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  1. Looking very slick. I know I mostly lurk now a days but it'll be fun to go through all these settings. Great job guys!
  2. I'm sorry OcR but I can't agree with this. overClocked RemiX has just been going down the drain these last few years. I can't stand it. I feel like you guys just don't care anymore and the whole foundation OverC RMix is just crumbling. This whole 3 genre thing is just STUPIIID!!! Overcocked Redux needs to get its act together or I'm going to delete all my mixes and make my own site. And it'll be better.
  3. Evigilo Insperatus by The Joker. It was on the Links Awakening album
  4. Hey dude, I'm currently out of a computer and possibly a phone pretty soon, but I was curious if you wanted to submit dreamboy (the smurfs mix) to the panel or not? I feel like it might have a chance but I wanted to make sure you were cool with it first.

    If you do want to just let me know. I probably won't be able to check back for another couple of weeks but if you wanted to go ahead and sub it feel free to.

  5. The main reason I kept the modulation so dynamic because I feel like it sounds boring and monotone without it. Ill lowe the dynamics and I think maybe I should try to pitch modulation to make it more exciting. I'll add some more stuff to the soundscape too. I'm kind of going back and forth between the song at the moment adding things as they pop to mind. Thanks for the advice.
  6. So I'm retrying this one. I have a new habit of throwing ideas around on a project rather than go beginning to end, so it's a little messy. I'm trying to figure out how to make it longer, but this might end up being the first song I actually finish in a while. If you guys have any ideas I'd like to hear them! https://app.box.com/s/3c6lo7oak4wnk9bbsuffrxxvezudldm2
  7. omg im in ur vistr msgz 2

  8. how did you do this

  9. 1.) Reimu Hakurei (Touhou) 2.) Duck and Hound (Duck Hunt 3.) Roll (Mega Man)
  10. Click my profile too, pretty much everything falls under ambient and is hopefully what you're looking for. Didnt know if it was in the tag database because of what djpretzel said but any reason to shamelessly self-promote. And look around mcvaffe's stuff to. Some of it is very ambient. And good.
  11. My stuffs ok too. Anything on my bamdcamp or YouTube is ok also (found on my artist profile).
  12. Already had time to eat and take a quick nap.
  13. Its whatever basically. Its really hard for a game to take up much of my time anymore. I was even trying WoW before the wod came out but quit cause it was just sort of boring IMO. There's a lot to do but I think that's the main problem for me.
  14. I would do this, but can barely even get project mixes done by myself . If anyone wants a collab partner for something do contact me. That might work out better than solo mixes at the moment.
  15. ehh my bad. i could've sworn that some people did sell their remixes.. specifically from this site. but i see what you're saying now.
  16. I'm sure it wouldn't matter. I think a metroid prime mix on this site went through a similar process. Can't remember the exact name but I think it's fine as long as it's your property. Feel free to sell your remixes too. Lots of people do afaik. OCR won't be involved with any of that, though.
  17. I have 510 trophies and have 8 more challenges to go that will pretty much fill themselves out once I run through all star and smash run with all the characters. I have all the outfits too, just need headgear. There's so much content, but I'm happy this will be the first smash I 100%.
  18. don't actually have a wii u yet, but my soon to be roommate loves nintendo, so we'll probably split on one. can't wait for it
  19. I've been finding people to play on smashboards. I can play fine at Starbucks but only in for glory mode. It's much better to just play with friends, though.
  20. why wouldn't you get both versions? these games are great. at least i'm assuming that the wii u version will be good too. smash on the go is something i've wanted for a long time, too. I didn't think it would control that well, but it actually feels very good to play. Still can't wait to use the good 'ol gamecube controller. edit: i wont be able to add you guys till tomorrow unfortunately, my internet is being weird with my 3ds, but it shall be done! i used to play smash in competitive scene so if you're into that then lemme know. i don't really mind how we play, though.
  21. this game is so addicting it's crazy. how much has everyone unlocked so far? got all characters and stages, and about 3 blocks away from completing the second challenge panel. i only have 235 trophies so far, not sure how many of those there are. the whole trophy system never really interested me too much, though. they did make it more fun to collect them this time around. ill add you too, armadonRK
  22. My friend code is 4613-7840-2447 Let's brawl!.. err Smash 3DS'!... err whatever. I added you SystemsReady.
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