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  1. Damn you backspace button for taking me away from this page and eliminating my text!!! Anyways, I really like this mix. It has a space-like atmosphere that appeals to me somehow. The main thing that disturbs me is the fake vocals have a noticable delay. (EDIT: this problem is only noticeable in the beginning. Once the instruments take over, the rest of the song is fine) First comes the first pitch, then it ends, then the second pitch, then it ends. I would make it so that the fake vocals flow more fluidly so that its connected enough to remove that uncomfortable dead space (or as I call it, an Issac Clarke).
  2. Hahaha very nice. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  3. Welcome. So far I really like your stuff. Hopefully you will use what you have to make some kickass remixes.
  4. http://www.grammy.com/nominees (number 86) This is a huge step forward for video game music. OCRemix posted this on Youtube: "CONGRATULATIONS to Christopher Tin for being the first composer to win a Grammy award for VIDEO GAME MUSIC for Civilization IV's "Baba Yetu!" He just won! Head to his video and give your congrats! http://youtu.be/IJiHDmyhE1A - Tell him OC ReMix sent you! Then download http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01843/ !" I personally love this track. Although I would not have heard it if it weren't for Brentalfloss's track: In the meantime, post about the track, the 2011 Grammy Awards, or anything Grammy related.
  5. One additional thought: You should name this track "Ted Kennedy has the Dual Blade"
  6. Dear WillRock,

    Your songs have invaded my iTunes, and have taken up a large proportion of my storage space. Please stop making great remixes for my hard drive's sake.



  7. I never thought I would see the day that TED *BLEEP*ING KENNEDY would be in a real remix. This track is DELICIOUS. The intro is nice, but a bit too slow. I think that you need to add some more content. The speech part is also a bit long, so if you can, try to cut it down. Also, this mix is painfully short, and ended abruptly. There is much to improve. If you can get this mix passed the judges, I will give you a treat (not guaranteed).
  8. Ah, Runescape. What a wonderful waste of time you used to be... I must say that though the song is fairly decent, you need new instruments. Some of the instruments in the beginning were of rather poor quality. For instance, the cymbals you used were completely pitiful. I do like the vocals, but there is room for improvement. Ask other members for more specific feedback.
  9. Wow! This is a really nice track. Right now the only thing I could complain about is the sudden ending. I would end off with the just the main track (luigi's mansion theme). Unless you have different melodies, the short length is currently justified.
  10. As in...what? I don't get what you are asking for...
  11. I would come, but my budget's a little thin right now. Sorry!
  12. So I'm not the only one who has seen Airplane. I'm thinking of getting a 3DS just for White/Black and the Ocarina of Time remake.
  13. HolycrapbrentalflossonOCADthisisadreamcomeTRUE! I'm still on Episode 45 though, so I have to catch up. Oh, and I saw the Itunes "update" when it was still on YouTube. HILARIOUS!
  14. I'm currently in a criminology and law class, and so far it seems that video games would be a VERY low incentive to commit crimes (if they even are an incentive). Poverty, neglect, and easy targeting are much greater threats to our society than Mass Effect. Also, I would like to know of a legitimate video game on the market that involves rape. I haven't heard of one.
  15. HOLY SHIT! Did you just make that or was that already on deck? But good damn timing. Anyways...HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMUNATOR!!!
  16. Kinda sad, but seeing how sales for the recent games have been dismal and the lack of innovation since World Tour, I'm honestly not surprised. In fact, I am going to say outright that after Rock Band 3 will be old news, the mainstream demand for band simulation games will be dead for a long time. It's too damn expensive to keep up with everything. Hell, I'm still trying to buy Beatles Rock Band.
  17. Read this section of the US Constitution: "The Congress shall have Power...To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries..." Translation: Congress is responsible for the enforcement of patents and copyrighted material. Therefore, it has the right and ability to create copyright law for all forms of entertainment. Of course, there is also the case of fair use, where individuals and non-profits use copyrighted material for producing other forms of creative art. Thus it is the discretion of both the legal system, the supposed "pirate" and the original artist to determine whether fair use was or was not abused. Extra Credits said it best (at least for video games) when they said that if you have relatively easy access to the material, then you should not pirate, but if its absolutely impossible to buy or access the material legally, then it is somewhat acceptable to pirate. And finally, keep in mind that technically OCR is a non-profit, thus as long as we do not publish works that border "copy-paste" material, that the game companies have confidence in and admiration for our work, and that we are (most likely) protected under fair use, OCR is almost immune from prospective lawsuits.
  18. For ALL FPS's that have auto-aim, there should be an option to turn it off. There have been many moments where the auto-aim screwed me in Call of Duty, and sometimes they do help.
  19. I would recommend Golden Sun and it's sequel GS: The Lost Age. There is also a DS sequel, but I haven't played it yet. Relatively little level grinding, the hair is mostly sane, and the storyline is well written.
  20. Your video is broken. And look for me in the video. I'm wearing the Star Trek garb (I was supposed to bring a sign that says "am I at the right convention?", but I left it at home). EDIT: It works, but it takes twenty minutes to load...
  21. I don't mind remakes, and I think that XBOX Live support for Halo CE with the additional weapons is LONG overdue. I still have the original, so I would only buy the remake if they added new features worth drooling over. I saw in this thread that they're making a new Halo game. I thought that the Halo trilogy was over.
  22. I would download it, but my college has a goddamn torrent tracker. I'll download it at a starbucks or something.
  23. This track is one of my favorites from the seasons game. I would remember playing the game and heading to the Tarm Ruins just to hear the music. You have just the right instruments, but I tend to find the bassline to be just a tad bit repetitive (especially at the end). Also, if you can, try to add some variety to the tunes of the other instruments (the sax, imo, is just perfect).
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