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    djpretzel reacted to LamanKnight in OCR03868 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "While the Wind Fish Sleeps"   
    I just want to say, I'm seriously impressed that you managed to include most of my favourite musical genres into one single song, and one which invokes such fond memories of a game that (I'm sorry to say this) I don't have a lot of memory from in general. (These things happen when you grow up with a Sega Genesis, and don't play Link's Awakening until on the Virtual Console... but anyway.)
    And also, I for one am glad this took a turn from the sombre tone it apparently was going to have initially, and instead is so light-hearted and fun.
    OK. Time to download. And thank you.
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    djpretzel reacted to Black_Doom in OCR03868 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "While the Wind Fish Sleeps"   
    Haha, another track from workshop made it here  I fondly remember listening to this one a lot of times back then, and, of course, remember liking it a lot! Very reminiscent of some Shnabubula's stuff from NES Jams, and that's certainly a good thing. Not the most common blend of components here - bits of jazz, chiptune and whatnot, but, hey, it works. Works very well, for sure  Very good job, man!
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    djpretzel reacted to Darkflamewolf in Album Requests?   
    Pitch it then. Make it happen. Literally one of the first things I did after I had made the initial project thread and put out a recruitment call, I went down the list from A to Z of all my favorite remixers and painstakingly sent off DMs to each and every one of them (limit 5 per day for these forums) hoping to recruit them to the project. 80% never responded back or even read the DMs. 10% will politely say no for whatever reason. However, the remaining 10% will surprise you and be on board to creating tracks for the album. You just never know until you ask!
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    djpretzel reacted to psygol in OCR03865 - Snowboard Kids "Avalanche"   
    I use ocremix from about 10 years, but i have never posted a message.
    This is the first time because i couldn't resisted after listened this amazing remix.
    We spend years playing Sonowboard Kids with my friends. For me is one of the best multiplayer games for N64.
    I remember more beautiful songs in the grass, night and sand tracks.
    Excellent work man!! Thanks a lot for the contribution.
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    djpretzel reacted to evktalo in OCR03858 - Final Fantasy IV "Devotion to the Motif"   
    I have a solid connection to Final Fantasy 4, and the original is one of many favourites from the soundtrack. I've got to say, I got a ridiculous amount of joy hearing it interpreted in this way! Well done!
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    djpretzel reacted to Jorito in Album Requests?   
    Chipping in, what DFW is saying is true. It's a lot of work managing an album, but I've personally found it very rewarding and satisfactory (hence doing my 3rd album gig, as the Terranigma co-director this time). There's something about working with artists, see and help their vision come to life bit by bit and unleashing the combined tracks unto the world that has a certain something to it. It can feel like cat herding at times, but for me it has been worth it. Having a manageable album vision and scope and clear deadlines (I prefer albums projects that can be finished within 1 year) definitely helps. Either way, it is typically a process that takes months at least (sometimes years, with large gaps of inactivity if you're unlucky), depending on the vision, scope, directing and that does involve a commitment of time and energy from the director(s). I've seen projects stall because the director(s) started enthusiastically but couldn't keep the time and energy committed to it to see things through to the end.
    Maybe directing your own album is not something you want to do, but if it is something you're considering, I hope it helps to give you a sense of the things you might run into rather than going in blind.
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    djpretzel reacted to Darkflamewolf in Album Requests?   
    There is also nothing stopping you from becoming director and gathering together awesome talent and managing an entire album on your own. (granted, I had help in the way of @Modus, who was invaluable) But anyone can make an album become reality. Arcadia Legends is proof of that. However, it is a lot of work, keeping up to date on both remixers,, artists and more and making sure everything is flowing smoothly and on time. It takes a lot of organization and patience and definitely a lot of micro and macro managing. It will not be easy, but if you are passionate about the project, others will see that and hopefully will want to join and make it a reality too with you.
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    djpretzel reacted to BlueMageAlpha in OCR02320 - Deflektor 'Cover Your Light'   
    When i describe this to folks who have no idea about vgm remixes, I usually lead with "Bon Jovi-ish"
    Universally, I've been advised this is a Good Thing(tm)
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    djpretzel reacted to lemnlime in OCR03858 - Final Fantasy IV "Devotion to the Motif"   
    A clever reinvention of a classic!
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    djpretzel reacted to duskvstweak in OCR03860 - Quake "Slipgate"   
    Punch me in the face if that doesn't sound a lot like the Batman Beyond soundtrack too.
