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  1. Well, jooj standards are pretty much at Wizpig difficulty. I figure there's more to it than dumb luck to get posted these days. Maybe some of the older stuff was not so good, which is the real problem to me. Some of dem 2000 mixes... *shudder* Plus pretty much all of you guys are too hard on yourselves.
  2. You gotta have some sort of solid criteria for stars and non-stars. Maybe like, a posted mix or job in the industry. Unless you have stars sponsor people, I guess.
  3. About that Kingkiller book I mentioned before, it's actually very good. It gets progressively better until the very last page.. read dat shit.

  4. OK. Well back on topic, I've never had a music request.
  5. Well, if that other one blew your mind...
  6. I love SoA so much. If I ever get posted, it will be an SoA mix. Hope you stick by this, not really sure what to say. It's hard at times to distinguish the lead and rhythm guitars but when the melody came in I stopped caring. Cause SoA dude.. mmmm, so gooood.
  7. Is there any interest in going to Chicon 7 on August 30th? It's caught my fancy.
  8. how do you has any tears left
  9. no, yeah, it's good. it works. It's a dangerous line anyway.. you could end up with Tryhard Syndrome like me and pitch bend your pitch bends until the track actually produces cheese because it's so saturated with processing. For chiptunes, less is probably more.
  10. Oh heck yes, 80s. I'm not super into this type of music but the mixing/arranging is so nice that I can't help but pulled in. Only thing I'm not sure about is how heavily the vocals are processed but maybe it'll grow on me. Following, fo sho.
  11. Your style's growing on me. Frenetic, poppy, catchy. Love the grunginess. Love the title. I'm wondering.. though.. why you don't use more pitch bends or delay effects. That lead at 1:11 could scream with some subtle delay, an occasional pitch bend, maybe vibrato. Obviously this is all personal taste but I'm curious.
  12. very good emulation of SRPG music. Snare and timpani felt a little stiff to me but maybe that was for a more SNES-like feel. Feeling very nostalgic right now..
  13. Like a 2D canvas of SNES parts laid out into the shape of an 8bit figure. Been wanting to do that.. ever since I thought of it just now.
  14. Come hear the critically ignored 9bit juggernaut Sees Thunder by yours truly. It will bring about feelings of indifference you never knew you could muster!HNNNNNGH
  15. I choked up at the part where everyone teams up at Sailor Island for the final battle. I was seriously overwhelmed with epic. Also choked up for this. Didn't cry but.. wow, for such a cheesy game the ending was genuinely heartfelt.
  16. Can't find le demo. Samples sound good though. OK, pretty amazing but where the heck do you get that breath controller? Not that I can.. afford any of this. I'm just a lowly hobbyist.
  17. OK.. OK listen. What I'm about to say is completely true. As a kid, I cried after beating tournament mode in a game called Waialai Golf Club for N64. There was this montage at the end and.. and things just got weird. I dunno man. I dunno.
  18. He worked on FFXI which automatically means this is important to me. Anyone know what he did on the team?
  19. Now that's poetry right there. It reminds me of another.. "Don't be a stupid asshole and do good in life"
  20. This is awesome. I'll observe the first round, but I'm interested in signing on as a novice the next.
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