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  1. Laughed my ass off seeing snappleman try to take the high road. Not even kaze neko believes the quality of character here justifies the response. Actually I'm sure he feels that way, after all the stupidity that's gone on here. If you don't like the project and don't want to work for it, then shut your damn mouth and move on. Hey, news flash -- we don't get a choice. OCR will do whatever the hell it damn pleases and promote whoever it wants to, it's not going to ask you for permission, and it's not going to take into consideration whether you or I like the person. Though if OCR secret
  2. Don't lump me in with them! I never judged your project. Sadly I am too busy to contribute, but good luck with it
  3. Finally got around to listening to the album, ironically after it was added to SoundCloud (and tweeted about) rather than from the torrent download. My song is most definitely the weakest of the bunch, and I'm not saying that to be humble, it's a reality I have to live with, so very thankful to have been allowed to be included on here. Not going to list any favorites, but I liked every song and I think it was very well done and worth the wait. I realize some of the mixes may be old, which is even more impressive that they have held up so well. In fact it is nice to hear the sound certain peopl
  4. Great sounds from the Mazerunner. Gosh, not much more to say. Always been a fan of Mazedude, shot to be as good as him someday, then never hit the mark and spilled the seed of mediocrity on the site. His work with a tracker is really impressive and at a level many musicians would not only fail to attain, but be intimidated to even try. I guess not much of this is a review of the song itself, which is ace, and more of a review of the man himself.
  5. This totally standard rock music remix from oldcomer Sixto Sounds is pretty good. He's much more adventurous now (as evidenced by that opening song, which for some reason, wasn't posted in place of this one!) A little dated on the production, but nothing wrong with the song at all. Quite a rocking piece of notation for fans of distorted guitar music.
  6. This is a damn good song. The world instruments are really good, and although that echo on the sitar-type sound is totally not kosher, it sounds good. I like the duduk a lot, it is pretty expressive. Nice attention to detail not only on the duduk but throughout the mix. Good leveling on the hat or tambourine(?), nice to put them as low as they are. The fadeout is really good with that arpeggio, that's the way to do a fadeout. Like descending into a dream.
  7. No time to play the beta, downloaded it though. Probably won't buy it, not a huge fan of paying full price for a multiplayer only game, but that's me. Not really on my radar >:)
  8. Every song's been sung before, every note's been played... every chords been strummed before, and every melody's been made!
  9. You guys know you already sent in your resume to him in a PM
  10. I hope it wasn't my fault that Esperado was late.. Great mix anyway, stinks that it couldn't be included...
  11. Might just be a taste thing with the snare volume, I couldn't hear it as well on my other headphones but I can hear the punch of it on these higher end headphones. It definitely seems a little lower than i might do so i'll just say it's a taste thing.
  12. Snare is totally lost during the heavy guitars! And that "bassy synth lead" (0:38) is kinda loud overtop, maybe compensating for how loud/present the rhythm guitars are? If you're having a little trouble getting everything loud enough or to sit right, try pulling back on the max volume a little bit, cause it seems a little loud, and that might be making it tricky to get the mix down... maybe. 1:15 introduces a lead synth where something seems off, maybe it's too dry, or too upfront?
  13. Wait, the deadline was 13 hours ago? I thought I just said earlier that it was 8 hours from now? What happened? If I read it wrong.. ugh...
  14. I think nobody doing FFX right now is a bit of a disservice, though whoever claims it hopefully can be ready for a 2-3 year affair. But it needs to be done, because it's the difference between being done in 2018 or in 2020?... I mean... who even knows what is going to happen in 2020?
  15. Woah, I thought this was done for a second.. Lots of awesome entries, and still 8 hours to go!? I hope someone is burning the midnight oils. Listening to the entries! I like the sound choices a lot of you have made! Except that midi guitar, yikes! But nice arrangements, nice creativity! Is not changing stuff really part of the theme of MnP? I thought arrangement was "recommended but not required".. hmm! Hoboka, I like your atmospheric choices and piano, reminds me a lot of Chrono Cross, but so dang quiet! Gotta fix that. Oooh, Kat also came in with the piano. Nice orchestrated elements, a b
  16. I think I tested this in the early 90s. It was ok.
  17. You can't avoid it, everything is derivative of something, even if you've never heard it. The inspiration and influence pool among modern and even classical music is so diluted it's impossible to avoid. Just don't straight up rip a Kesha riff and you'll be fine, because that is legitimately plagiarism. It's not hard to avoid copying existing songs, but if you're just using the same key progression, don't worry about it at all.
  18. Alright, that's cool! And pretty responsible.. if someone wants it they could grab it, but I just took it off the list. Haven't heard a lot about WIPs, might have to send out one of those fancy mass messages people are doing for projects. Not something I'm a huge fan of, but if it works, it works.
  19. I did it on my phone and I have no idea what the context is or whether anything fits, so I hope you enjoy it
  20. Usually the hardest fight in the game is with that demi boss early on in order to get that GF. I didn't even know you could turn cards into magic. I like how FF8 isn't just holding down X to win like it was in some other rpgs. Enjoy the difficulty even if you die a couple times here and there Just remember to save.
  21. Nnnnooo don't cheat on FF8.. yes I'm calling it cheating.. of all the FF games this is the one FF game you can actually play for a little bit of a challenge instead of over-leveling everything. Don't worry about grinding unless you wanna unlock a certain ability, GF ability, or something else... Draw the magics when you can. Do it to 100 and you don't have to worry about it, replace stuff when you use it, or just Draw > Cast from enemies instead of using your own stock. Play LEGIT!!!!!!! The game is worth it and you'll only mess up your experience if you start looking for exploits. F
  22. I'm old school, I'd be standing in the wilderness fighting boars for a month instead of finding some exploit
  23. I did buy it when I posted that, does the money not even go to you? Then what's the point?
  24. I think max level should be a result of effort rather than story progression. In Final Fantasy VIII, you can hit max level at the beginning of the game just by killing the same duders in the training area of the garden. It takes a long time, but it can be done. But FF8 was one of the best RPGs ever for its progression systems. You could hit max level, but the enemies also scaled up with you, so the game never got boring from you being more overpowered than every enemy, unlike say FF7 which is just a walk in the park. Having to junction your magic to unlock your real strength is the truly great
  25. Congrats Joe, now pull Fox out of his grave with your voice and Make Starfox Great Again
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