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  1. I have to say, that is an uncanny resemblance.
  2. You are wrong, sir. Video game music is for faegs.
  3. Exactly which SoM mix are you talking about?? O_o Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Taucer's guitar section was a pleasant surprise. I was listening to this mix casually at first until that part just came out of nowhere and punched me in the face. In a good way, of course. Geoffrey, definitely a highlight.
  4. I like the Gordon...all the others seem to be cropped slightly too close, though.
  5. You can't reject avatars because of your personal preferences of character attractiveness, Larry. It's because they're white, isn't it? You, as a formerly oppressed "brotha," now feel the need to abuse your newfound power as a judge to stick it to the white man, is that it? Discrimination is still discrimination, Larry! Don't hate on the whiteys! (LT: Kill whitey.) (But seriously, even though those particular avs aren't too good, we still need some HL2 in the collection. At least a logo or something.)
  6. Very nice...'grats to everyone involved. The only way this could've been better would've been if Shonen Shamurai had joined in on the action.
  7. I keep reading the thread title as "Guilty gear" or "Guitar hero." Which, coincidentally, happen to be two of the most awesome games in existence.
  8. So you're saying Rexy and Gray did the shakin', while you provided the (moldy) bacon?
  9. Wow, this is almost a completely different piece compared to what I heard on VGMix a few months ago. And I have to say, the wait was completely worth it. Congrats to both Rexy and Gray for a very impressive arrangement.
  10. Hahaha... As for the mix, nice to finally have some G2 representation on the site. Also provides a chill counterpart to the more "hardcore" official remix of A Deus. Another victory indeed.
  11. Who knows what sort of chaos would be unleashed if we ever got custom avatars.
  12. You are a crazy little man, Shna, you know that right? Seriously, is that Cantonese? What are they even saying?? Man, makes me wanna go back and do Boss Rush with Simon again. Good times.
  13. I agree that this really sounds like it's missing vocals, and the semi-redundant loop/repeat only reinforces that feeling. Should definitely get some lyrics up in this piece. As a whole though, great work. It's always a delight to hear a new Darangen arrangement (Darangement?!).
  14. Love it. I'm really glad po! decided to give Wild ARMS some much-needed coverage with this mix.
  15. Larry's working on that, but right now we're just trying to collect as many sheets as possible, so we can just put them up all at once.
  16. Well, 18th century theory principles aren't the be-all end-all of composition either, but they apply to other genres as well and following them keeps music from sounding weird. Besides, Chrono Trigger isn't exactly what I'd call classical Japanese music. Of course, if your two Japanese teachers and Japanese vocal coach say it's all right, then I suppose I can't disagree. Carry on.
  17. That's because they are crossfaded into the next track. You should play them all back to back to get the full effect. Hey, people are paid to be "picky"! Besides, that's about as picky as saying you should avoid parallel 5ths in your partwriting assignments, or that you shouldn't drink soup with a fork. It's not just a matter of "to-may-to" vs. "to-mah-to." Of course, I did realize the circumstances you had to work with, but before I posted, I went back to listen to your Zelda64 arrangement and noticed the same issues, and in that case you were at a greater liberty to change the notes or words. So yeah, my comments weren't meant as an attack, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an honest mistake. I hope you understand how it could've come across that way.
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