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  1. Is the "Ruby my dear" track still broken? I've tried to download and listen to it but it's having a seizure and Mediafire is giving me a bunch of unnecessary popups.
  2. I dig it. it's weird to remix an already awesome song, but this was a cool arrangement. love the bass.
  3. oh man... that sucks a lot. I only had that problem with Turbo controllers. The turbo pad/button would get stuck so every game I played with that controller would be annoying because of continuous jumping, punching, and "hi-yah" ing. those rage moments made me quit playing with Turbo controllers.
  4. In order from least to greatest amount of rage: 1) The Screws in Metropolis Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) 2) Fighting Shocker (Spiderman: The Movie: The Game; actually, any game where you face Shocker is rage-inducing) and lastly and certainly not least 3) When it is mathematically proven and "humanly" obvious that the final block is the solution and there's no way it should explode... and yet it does explode and you die and lose and the cool guy with sun glasses gets "Xs" over his eyes because even he can't believe it. (Minesweeper).
  5. I concur. I haven't played Sonic 2006, but if you can do that stuff then I know it's gotta be a way-past-cool game. and if Mr. Como sings in it or you can unlock the Como soundtracks somehow then I definitely know it's gotta be a killer game.
  6. Speaking as a crazed Sonic Fan who just played a few minutes of Sonic 4: Sonic 4 was almost a complete disappointment (I still have to give SEGA props for at least teasing us with an "old school" feel). Speaking as a normal Sonic fan who just played a few minutes of Sonic 4: This game makes Sonic look bad because several parts of the game play require no more skill other than holding down the Right directional button and occasionally jumping up. Speaking as a typical gamer who just played a few minutes of Sonic 4: "HD" doesn't make everything better, and using "old school" sounds and music sometimes will make people prefer to play the game on mute... or not even play the game at all. Speaking as a human who just played a few minutes of Sonic 4: What the heck just happened? Am I dead? overall, regardless if you're a Sonic fan or not I would personally recommend that you only get this game for a collector's item or out of sheer boredom. It's not really an engaging platform/adventure/hold-down-one-button game at all (IMO). I will admit that it's a good game for little children (whenever I babysit my younger cousins I sometimes let them play VGs, and surprisingly they liked this game a lot). oh yeah... and I've never seen Rayman, Spyro, Crash, Mario, Ratchet, Sly, or Jak fans complain this much about their respective games. Maybe this time the Sonic fans aren't overreacting?
  7. Will the 3ds be capable of Fun-mode? It was on the other versions and I just wanted to make sure.
  8. I'd take that route too, but it's a road less traveled nowadays. much much much MUCH less traveled nowadays; at least where I'm from. I'm willing to pay that price too (especially since that song is hella tight and it wouldn't have the same meaning if it was "Screw you, go and grab some poop") but sometimes I'm ashamed of paying that price when some rappers take the easy/lazy route of using the typical "bitch,shit,dick" rhymes (From the top of my head Kanye's verse in "Go Hard" and basically all of Soulja Boy's freestyles come to mind). And yeah, I'm about as tired of the "art card" as I am with the "race card." It's waaaay too overused for just about anything and almost always in the wrong way. If you're going to drop irrelevant f-bombs all over the place [or release "soothing waters" and "clean" mellow, Kirby's Dreamland optimistic beats] then go ahead and embrace your opinion because everyone is entitled to it; but saying that profound profanity in any particular song is "for the sake of art/free-speech" comes across to my ears as saying that smashing my video game console after losing a boss fight is "for the sake of consumer review." seriously though: is somebody going to work on the Kirby Rap song? I'm actually looking forward to that.
