G-Wave [sW] Leon Powalski - Jaswald (totally mispelled Leon's last name), [pavlvs] (he was out and was supposed to be in on this) [sW] Andrew Oikonny - We skipped this guy too [sW] Panther Caruso - Darth_Zebes [sW] Monkey Head - I have no idea [Andross] Andross - !! Suggestions for next weekend's theme? (I probably shouldn't ask this one, come to think of it)
  4. Oh dear god. What did they do to Heavy. They had BETTER come out with a patch to revert at least some of this real soon... seriously, that big of a buff is way too much. Pyro... it's arguable about nerf or not, but I do like the airblast changes (namely AIRBLASTING OFF A CLIFF COUNTS AS A KILL NOW, YAY!).
  5. On a random note, beware of a Starfox raid of 8-10 players sometime between Friday-Sunday (April 30-May 2), all consisting of OCR regulars (so no, it is not a clanstack). And somebody kill cp_fastlane from the map cycle... the last points on that map are terrible and seem impossible to defend.
  6. Should be perfectly fine. No one here is really objecting to it, so go ahead and create the group. There actually is an OCR group on Steam, but as far as Audiosurf goes, it probably would be better to have its own group so events can be set up for only the people that care.
  7. WindStrike = WindStrike Same ol' name in Audiosurf... though I run a separate steam account for Audiosurf for some reason, so if someone starts a Steam group, you'll see me on Steam by a different name most of the time. EDIT: Holy crap, I just saw the highest scoring run ever. If anyone is familiar with CarboHydroM's Unsealed (a 19 minute rock medley of A Link to the Past that's simply awesome, dl here - http://www.carbohydrom.net/music.html)... highest score is just under 2 million (it was with either DVE or Eraser Elite). I thought it was crazy when I surpassed 300,000 on it and knew that 400,000+ was possible... I had no idea it was possible to get a potential 2,000,000+ score. Anyone wanna try and top the record?
  8. The majority of all players are mono players, as it's the easiest while still being really fun in its own simplistic way. So if we were to do a competition on a track, it'd probably be on mono. As far as keeping track of scores competitive wise, I say a track is selected and then renamed with an [OCR] tag in front of or at the end of the track name. Just a spontaneous idea, no clue if that'd work ok.
  9. (yay Audiosurf) I think the two most challenging OCR mixes I've done are Barrel Roll - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01767/ by PrototypeRaptor Dance of the Zinger - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02005/ by Jake Kaufman (virt) Both of them are build-up type songs with some fairly challenging end sections and both are just under 300 traffic count (Ninja Mono + Ironmode). And I have no clue who the people are that hold the top records for those songs, but those records are 4x-5x my scores. On a random note, if you want to take a song that's between green-orange colors and make it somewhat of a challenge, turn bankcam mode on. To do this, go to Properties --> Summary --> Title Add [as-bankcam] to the end of the song, so for Barrel Roll (for example), the title of the track would be "Star Fox Barrel Roll OC ReMix [as-bankcam]" Essentially, where there were originally turns in the track, it exaggerates them and causes the track to bank. If you don't know what I mean, just try it out and you should notice a difference. Warning, do not do it on a track that's all red unless you want to be turning your head the whole time because the track will be sideways. On a related note, an OCR Audiosurf group would be cool. Uhh, are you saying a Steam group or some other method as far as making a group?
  10. I typically switch teams in the case it looks like my team is rolling or close to it. Yeah, I used to get called out for teamswitching too much, but... I don't think enough people intentionally teamswitch anymore to the losing team. I personally think it's funner on the challenging side (losing team)... unless it's a complete roll.
  11. Age of Empires 2 for the win! That aside, even though it's only 30 seconds at the moment, this is really awesome, with a movie quality feel (and not the generic type).
  12. So... anyone tried this crazy mod yet? http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-great-class-dash Got released a few days ago, turns TF2 into a side-scrolling game based on reflexes. Takes about half an hour or less and is overall quite fun (and challenging). Visually, it's amazing, especially the volcanic level. Fyi, it's not really a mod; it's actually a mappack, so it won't affect the main game in any way. There are still a few bugs with regards to switching classes too much in short a time period, but it's still worth a try. EDIT: Also, can we get a new map rotation? It's been on this one a while and although it's a very good one, it's getting really stale at this point.