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    djpretzel reacted to ad.mixx in OCR03860 - Quake "Slipgate"   
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    djpretzel got a reaction from ad.mixx in OCR03860 - Quake "Slipgate"   
    What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
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    djpretzel reacted to Black_Doom in OCR03857 - Skies of Arcadia "The MFD"   
    When I was listening to this album for the first time, I wasn't really looking at the tracklist, but when this track started playing, I immidiately recognized it as a djp's work To my mind, there's just a whole lot of similarities to some of his previous works for sure. The strings reminded of his excellent "Red Waltz" and "What the Ocean Taught the Forest", the funkier bits seem to come staight from "Love Hurts" and "Fortuna Favors the Funk", and the rock-ish parts certainly make me think of "Dark Storm". This is some solid atmospheric stuff, and while it's a relatively short piece, it definitely goes places, being a really cool sonic adventure  Mad props for this sweet track!
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Ramaniscence in Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.   
    @His Infinite Machine This issue has been resolved and the mirror should now be functional; many many thanks to Robert, the mirror's owner, for his assistance.
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    djpretzel reacted to Modus in OCR03857 - Skies of Arcadia "The MFD"   
    I actually like this better than the source. Military Facility Dungeon is one of those universally-popular tracks from the original OST, along with Ixa'Taka, but it's also one of the more quagmire-ish dungeons, so you hear this on loop for.. um, a while. This digests so smoothly, and it's really emotive and.. well, beautiful.
    The viola front and center is courageous and pays off. It owns the stage and dances with the lead synth. I just love the expressiveness, and its tinge of melancholy.
    And that's why I recommend The Milk-Fudge Donut.
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    djpretzel reacted to Mr. Hu in OCR03857 - Skies of Arcadia "The MFD"   
    As someone who listened to the "Love Hurts" Sonic 1 remix two hundred times over the last 15 years, this almost sounds like a sequel to that song. Or a companion piece, at least. I'd agree that it's better than the source, for sure. And I actually quite like that I need to turn it up a little!
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Ramaniscence in Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.   
    @His Infinite Machine This issue has been resolved and the mirror should now be functional; many many thanks to Robert, the mirror's owner, for his assistance.
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    djpretzel reacted to Trism in **RESURRECTED** Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma   
    I am very excited to welcome the one and only @djpretzel onto the project! He's very kindly agreed to pick up the Freedom source and I am extremely excited to see what he does with the track. Welcome aboard, boss!
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Ramaniscence in Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.   
    @His Infinite Machine This issue has been resolved and the mirror should now be functional; many many thanks to Robert, the mirror's owner, for his assistance.
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    djpretzel reacted to Darkflamewolf in OCR03856 - Skies of Arcadia "Better Days"   
    So this was a bit of an interesting track for me. I wasn't really sure how this song would be realized since the original melody was pretty rough to work with and interpret. So imagine my shock and surprise when @TSori came back to me with a trumpet heavy version of Drachma's theme which was a far cry from the more formal and somewhat steadfast mournful tune that one could describe Drachma as being. However, it was very sparse, light in the polish department and definitely in no stage to present as a final track. @TSori himself said he wished he had more skills to make it into the vision he wanted. I told him not to write himself off just yet, because I actually liked the direction he took the song. Knowing that @Deedubs had helped @Supercoolmike out on his track earlier on the album (Which @Supercoolmike should totally submit for eval and approval to OCR!), I took a chance and asked him again to see if he'd assist in helping @TSori out. @Deedubs was gracious yet again and found the challenge invigorating since it caused him to pare down his style rather than build it up, a unique remixing endeavor! What came out of this collaboration was a charming mix that can't help but bring a smile to my face. And the best compliment of all? Whenever it comes on the car stereo, my boys refuse to have us turn off the engine or get out of the car until the song finishes playing! You can't get better feedback than that!
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    djpretzel reacted to Darkflamewolf in OCR03857 - Skies of Arcadia "The MFD"   
    I always admired and loved the OCRemix albums that would get released every few months. I always dreamed of having one directed by myself one day too. (hey, look what happened!!) However, one thing I did notice that in almost every single one of the albums, @djpretzel always had a hand in it by contributing at least one track. It almost seemed like a tradition at this point - that the creator and owner of OCRemix involves himself at least once in every major project released. So, obviously I had to ask the man himself if he was willing to donate a track to the cause after it was approved for official album status. Imagine my surprise and excitement when he said yes!

    However, true to form and to the advice other album directors gave me, they all mentioned that @djpretzel would take his time and most likely be the last track to be finished for the album....and boy did he not disappoint!  If it weren't for a last minute change for Fina's Theme involving @Deedubs at literally the 11th hour (no kidding, it was finished and sent in AFTER the album had been submitted for eval!), @djpretzel's track would have been the last completed for the album! You almost made it there, buddy, but your streak has been broken! haha!  

    As for the track itself, not much to say except he nailed it on the first try, is awesome in every way and I loved it so much that it instantly became my top pick to be the opening track for disc 3. Thanks again to @djpretzel for being so great and easy to work with, you made the final stages of this album submission so much easier and friendly. I appreciate all the help you've given me and the help you'll continue to give as we progress forward in working out these physicals! Huzzah to all for a job well done!