  9. Seriously though, if you start making some more dstep beats I'd love to check them out. That Whomp beat was waaaay dirtier than most cut-and-paste dsteps people have been putting out. peace
  10. This is a blammin track! so fresh. Sorry for my childhish terminologies, but I'll try to critique this in the most coherent way: your triplet wah/phase/whatever thingies starting at about 1:32 are sick nasty, but I think it would be cool if you had them alternating between the left and right speakers. oh yeah, since it's "Womp" do you think maybe you could insert some kind of rhythmic clip of Whomp? it's probably cheesy, but I'm just saying. Also, I think the kick/bass drum could use more bass/volume/compression or some kind of emphasis because after the intro it seems like you either lowered the volume or the wah/phase bass is drowning out its sound. Yeah, that's all the negative things I have to say because I like it a lot. The ending is sick and it's awesome/clever how it sounds like an infinite loop if you have your player set on replay. Would you mind if I used this song in a skate video?
  11. props: the piano transition at about 1:06 is really cool how it ascends and builds into the climatic part of the song (I'm an old school Sonic fan and I think you did justice to the original). The Drum beat is cool; it seems to get a bit redundant until you mix it up some more at the climax, but it reminds me a lot of the drum part from Sky Sanctuary (in S&K). nuisances: If you like that weird trumpet sound then rock on, but I think it sounds ridiculously cheesy. The strings remind me of an incident where someone left the sink plugged up and running so the water just keeps overflowing everywhere (does that make sense? Not trying to be harsh, the strings are just too much and it would be cool if you experimented with some syncopation instead of just holding down whole note chords throughout); Lastly, I can't really tell what the bass sound is until the ending [besides your lowest string tone]; I recognized the bass only because I know the song and it was throbbing in my head, but you should make it audible to everyone. Suggestions: Let the drum beat fade in by itself for a few seconds/measures (I think it's really cool and you should show it off), then bring the strings or the bass followed by the main melody. Take away the trumpet sound or use something with a softer wave tone (A Sine wave synth lead or maybe a flute or whatever you experiment with). Try to emphasize the difference/importance of each section instead of just having something that sounds the same the whole way through up until the climax part. Extend whatever cool rhythmic synth pattern that you had in the climax (it sounded like a slap bass or some kind of phased loop); whatever it was, it was mad cool and you shouldn't just tease us with it for a few seconds and then drop it out. MOAR bass basically, 1:06 onward is awesome but the beginning needs to be developed more. fuck the dude who said "total shit, thumbs down" as if that's supposed to help at all. peace
  12. lmao! i feel you... Several years back I had a great idea of mixing powdered cheese with fries and you know what Burger King did?---- they didn't just have the "shake-em-up" fries, they had it for a while and then canceled it. They basically stole my idea and said that it was too cheesy all at once. but concerning scripts, I used to have a vivid drawing imagination as a kid and I came up with ideas such as Spiderman with a cape in the future, a teenager with metallic powers named "Max," and a dude that uses otherworldly powers to fight crime and survive school. If I lack creativity today it's because the writers of Spiderman: Unlimited, Max Steel, and Danny Phantom stole it from me. Oh, and Shyamalan. He stole the potential of a great airbending film from all of us.
  13. WTF? I wish I had played in "n00b" bands like that when I was growing up. Your music sounds awesome man! The only thing: each of the songs feel as though they need a strong melody (or a stronger emphasis on the melody if it's already there and I'm just not noticing it)... I would prefer to keep listening to these as instrumentals, but if you do decide to have vocals please proceed with caution; the music already sounds awesome in itself. My favorite song is "The Tide" but it seems like you need to develop it more (unless it's just a preview for now. The other songs seemed "complete."). It seems like you're going in a progressive direction with this album so my best advice would be to listen to some ELP, Dream Theatre, or An Endless Sporadic (for newer fans) and just experiment with some synth melodies (typically square wave/ lead sounds). and the compression is great now (I don't think you can ever have too much compression on hard rock drums).