  13. And while I'm downloading, I'm watching a 100% speedrun of the game (1 hr, 31 min).
  14. Augh, never signed for the beta test because I didn't really want to spoil the game much, but now I see there's access to the map editor in the beta AND I DON'T HAVE IT! Here's to hoping there'll be a 3rd invite wave later.
  15. Ah, harvest killing spree last night with heavy was fun. Apparently got 17 kills of constantly incoming scouts, spies, sniper and even a pyro/medic combo in that little house before I died. Haven't done something like that in a while... in fact, I've been sucking recently, so it's nice that manage to jump back up a bit. Also, although the current map rotation is really good... it's starting to get old. I think the inclusion of an arena map in the rotation (just one) might be nice, no preference.
  16. For some reason, everyone on my friends' list has been wiped, and I'm not seeing a Steam announcement about it either. Anyone else have this issue? Whoo stat reset! ... plus I've been sucking recently, so I'm not opposed to it.
  17. Tetris on the DS against a level 5 computer in standard mode. Sooo hard.
  18. 2-4 chapters an episode is a great pace. They're doing about 5-12 per episode, and... it's just too darn fast. "Ooh, touching mom- ok, 5 seconds is up, let's have pointless humor- ok, 10 seconds is up, let's STATE THE OBVIOUS... no time limit either." Some of the more battle-packed areas greatly benefit off the extra speed, but areas that had more dialogue are mindlessly flying past and often times nonsensically. It's still good over all, but it's definitely rushed.
  19. Yeah, shoot me for this one, but Naruto Shippuuden. Ok, normally, they've been on and off going good and mediocre and then filler season, but... ever since about 113 (and running up to 143), it's just been one of the most immersive shows I've seen (fyi, 144 starts moar filler... fail). Actually, speaking of their filler arcs, they don't suck (Shippuuden specifically), but the thing is, the story is so darn good that I don't care right now. As far as other animes go... Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen is about the only other thing I care about (Bleach, screw you and your failish filler), though I wish they'd go about half the speed they're going. I know there's plenty more good animes to watch, but I'll hold off till summer or something.
  20. More people probably have b2 than b1, so that might be killing the server. I say we try running b2 on there for a little while, and if it keeps killing the server, then cut off. The differences between 'em aren't too big, other than some revisions on stage 3.
  21. I don't care how short it is, it's the coolest mix of Corneria I've ever heard, even though it's still WIP. As far as progressing with it goes, the start is very abrupt, though it would work if you led into it with a different intro. Very awesome so far, even though it's only a minute.
  22. Propane Nightmares (from the Mass AI TF2 video) is what got me into Pendulum. Though honestly, I haven't really liked any of their stuff outside of their "In Silico" album. Apparently, there is a live rip of this that I've listening to on YouTube, and I smiled when I heard the Propane Nightmares bit... but that rapping over the music is ruining it. "In Silico" is still their best (namely Propane Nightmares, Granite, and The Other Side; there's still other tracks in there that're great). I'm still enjoying this though, despite the rapping bit of things. EDIT: LOL Holy crap, am I seriously hearing what I think I'm hearing?! Halfway through the second video... oh my god, ok, that just made it all worth it (and at the same time, not worth it).
  23. Ah, I knew I forgot one, and this one is actually a remake. BLACK MESA SOURCE! Sadly, I have yet to beat the original Half-Life.
  24. Only heard the first two, but I'm psyched to hear Fate of the Unknown now. Fantastic job and kudos to you! Also, took a little time to listen to some of your other stuff, which is also really good.
  25. My only problem with Doublecross is because the bridge connects the spawns so closely together, people tend to forget about capturing the flag and instead and up just killing each other on the bridge all day. But it's still a good map in my opinion. Premuda is rigged for BLU on the first two and then it's even on the last one... unless it got fixed a little bit. The first capture on all the points is way too easy, way too many ways around and sentries become practically worthless. It's a map that looks great sure, but it needs to open up a little bit and take out some of those walls. I'm not opposed to the map, but I'm not for it either. Also, isn't plr_panic on beta 2 right now? ... and yes, kill ctf_sawmill... has more issues than pl_hoodoo.
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