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  1. Hey guys! So I just released a collaborative ambient music album with ambientsketchbook from Ireland. I hope you enjoy the music! http://syllix.bandcamp.com/album/harmony Thanks for listening, Syllix
  2. I usually bounce my mixes to a single audio file, and they're peaking generally at around -3 to -6dB. I then start a new session and add MASTER on the end. I start off with Multi-band compression, with ratio's of 2:1 and varying attack and release times for each band. I use faster attack times for music with drums and stuff, and slower attack times for ambient music. Typically gain reduction is anywhere from 0.5dB to 2dB max. An EQ is next in my chain where again, i usually dont cut or boost more than 1.5dB, and I use wide Q's. Subtly is the key here, since your mix should already be sounding great. Finally, I have a limiter at the end with the limit set at -0.2dB. I increase the gain by slightly more than the loudest part of my entire mix. This is Syllix's home brain surg... I mean, mastering method.
  3. Here's a little look into the making of a few ambient tracks, as well as basic explanation of how I got about using field recordings Hope you enjoy!
  4. How about just "Stop worrying and enjoy your life"
  5. Hmmm although I don't necessarily agree with your signature, I still wish you a hip hoppin' happy birthday.
  6. some of the extremely fast kicks or hihats don't really fit IMO, since you're using sampled version of real drum kit. It just doesn't feel right. The kick gets lost in the mix, there's no real punch to it. I think why nothing really stands out to me comes down to sample quality. As a whole the track seems to lack some meaty low end... Arrangement wise I don't really have any complaints, although I've never listened to the source prior to just now. Lastly, I don't review peoples work often.. I don't think I'm very good at reviewing other peoples work, sorry :3
  7. Cheers Andrew! Just picked up the Emotional Mallets and look forward to using it in my future compositions. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
  8. Same boat as you, Gar. I need to be more aware of these competitions! It's almost been a year since my last
  9. +1 to the OP for bringing this to everyone's attention. The man Graham is a boss and you can learn a lot from him.
  10. probably posted in here b4, but if anyone's interested it's in my sig
  11. what's the point of playing soccer? what's the point of going for a bike ride? what's the point of sledding down a snowy hill? I don't see the point of asking such a question. You can ask this same question about anything really.
  12. looks like fun, brings back memories of elementary school playing the original, but i probably wont play it :/
  13. Yeah to add and emphasize what others have already said about LPs, I watch them because it's enjoyable. Sometimes I don't have the time or motivation to sit down and actively play through a full game, and often it's because I don't own the game and sometimes want to relive my childhood watching others play it. The commentary has to be good, and you have to enjoy the person speaking. Although some people find his voice annoying, I've enjoyed some LPs by NintendoCaprisun who mainly does Nintendo stuff. Then there's an old strategy game I played called Age of Empires II (and Age of Conquerors expansion) which ZeroEmpires casts lots of games. I also tune in to see what Kripparian is up to, because I really enjoy what he has to say, and he's a damn good gamer (he streams about 8 hours every day starting at 5pm PST). To sum it up, you just gotta find the right game and find the right person who you enjoy listening to.
  14. Well, you heard the guy - "Quickly" don't submit your remixes, but rather, slowly DO submit them by the deadline You got caught in your own trap there, Tuberz
  15. I've read there's an english patch you can get, and from the jive I hear over at PSO-world, many people are going to be sticking with the JP version because it's likely the US/EU version won't be supported very well. I'm not sure trading will affect me very much, seeing as the point of playing PSO, at least for me, was to farm for those special weapons and the excitement of finding them. Besides, the gameplay looks a hell of a lot better in PSO2. I might end up downloading the JP version and just getting the english patch. Although the patch doesn't translate everything, I think the game can still be pretty enjoyable. All in all, I do wish that Sega would shed some light on whats happening with the release of the english version. There hasn't been a peep since they mentioned it the middle of 2012. EDIT: ok, so i downloaded the JP version (it's free to play) and got the english patch for it. It doesn't change everything, maybe about 50% to english, but it's a darn fun game to play! There's tons you can do when playing for free. If you really like the game and wish to support it by buying more character slots or getting your personal room, you can do so. But the amount of stuff to do when there is no initial fee or monthly fee is amazing. Graphics are great, music is amazing, the gameplay is awesome, lots of weapon customization when considering how many different photon arts and combos you can use.... the list goes on.
  16. ohhh what? there's a monthly fee? and i gotta say the character slot deal sounds pretty bad as well... ugh... just what i needed to hear after getting re-excited again. I'll have to do some more research on that today
  17. http://www.pso2.com/us/ Edit: The above link isn't the greatest, so the next best source for info is of course PSO-world: http://www.pso-world.com/ WELP. I'M REVIVING THIS BABY! Anyone else super stoked about this? There is a ton of gameplay vids on youtube and I gotta say this game looks sooo nice. Looks like it took the few good parts from PSU and mashed it with the good parts of PSO and BAM! PSO2! The release for US and Europe is still set for "early 2013" soooo hopefully that's soon Anyway, thoughts, comments, let's hear them. PSO2 ftw!
  18. Here's a recent collaboration I did with ambient musician ambientsketchbook: Cheers, and thanks for listening!
  19. that's a lot of eggs...
  20. I really appreciate the feedback guys, thanks a lot! Yeah I made this in about 6 hours so yeah, it's not absolutely perfect. It actually started off as a 2-hour song challenge, where once a week I write a full song from start to finish in only 2 hours. I really liked it, so I decided to continue working on it and then decided "oh heck, I'll upload it." I might end up putting it on a piano album I'll be making, so I'll be sure to put some more time into it.
  21. An ambient piano song I made today. Hope you enjoy!
  22. he probably just controls it with his voice / throat and how hard he blows or whatever... just like how we whistle, its a bunch of different things going on to get different notes
  23. I love this site and I'm trying to become more involved in the community here, so I'll sign up as a star.
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