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  1. Love it. The arrangement on this is especially good. It's very creative and does a lot with the original that I would have never thought of. Good shit!!
  2. i think it'd sound really cool if you faded out some instruments around 3:34. The mix kind of gets static and you won't to make sure there are dynamics to ensure the listener doesn't zone out.
  3. I think this maybe one of my favorites from DDRKirby(on this site). He's always been a great chiptune producer and this is no exception. Keep up the great work i love it!!
  4. If anyone wants mixing help or vocals hit me up via pm. I'm good at those two things.
  5. Beautiful! You have a very nice voice. I especially like this harp sample. Something that I could fall asleep too easily.
  6. I really like it! Humanization sounds good and all. Arrangement is GREAT. The chord progression is great for this song so it's hard to fuck that up though. You have your own touch though, and it's a nice touch. GREAT JOB INSERTING OUTSET ISLAND. I love it! I can't give too much more advice since I don't make or listen to music like this, but I do like it! If I were a judge I would pass it no problem. But I'm not.
  7. ad.mixx is a corruption of one man, a machine that feeds. It feeds on his pride, fear, failure, and success https://admixx.bandcamp.com/album/ad-mixx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xl6Sou9zDk&list=OLAK5uy_mNf1xL7NBxT-opWWTbp5XXdKeb1Wb4Ijw I've really spilled my heart out with the music, and the lyrics. I know I may not be the best singer, but I do know that I put my heart into every line, and sung as hard as I could for you guys. The music moves from catchy, hard-hitting electronic extravaganzas with dubstep influences, to softer, more melancholy melodies with smooth pads backing them. There's even some chiptune influences in a few songs. I know OCReMix loves its chiptune! The lyrics are mostly me being emo, from dealing with drug addictions from the past - to dealing with depression, and the weight that it brings upon the victim and the people surrounding them. I try to be catchy though, as to not bum everyone out. Please don't be bummed out! Just vibe with the music This is all I have to offer for now. Look out for ad.mixx 2.0 soon though! I'm hoping to get my second project before the end of next year, and it will only be bigger and better! If you enjoy this, stick around in the post your original music forums! I tend to post this music over there before it gets out in the public. Thank you! P.S. I will update this with streaming sites soon. It should be up within the next week. Thanks again for listening. Edit: oh and i don't know if this goes without saying, but any feedback on music, vocal performances, production is very welcome ^.^ BIG EDIT: I've realized that bandcamp was only allowing people to stream 3 songs before having to stop. I have fixed that. Also the spotify link is now up! It should also be available on any streaming platform you use. Thank you for listening! Feel free to drop a comment below.
  8. Im going to post in here to offer any services. I spend around 30 hours a week on music but id like to take a small break from originals to work on remixes. I can do male vocals but if any songs need to be done let me know and ill work on that as well. I know i havent been as reliable in the past And i apologize for that, but i have been a lot better at keeping schedules now. Thanks.
  9. If you need some male vocals just let me know. Here's some of my work. I'll look through the tracklist and see if there's anything that catches my eyes.. edit: i've started on sector y tonight. very experimental. I'll keep working on this until I get you a first draft (probably close to finished) later this week.
  10. I'm really digging what you have here! Most glaring issue has got to be the transition at 1:22! You gotta bring those dynamics down a bit. The difference in volume between the two sections of this song is way too much. Also the bass is WAY too loud in those higher ranges., I don't mind the energy it gives but everything else is drowned out by the bass. I'd recommend cutting down some mids on it, or something like that. IDK. Also, this is an arrangement concern, but I do think you could possibly bring in some drums in for the first section a little earlier (or something like that). I think the transition is a little too jarring and MAYBE it's just because of the difference in volume, but I think bringing in more electronic elements before the middle section could really help a lot. Yeah I know you said you're done, but it could definitely use some tuning in the arrangement department, at least in the beginning, and also needs some mixing help. I love the ideas though, and I love the synth choices. Same thing with the orchestral instruments. edit: actually listening to it more, I think it could be the SNARE (Not the bass) that is destroying my sneakers. way too much power in that thing.
  11. Love it. The guitar tone at 1:30 is absolutely to die for. Sixto always kick ass on the solo's, and the one at 3:08 has to be one of my favorites. Really great job.
  12. @Fishyhas probably inspired me more than any other aritst on this website. I don't really have much more to add to that, his remixes "Echoes", "Beneath the Canopy", and "Estharian Airs" are some of the best remixes on this website without a doubt. Really influenced a lot of my earlier remixing attempts and styles. I listen to a bunch of the artists from here but that's one that stands out. Oh yeah, @TGH because he's a badass. Good speedrunner too.
  13. It's very SUGARY SWEET. I love the vibes that this gives off! It makes me HAPPY listening to it, and I like music that makes me happy!! Always love your stuff Hylian Lemon!!
  14. https://app.box.com/s/8rylfzh6pdt4eu8yyrxtk7a3g0612tkn Still need to do lyrics for bridge. Any ideas would be helpful. That last part is a bitch to sing tho lol. I keep losing breath.
  15. Yoooooo I dig this a lot!!!!!! Yooo I dig it!! A little too compressed IMO, but I dig everything else in it! Also the piano suddenly cuts off at the end is that a mistake?
  16. I feel like im the only one of my friends who actually likes this. Looks like it will be a decent kids movie.
  17. With a little bit of rapping too. I'm just putting this on box for a little preview, I'll release on my upcoming full length LP. Still got to clean it up a little bit (I think the rapping section is off beat at some points). It hits hard so be warned Hope you guys like it. edit: Decided to go ahead and release it. I like it too much.
  18. I just want to say this artwork is bomb. I want a physical copy real bad.
  19. This is an incorrect opinion. i actually heard it got better with patches...
  20. I really wanted to say this one too, I don't think I've ever played a game that's just so amazing in every single aspect. And it's in my favorite genre of game - the JRPG. I absolutely love how the game tackles some extremely dark themes without taking itself too seriously. A lot of JRPG's tend to fall flat in this area, and it was refreshing to see it done well here. I do wish it would have gone deeper into the villains' backstories, but I think it did well enough.
  21. I'd say Dark Souls. It's really hard for a game to capture every single thing I love about video games into one package (atmosphere, pacing, combat variety, RPG elements) but this game did it with ease. It's honestly the first game in a very long time that made me feel like a kid again. I love it so much.
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