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  1. This is a remix of "Cave 2" (Might and Magic 5: Dark side of Xeen). I originally did a similar mix for PRC. I switched the cowbells for bongos and added an Indian Raga drone in the background. I work hard on my remixes and like to make soundscapes with emphasis on melody, weird extra percussion, looping repetition, and slightly abrupt endings. Tell me what you guys think and how it can be improved. I may also put another mix on here later. Piece being remixed (for reference) Enjoy
  2. Great mix, very unique. Kinda reminds me of the "Awaken" (the Pillar Men's theme from Jojo''s Bizarre Adventure). It might be the distinctly foreign vibes, hip hop backbone, and the vocals at the beginning.
  3. I'm fine with getting last place again (I almost expect it these days). I noticed people didn't catch on to some of the subtleties though. For example, the bass part is actually an original tune I harmonized (to an extent) with the original melody and the Hi-hats and cowbell parts (while not that obvious) are actually very wild. I'm probably going to work on this tune and refine it. Thanks for the criticisms though. I also meant to say Futaba's Tomb from Persona 5 but mispronounced her name. That game is awesome and I've been playing it a lot lately.
  4. I decided to return to this contest and make a remix for this entry. The theme and its accompanying video remind me of an ancient tomb so I took that direction (to an extent). Good luck everyone.
  5. It's a well-done remix but not really my cup of tea. I don't care for such bare-bones rap (not that there's any arrangement issues) but the lyrics are good. I love Kingdom Hearts (the entire franchise) more than you can imagine and think there needs to be more KH remixes around here. I'm not trying to be rude and really do admire the effort put here.
  6. Hello, I'm Ronald Poe. I'm an electronic musician (although I also play bass and guitar) with an eccentric style and loads of passion. I've got a few years of experience and was runner up in the 2016 RPG contest a while ago. I came here primarily to get advice on my music (specifically my original work) and was wondering about ways to improve. By the way, the looping repetition and somewhat abrupt ending are part of my style. Anyway, here's some original pieces I did fairly recently. First is "Crazy 8's (Demo 1)". It's a tribute to a Scott Pilgrim fan-character. I've tried to evoke the character but you could just read the description. It's both a stage theme and a boss theme to an extent. I just uploaded it today and made it Tuesday. Second is "Cable Town". Cable Town is the name for a speculated level for Kingdom Hearts 3 but might've just been the new design for Twilight Town or a cut level. When I make Kingdom Hearts tributes I almost don't bother copying Yoko Shimomura (I'm not good enough for that anyway) so I do them my way with some influence. Third is "Skuld Theme (Demo)". Skuld is a character from Kingdom Hearts Chi but I'll probably never play that game. She doesn't have a character theme yet so I wrote one myself based on initial impressions and a little imagination. I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan if you can't tell. Tell me what you guys think and have a nice day, please.
  7. I know you've been waiting a while for this one but here's the remix. I did this by ear and mixed in the "Continue" theme from Darkstalkers. I also used the MVC3 version of the theme as a basis and arranged it by ear. Enjoy
  8. I've been trying to remix the two together and I think "Kahn's Arena" is a rather weak track (the bass pattern is only a measure long and relies on a single note in addition to the lackluster midi I found). "Gluttony Fang" would obviously dominate (even though Shao Kahn would probably win an actual fight). Maybe we could set Hazama against a different opponent with a stronger theme (any ideas). I'll show you what I come up with for the 2. Hazama (Blazblue) is an arrogant and insane troll who pretends to be a decent leader but is closer to the Joker. This is "Gluttony Fang".
  9. I've been okay but due to a family emergency, you'll have to wait until at least next Sunday. It should be a good remix though ...
  10. I love this concept (it's very clever). I've got an idea of a possible matchup that I could do. How about Hazama (Blazblue) vs. Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat). It'd be a mixture of "Kahn's Arena" (MK2) and "Gluttony Fang".
  11. I'm not yet sure but it will certainly be a unique interpretation ...
  12. I'm planning on doing a remix of "Felicia Theme" soon and mixing it with "Continue" (DarkStalkers) and some original music. I'm going to have to do the former by ear so yeah ...
  13. I don't think I can do "Duke Ellington-style jazz" but I think I'll give it a shot some time. I've got a very eccentric and somewhat mellow approach to electronic music (I'll provide an example). Do you know where I can find a midi for the piece (I can't find any at all and need a good starting point)? Felicia is a great character.
  14. I'm a big Gravity Falls fan and your remix makes me quite ... gleeful. It's a nice interpretation of one of my favorite cartoon themes theme (the other being the "Deththeme" from Metalocalypse and the 'Rick and Morty' theme). The dubstep elements are well done and the famous Bill Cipher quote is quite appropriate.
  15. Can't say much about the production but it sounds pretty impressive. However you may want to add a little more original content here and there (it makes it more personalized and adds interest). Have a nice day
  16. You're remix is pretty cool and I can't hear any production mistakes. However the mix is a little too long and the limited material would be better suited for a 3 minute long mix. Good job though ...
  17. I know how you guys feel. Do you guys honestly think I post all my remixes and pieces on my Soundcloud? I've got 3 rejections (all of which were reasonable and polite) and have been hesitant to submit another one (out of insecurities mainly). As you guys can tell my eccentric style and repetitious nature don't do me any favors. I'm probably going to enter next round ... By the way, my soundcloud is "Dark Ronald Poe" and it's full of remixes and original pieces (most of which are tributes to Kingdom Hearts but some are inspired by Scott Pilgrim).
  18. I'm fine with getting last place (I'm used to it in compos), I'm still rather proud of my work. I mainly join compos to hone my skills and learn from my mistakes. I also think this would've been more appropriate for Round 64, LOL.
  19. I was a little disappointed that Shido didn't win (his was the best in my opinion). I found the other two lackluster/bland and thought his and my own were better. To each their own I guess. I was really proud of my mix this round and think it's one of my better ones.
  20. Thanks, HoboKa, I think my remix turned out great. Hope you enjoyed it. I might enter another one some time (provided the source attracts my interest). To Shido, I really like your remix. It captures the original well while adding a Japanese flavor.
  21. Here's a soundcloud link to my entry for Knights Vs. Robots. Hope it's good enough. I've been having trouble with Discord outside of tech-school so I couldn't run it through my squad.

    It's already in WAV

  22. It's okay DarkeSword, I understand what it's like to have issues and emergencies with your family (my family's quite dysfunctional and my Grandma is sick practically every day). Hope things clear up soon. I'll be waiting for Round 3.
  23. This is a very epic Industrial remix (both in the genre and literally industrial) and is also creative with the source. I like it a lot and think the remixer did an outstanding job with "Robotnik Battle".
  24. I'm having trouble getting into discord on this computer so I just wanted to say I'm fine with "Mars" being my theme.
  25. @Xenonetix @Yami , you might remember from that RPG contest. Glad to be on your side, Hope we can work together and at least defeat Team Knight. Hope there's no hard feeling about said contest (I'm pretty sure you're a good remixer).
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