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  1. Hey dude, what if you just taught me?

    No but here's the thing, I understand multiband compression, EQ and such as concepts and I know how to do them. Basically I feel like there might be more to the secret art, so if you wanna learn me on it sometime I'm all for. It.

  2. We should talk about mastering. Or at least, if you know someone who does a lot of mastering for electronic artists, even for money since I don't have uh.. those connections.

  3. Hm, if I had to guess at first glance, I'd say that looks more like the fear of Clorox-based life forms.
  4. It's just your mom's multiple accounts!



  5. Soundcloud bro

  6. do you ever lose subscribers as soon as you post something? :|

  7. Nick Cage's career is an anomaly of this universe, but I'd forgive everything if he were secretly a Daft Punk member.
  8. I don't.. understand half this album 0_0 wha.. dpunk got a little weird but it's cool.
  9. happy birthday, magfest warrior
  10. I like... I like FF11 the most. It turned me on to the FF series. I played the FF3 DS remake and it became another favorite. I played Tactics before either those and REALLY loved it. Then I played 13.. and you know, I went to the midnight release. I was genuinely crushed by how much I couldn't enjoy it. But man, FF11 is one of only two games that I can say changed my life.
  11. Dragon Age 2, yet I played it all the way through and my brother did twice. We agree that we hate it, but apparently we lack a frontal lobe. Also MW3. I'll defend the first two as the pinnacle of arcadey multiplayer FPS but 3 was a complete flop. Sold mine as "3-piece coaster set" on eBay. No joke.
  12. I wouldn't judge you if this was a serious statement. An SM64 speedrun actually looks impressive as fuck. It's very showy, with all these acrobatic flips, wall jumps, and shortcuts. Anyone who hasn't watched an SM64 speedrun, you must.
  13. http://skiesofarcadia.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Rift
  14. Ohh, I have one really weird one. When I'm in deep, deep concentration in a competitive game, I start humming loudly and don't even notice. If it's a racing game, I'll usually do it along with the engine, but otherwise it's a song or just random notes. My parents used to think I was autistic or just plain retarded. I even did it one time in grade school when they brought in some sort of educational computer game. The memory of my whole class looking at me like WTF and the teacher taking the headphones off to make me stop is one of my earliest embarrassing memories.
  15. A few times in high school I had 20+ hour marathons of FFXI when my parents went on vacation, hahaha. I almost died. Oh, you said weird, not pathological. Uncontrollable levels of admiration.
  16. This is the only Sony franchise I admire at all, and I think Sony senses the fanbase magic and wants to push R&C into Mario and Sonic-level notoriety. Hope it works too, because R&C does kind of deserve that level of attention.
  17. Sonic never has a bad OST. For as much hate Sonic Adventure 2 gets (for some reason I still haven't figured out), it also has one of my favorite OSTs (Shadow's Theme plz) I never took a close listen to the '06 OST except Crisis City but yeah, you're right. These hit the spot. I really like the pseudo-cyberpunk feel the Sanic games of that era had.
  18. Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer - appropriately slow, somberly inspiring, gradually uplifting
  19. Titles, titles.. in the Super Nintendo Monarchy. They made Iwata the face of Nintendo and his move to CEO is probably a branding strategy. I think he's endearing as heck, so I'm all for it.
  20. No you need to take credit for that. Too much genius to pass up on.
  21. I feel like the only guy holding out for new Nintendo IPs. I mean I'll always buy new Zelda and Pikmin but that's really all you have guaranteed from me, Ninty. I don't stick to one thing very long. This is probably a bad tangent, but I did want to put it out there. On LttP 2, I hope they do some sort of collector's edition or special edition 3DS because I'll spring for it.
  22. Soooo pretty much the usual life progression of every gaming platform ever.
  23. Because we both forgot to wear our neon signs flashing our forum names. I knew I forgot something.
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