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    djpretzel reacted to Darkflamewolf in OCR03855 - Skies of Arcadia "To the Horizon"   
    This song has quite a history. This was always imagined to be the centerpiece to the entire album in my eyes. One of the key defining features of the Delphinus track was how it would subtly change as you flew near each of the major continents of the world, different instrumentation layering itself to give a different flavor as you travel through each section. That aspect of the track always stuck out to me and I was always hoping we could incorporate that somehow into the remixed version. Although the album already featured a few interesting combo tracks, where we mixed two similar or even dissimilar songs together to form an interesting blend, this was going to be on a whole different level.
    So I started pitching the idea to many people, saying the Delphinus track, if they were interested in it, had a VERY special requirement request placed upon it. Most were intrigued by the source tune, but the moment they heard the additional requirements to add into the song, they immediately bowed out. I can't recall how many remixers I approached with this track, each one turning it down for various reasons. It was getting to be one of the last 4-5 tracks left on the album unclaimed. We were starting to despair that we would even get anyone at all for it and the original vision I had wanted. I was considering taking away the request and just having the plain source tune by itself be the only thing a remixer would have to do.
    Help arrived in the form of @Jorito. At first, he wasn't keen on producing another track for the album, having since submitted one already in the form of il buono, il brutto, il pirata dell'aria. He was busy with various other projects and remix songs. So I moved on to pitch it to others. In the end, he came back around and asked about the album and I mentioned there were only a few tracks left. He was interested in the request for the Delphinus and I told him my vision. He said it was highly interesting and he would think on it. I think a week or two went by and he came back inspired, saying he had the perfect idea for it. Why just layer instrumentation over the original melody? Why not just take the listener directly into the culture of each moon, incorporating rather the Delphinus track INTO the separate musical elements rather than those cultural tracks into the Delphinus? Let Delphinus be the bridge to this big melody than the sole focus?
    After many months of going back and forth and tons of feedback, he dropped what simply was one of the best and most impressive songs of the entire album. He even loved the title to our second disc that he asked if he could appropriate it for his own song. Given that it was a bridge between disc 2 and 3, I figured there was no better track name for this than that. The moment I heard it, I knew immediately it was going to be the showstopper to end the second disc and seque us into the third. It had elements of songs that had come before and previewed songs we had yet to hear. It was the perfect bridge to the perfect album for Skies of Arcadia. Thank you again, @Jorito for a job well done!
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    djpretzel reacted to pu_freak in OCR03855 - Skies of Arcadia "To the Horizon"   
    Sometimes with movies, you don't just have an awesome theme, but there's also a brilliant "suite" on the soundtrack that takes you through many of the different tracks in a great journey. This is that suite. Amazing stuff from all involved and it's great to hear all of these live performances! Epic stuff guys! 
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    djpretzel got a reaction from timaeus222 in Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.   
    Because this situation might recur, I'll outline the specifics:
    PRS for Music ( issued a DMCA takedown for a ReMix by @Beatdrop Dreamhost removed the mix and notified us... ...however, our automated process to synchronize mirrors put the mix right back where it was, and Dreamhost subsequently shut the whole mirror down I am in the process of issuing a counter-claim and checking with Dain to see if there's any reason this company would have issued such a claim; even if there is, our content policy grants us license to publish/distribute and supersedes any subsequent agreements re: exclusivity. In the meantime, the mirror will remain down
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    djpretzel reacted to Sir_NutS in Bit Wig Studio?   
    Yeah I've been using Bitwig since release and I don't think I will need to switch anytime soon.  The strong points of bitwig are the modular possibilities, the sandboxing of VSTs which is the absolute best of all the DAWs I've tried (and I've tried almost all of them except Logic) and the quick workflow it offers.  Also, I'm not sure if this is a thing nowadays but you can use 32 and 64 bit VST2 and VST3 devices on the same project without any issue.  I know I had issues with this in a couple of DAWs a few years ago (Sonar comes to mind).
    However, it's also a relatively young DAW, compared to the mainstream ones that have been around for more than a decade, so you might find here and there some stuff that's considered "basic" in other DAWs is not yet available in BW.  So if you want to switch I recommend trying to at least make a couple songs on it to see if you're going to miss anything pivotal from your previous DAW.
    Overall, I've always said the best DAW is the one you know.  Don't switch for the sake of switching.  But if you're curious about having a modular DAW with the best VST support then check BW out. 

    A note on Reaper: it's cheap, and also has a vast feature list.  However in my experience it was very clunky and the workflow never quite clicked for me.  Even after doing some deep customization on it (which is one of its strong points, as it's highly customizable) I just couldn't feel at home.  I did produce a few songs on it but left it after BW came out, whose workflow clicked for me quicker than any other DAW before it.  So be warned that Reaper is famous for having a steep learning curve, but also packing tons of features.
    edit:  Also, I have a Nektar LX48.  The nektar controllers are basically made for BW's workflow, specially if you're into live performances.