  14. Nice, it's cool that some headbangers still play this kind of rock. This reminds me of HORSE the band's take on TMNT. (I don't know if you know them, but it seems like that's the kind of direction you're going in). The idea is cool as a rough draft but all it needs is more overall volume to the entire mix, more volume to the bass to drive it, definitely more compression or emphasis on the snare drum (unless you're going for that old school classic rock vibe),and the singer just has to imagine that he/she is Donatello so he/she can hit those high notes! keep shredding
  15. duuuuuuude.... I "used headphones" as you requested and I was personally swept away (but I'm already a fan of this type of music... so that may be biased). there are some very awesome stereo vibes pumping through this mix! I don't think the guitar thing in the middle is relevant to the style, but the shifts from Ice Cap to Panic Puppet were very slick. Overall it's perfect for a rave, but as an OCR it seem too long in getting to the point and building up to the melodies. 8/10 (only because it drags after a while)
  16. oh yeah, I forgot. it's kind of an inside joke between an old guitarist friend and I to reference guitar moans as "whale calls" and I guess I've gotten way too used to it. Well, so far, everybody is saying I need to add much more to it but I purposefully made some of the synth parts simple because I thought it sounded like too much... but I guess I'll do some more work on it and eventually insert some of those wailing guitar whale calls I mentioned. thanks for the comments.
  17. NOTICE: due to my doctor putting me on a 2-week parole for tendinitis observations I will probably not get to complete this remix for a long while... but all advice and critiques are welcomed since I'll have plenty of time to take note of them while my hand is healing. Anyways, even if you're not a KH fan/slave I think "Simple and Clean/Hikari" is a very beautiful song. Here it is (for reference to see if I strayed too far or stayed too close) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyEZHfCDzqM&feature=related and then here's my WIP so far. Click here to listen to Simple and Clean prototype.mp3 basically, if you've ever heard of the duo "Ratatat" then you should be able to tell what I'm trying to emulate... but it's pretty early in the morning so I couldn't record the whaling alien guitar parts and wake up my neighbors:sleepdepriv:. next time. peace
  18. yeah I know... but SSBB and Halo 3 weren't really enough to make me feel the need to finally move on from the cube. but if the Spidey game is anything like the previous Spidey titles then it should be worth the rental at least.
  19. I don't know if this is old news but it still seems worth discussing: I usually go over to my friends' houses to play their games because I've been comfortable with my Gamecube and Sega Genesis (hell yeah), but this Spider-man game actually intrigues me to go and buy a Next-gen console.
  20. Dude, that's some intense beats right there. I wasn't expecting to hear that, but thanks for raising my blood pressure, I did "enjoy."
  21. I like it a bunch (especially since I've played the game), and I think it does capture that "chill" vibe of the theme; The only thing I would suggest is adding a shaker and some old-school upbeat, mellow flutes. I don't know if that makes sense, but still cool nonetheless.
  22. I've lost count on the Hans Zimmer praises, but I also find his music moving. Honestly though, the four songs that currently make me look away from people and try to act tough have been: Muse's "Invincible" (If I ever make a movie for my comic, this would be the scene where all the heroes die, despite working together). Yanni's "Standing in Motion" (This is more like pumped up ready-to-kick-some-butt crying, not sad crying.) Nujabes' Feather" ( R.I.B. Nujab). and John Williams' "Flying Theme" from E.T. (I think the melody is blissful). I used to think crying from music was kind of weird, but I guess it's healthy every now and then.
  23. If available may I please have my title changed to "Sir Jordanius?" Darkmoocher is basically my Runescape name, but I have a love-hate relationship with RS so I wouldn't like to hold that monicker.
  24. Oh man... I think it was probably around ten years ago when I first heard of OC Remix. I was in elementary school and I was so hooked on Video game music (I still am, of course) and somehow I came across the "Love Hurts" arrangement of The Marble Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. I'd have to say ever since then I've been recording and arranging on my own and my cousin pushed me to finally join OCR and help out and learn. I hope I can cause a lasting impact on a lucky individual like the above arrangement has had on myself!
  25. I agree, all the new Sonic games without voice acting and over-embellished plots would be perfect. As far as an already perfect game, I think the entire Katamari series is pretty much spotless. I don't know what they could possibly do to top awesome music and fun game play already. IMO.
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